[GM Note] May’s 2nd Update Sneak Peek! (Updated on May 18th (Tue) 04:37 [PDT])

텍스트, 클립아트이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

※ Fixes

– Information regarding access to [Technomagic Enchantment Raid] has been fixed. (You can access by selecting the stage → Stages will be opened in sequential order as you clear them) – Updated on May 18th (Tue) 04:37 [PDT]


Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’re here to share with you the details of May’s 2nd update!

For the next updates, the grand finale ‘X: The Final Chapter, New Hero Isaiah, the Technomagic Enchant system will be updated.

※The screenshots in the GM Note have been taken in a Test Server.

– Please note that the contents you see may differ from what you see in the actual game.

01. X: The Final Update

The final battle to decide fate! X: The Final Chapter will be updated.

거북이이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

Special Costumes of our 3 main protagonists (Kasel, Frey & Clause) will be rewarded.

[Illustration Sneak Peek – Kasel]
사람, 무용수, 가장, 입은이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

[Illustration Sneak Peek – Frey]
무용수, 스포츠이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

[Illustration Sneak Peek – Clause]
사람, 무용수, 입은, 의류이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명
– T5 Lv. 100 Jumping for the 3 Heroes above will be opened. Through this Super Pass mission, you will be able to obtain rewards such as ‘5 Star Unique Gear Ticket’& ‘Soulstone’. (Limited rewards to Kasel, Frey, and Clause)

– If you haven’t participated in our X: The Final Pre-registration yet, don’t miss this chance! [Pre-Registration Page]

02. May’s New Hero – Isaiah

Shepherd of Chaos Isaiah, a faithful follower of Lea and known as one of the 5 Primal Demons will be updated with the chapter X: The Final.

[Illustration Sneak Peek]

▪ Class: Priest

▪ Attack Type: Magic

– Go check out Isaiah’s ‘Behind the Development’ through the link below:

[Isaiah’s Behind the Development]
자동장치이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

03. Hero Special Dungeon – Episode: Isaiah

– Check out Isaiah’s journey towards Penteonia through Isaiah’s Hero Special Dungeon.

– You will be able to obtain ‘Isaiah (5 Stars)’ for free after clearing the story dungeon.

[Story Cutscenes Sneak Peek]

04. Technomagic Enchant System

– The [Technomagic Enchant] system, a system that will allow you to strengthen your Technomagic Gear, will be updated.

[Technomagic Enchant]

– Through [Valance’s Workshop], you will be able to add Enchant options by using ‘Enchantment Cores’ on your Technomagic Gear.

– Depending on the types of ‘Enchantment Cores’ you use, you will be able to add 1~3 Enchant options.

– Depending on the which part of the Gear you apply the Enchant option, the stats of a specific option may appear higher.

[Technomagic Enchantment Raid]

– The [Technomagic Enchantment Raid] will be updated. Through this Raid, you will be able to collect Enchantment Cores needed for Technomagic Enchantment.

– 5 Entry Tickets will be charged every week, and you will be able to accumulate up to max 20.

:: If you have used up all of your Entry Tickets, you will be able to charge them with Rubies. Please note that you will be able to charge them 2 times a week. (5 Entry Tickets per charge)

– Battles will be proceeded in [Auto Battles] only, and each Raid is composed of 3 Stages. (Stages will be opened in sequential order as you clear them)

※ ARCDIM Raids & ARCDIM X Raids from the Technomagic Enchantment Raids are raids that can be played in Parties (Party Play)


– Through the ARCDIM Raid, you will be able to collect Enchantment Cores needed for Technomagic Enchantment. In the ARCDIM Raid, you can freely form a team of 8 Heroes.


– Through the ARCDIM X Raid, you will be able to collect Enchantment Cores needed for Technomagic Enchantment. You will have to use Physical type Heroes in the [Sector 1: Delta] slot, and Magic type Heroes in the [Sector 2: Zeta] to proceed with battles.

05. Corrupted Swimsuit Costumes (1st)

Corrupted Swimsuit Costumes (1st) will be added for the following Heroes:

:: Theo / Crow / Kara / Lakrak / Erze / Seria

[Illustration Sneak Peek – Lakrak]
무용수, 여성이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

[Hero Signature Motions Sneak Peek – Seria]

06. Others

– The [Statistics] system page which could be found in the game, will now be available through the website below:

English: https://game-stats.kingsraid.com/live/kr-stats/v1/html/index.html?lang=en

Russian: https://game-stats.kingsraid.com/live/kr-stats/v1/html/index.html?lang=ru

French: https://game-stats.kingsraid.com/live/kr-stats/v1/html/index.html?lang=fr

German: https://game-stats.kingsraid.com/live/kr-stats/v1/html/index.html?lang=de

Spanish: https://game-stats.kingsraid.com/live/kr-stats/v1/html/index.html?lang=es

Vietnamese: https://game-stats.kingsraid.com/live/kr-stats/v1/html/index.html?lang=vi

Thai: https://game-stats.kingsraid.com/live/kr-stats/v1/html/index.html?lang=th

To check out the statistics pages on our official KING’s RAID community page, please check our EN Community page > Statistics Page on the bottom right corner of the page.

That’s everything for May’s 2nd Update Sneak Peek!

Please note that there may be changes during the development process, so please look out for the Patch Note for more details.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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    1. It’s like You’re asking “WTF? More Christmas Costumes” during Christmas. Come on dude, It’s summer in Asia, it’s scorching hot right now, of course it’s gonna be swimsuit costumes.

      1. Yeah I wish they bring back world costumes those are way better anyway. I’m tired of seeing so much swimsuits atleast I can save rubies that way.

  1. Pretty sure people were not talking about additional upgrades to tm when they said we need more upgrade materials. We were talking about the once that we currently have and need way more of. I hope these drop in the raid for the new system aswell

  2. Well kinda creative. Ppl bored form normal swimsuits lets make wedding swimsuits and evil swimsuits this will make them supersized. Lol i think whoever designs costumes for vespa is so in love with swimsuits that I bet next will new year’s swimsuits or santa swimsuits lol.

  3. Okay, I’m glad Lakrak has a costume, but what’s with the swimsuits? Usually those come in July and August. I’m really wanting the Super Star costumes back. Also, when the fuck is Ripine getting a costume?

  4. Oh come one, more RNG on top of the already painful rng of TM gears. Buff tanya when vespa? Her and other arena assassins are getting roflstomped by warriors and wizards. When will you give assassins some love? and theo too.

      1. I agree, Miri needs a buff. She barely does any damage now a day, especially with Evan’s shield where she barely tickles it D;

      2. Yeah its so hard to use her rn.. making her bulky wil make her dmg look like retard against evan shield or bruisers. Making her high att, she gets 1 shotted by rebel clause or dark kasel.

        SW? That thing takes 6 skill count to activate.. its too long, mirianne cant live..a smart opponent wouldn’t give mirianne the chance. 🙁

  5. Developers biased towards JP AGAIN!!!

    Why JP server get 5000 Ruby, random SW ticket and 400 mystical soul fragment???

    Do you think we stupid and don’t know this?


    1. The answer is very obvious, its because there are lots of whales in JP server. 5000 rubies value is not really that big nowadays, SW ticket is random, so just pray they get shit instead of what they want.. 400 mystical soul fragment is nothing much.. btw are you a whale too in other server? i dont think you are, because these freebies are nothing to whales 😆

      1. And so that makes it okay in your book? Nice logic buddy,

      2. They are spending money.. Then how about your logic? its fuckin Nice buddy..

  6. I think Isaiah is going to be good. I also feel like Ripine should get a swimsuit as well. It has been a while since her release and she has not gotten a single costume. Having her for the second corrupted swimsuit set would be nice.

  7. Wow, this is exciting. So much on the horizon that we don’t know what to expect! I’m looking forward to both the story and the gameplay 🙂

    The Costumes for Kasel, Frey, and Clause are helping me be more hopeful in a happy ending for the three of them!!

    I’m not a huge fan of “dark” or “corrupted” Costumes and would enjoy new Costume lines other than swimsuits, but your art is always so gorgeous!! I am sure I will love them anyway.

  8. Could you please clarify the line ‘you will be able to add 1~3 Enchant options’. Surely you don’t mean that every piece of gear can be enchanted 3 times each because that would be ridiculous.