[GM Note] October’s 2nd Update Sneak Peek

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Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory.

We’d like to share with you the details of October’s 2nd update!

New NPC Hero Valance & Valance’s Hero Special Dungeon will be updated to the game!

※ The screenshots in the GM Note have been taken in the Test Server.

– Please note that the contents you see may differ from what you see in the actual game.

01. New NPC Hero – Valance

– The chief research director of the famed Magos Le’flamme, the top research facility of the Empire. ‘Valance’ will be joining KING’s RAID as a playable Hero.

– To celebrate Valance’s update, we will be opening a growth event in which you will be able to obtain Valance’s Soulstone & much more!

[Hero Illustration Sneak Peek]

▪ Class: Mechanic

▪ Attack Type: Physical

– Go check out Valance’s ‘Behind the Development’ through the link below:

[Valance’s Behind the Development]

02. Hero Special Dungeon – Valance

– Join in Valance’s adventures as she searches for the research materials Rose has left behind!

– You will be able to obtain ‘Valance (5 Stars)’ for free after clearing the Story Dungeon.

[Story Cutscenes Sneak Peek]

That’s everything for October’s 2nd Update Sneak Peek!

Please note that there may be changes during the development process, so please look out for the Patch Note for more details.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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  1. No balance. You guys are just.. I have no words for you devs. You got worse over time. Events and stuffs your putting are boring. Also that new content your proud of is a big fail for me. To run hard mode you need specific heroes that are fully invested to clear it. Literally no other heroes can be use. As of now, more and more players have the same heroes. 101 heroes and only few are useful.

  2. my simple request :

    i know old heroes never make $$ again but where the JUSTICE for who already build heroes until max.


  3. To all those who wants the rework or whatever, just stfu. There are plenty of characters to play, and with all the freebies, it’s easier to change to another character. So what if the new hero is physical. Bunch of complaining buffoons who doesn’t know how to enjoy the game.

  4. Haiyaa, why all rounder support again? Vespa, you need to close the gap between all. Make physical best, no need sigma luci grem abuser. Phys suffer for so long when kr start, now magic turn. Faq you magic bitch

  5. Fellas, no need to fight now. You may rest when the all mighty Xi Jinpenis takes over the world and Vespoop reaches -500 social credit. Only you can help me, the best PD, in getting rid of this nexon trash named Edge. Now I will depart for now, but before that it is time to listen to your daily Super Idol的笑容 都没你的甜 八月正午的阳光 都没你耀眼 热爱 105 °C的你 滴滴清纯的蒸馏水

  6. Vespa, you spend all day in the office doing nothing. Some people may ask, “Why?” But I know your secret. You’re a scammer(former nexon employee) posing as a PD. Online, we call such people, “fucking rats”. You are the lowest falls in the world, the bearers of depression. I’m sure you’re attracted to BOYS AND GIRLS! Dirty pedophile, I saw what you did to your neighbor’s child yesterday. Unfortunately, the ministry in Korea is too rotten to take you home, in other words prison. This is the reason why “Vespa” is full of pedophiles. Sad but true. Oh, I forgot to mention: your mother gave me great pleasure last night.

  7. guys quiet your mouths. They’re working on season 2 while still making characters and we all know that season 2 is taking a majority of their time since they’re changing a lot for KR2. They’ll start balancing them again after that out most likely and yes they need a lot to balance because some characters are dog poo and don’t work for jack shi but just wait


    What the fuck are you gonna do with shak, isaiah, ffrey and any bruisher plaguing the arena which is UNKILLABLE???

    Can you dumbasses get your shit together, do a proper balancing once for all???