“[GM Note] Celebrate Orvel Foundation Day with KING’s RAID!”에 관한 56개의 댓글

      1. Eskers, bern. We need gay raid boiss

      1. Stupid waifu bias!!! Always steal my husband costume!!!

        At least Eskek, Chase, Bernheim, Kibera handsome!!! Waifus are ugly and must get out!!!

        Woman always steal costumes from husbands, it make me puke!

  1. Why 2 female heroes only for LOH costume? Just when I thought the costume ratio disparity was solved…. how disappointing. Looks like next season is instant no climb for me.

    Nobody is going to climb for Morrah because she’s just a heal reduce bot in PvE and was the least voted female hero in 2018 LOH costume poll.

    I still think the winner of the costume competition should have been Tazca (Zafir’s costume). Sonia one was way too generic but of course Vespa said in the past they like “easy” and “fast to make” designs.

    Also more physical heroes means more broken heroes since Magic teams are scuffed due to Vespa HQ biased towards physical.

      1. “Clear dungeons to obtain Companion of Guideline ‘Estelle'” dude did you even read the while thing?

  2. 100 heroes and still unbalanced game. There’s like 85% garbage, outdated heroes in this game but Vespa wants to add more.

    Also still no addressing WB3 physical amp situation for officially 1 year when it hits March! Disgusting physical team bias.

    1. Not for cry babies like u. Cause if xanu is good for physical u god mount fortress that is magic based. Also if a whale who put like thousands for dollars into the game can kill it then let him have it. It is only fair to get ur money worth back. This also supports the game so the game lasts longer. Learn to play the game and enjoy it for what it is than cry about it

      1. Actually there are TWO world bosses which favor physical team (WB2/WB3).

        Also in WB1 Mountain Fortress, Mitra/Cecilia teams can score 35T+ and also Roi can do 41T.
        Meanwhile some magical heroes like Theo/Mirianne/Epis can barely do more than 20T. It’s hilarious because Mountain fortress world boss 1 is suppose to favor magic team but many physical heroes can score better :).

        Not to mention Galgoria 9 physical teams can clearly it on auto more easily than magic team.

        Magic team also have no good scoring tank compare to physical who have Loman and Shakmeh.

        Bias? Of course it’s obvious!!

      2. Yeah mirianne, epis needs to get buff in WB1. Look at how dafuq those physical wanabees like ceci, crow, chase, roi and mitra are scoring better than them. VESPA has clearly faulted on this and they said WB1 is clearly meant for magic heroes. ??? What is this treatment ???

        Vespa u should make WB1 immune to physical dmg at this point since u dun even bother abt buffing those older heroes.

  3. I’m not play this next season LOH, I do not like Epis or Morrah. No male costume is instant skip for me.

    Idk why Vespa team choose Morrah to receive costume, she is not really a popular hero…

  4. WOW so exciting!!! Thank you 🙂 I’m looking forward to celebrating Foundation Day together!!!

    I do not enjoy PvP, but I’ll be curious to see what you have prepared for us! Sonia and Epis’s costumes look adorable!!

    The Guild Raid changes seem really interesting and intriguing, especially in helping newer players feel more involved. And it will be REALLY nice not having to manually open it every week 🙂

  5. Please make your guild raid fking hard.. Your game contents are all too EASY.

    Preferably a nightmare mode on par with big shakmeh 9 or TM raid stage 9.

    Pretty sure its nt about accessibility or having more stages.

      1. Bruh…nightmare mode can be available for stronger players in the server, its nt mandatory for all players. U noobs can go play your guild raid (normal) mode >:)

        Similarly, weaker players can choose to do galg raid at stage 1~4 while more experienced players can do galg raid at stage 5~9.

        Idk what u ranting at..if at point u struggling at guild raid (hell mode) u shuld seriously jus keep quiet.

      2. Uh oh elitist alert. If you you so damn bored why not help the noobs in succeding with high stuff should be easier for seeing as you high and mighty Player afterall.

  6. I’m sure the new LOH costumes will be great as always, and it doesn’t bother me that they are for Epis and Morrah, i have nothing against them. Another thing that upsets me is that both heroes of this season are magical. Why not balance and give a costume to one physical and one magical hero each season so that ALL types of teams would be interested in hunting for these rewards? I’m the physical main, and i don’t know why i need to go to the LOH arena this season…

  7. Thanks for the great event vespa but I wish you guys buff Aisha my queen she’s and other old hero need certain amount of buff like u did too shea and artemia team magic is on the dire situation rather than adding more hero I think all of the player only want you guys (vespa) to make old hero more fun to play rather than make another physical meta hero