[GM Note] May’s 1st Update Sneak Peek!

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Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’re here to share with you the details of May’s 1st update!

For the next updates, balance adjustments will be made to 2 Heroes and improvements will be made to the game’s content & convenience.

Please make sure to read the details below for more information.

※The screenshots in the GM Note have been taken in a Test Server.

– Please note that the contents you see may differ from what you see in the actual game.

00. Others

– We will be extending the dates for some of the events & products (which were planned to be closed on May 11th (Tue)) as changes will be made to the maintenance date to May 13th (Thu).


– Special Event – Juno’s Cooking Quest (Re-Run) [LINK]

– April’s Events (Part 4) [LINK]

※ The rewards from [Shamilla’s Special Gift] can be received until May 10th (Mon) 20:00 [PDT].

[Special Shop]

– Special Shop April Week 5 Update <Golden Promotion> [LINK]

01. Hero Balance Adjustments

– We will be adjusting the balance for the following 2 Heroes.

※ Please note that the balance adjustments of the Heroes may be changed during the development process. Please check the upcoming Patch Notes for more updates.

※ Due to the disappointment and inconvenience caused through our latest announcement [Misleading information regarding Hero Balance Adjustments] posted on April 27th (Tue), we have decided to include ‘Kasel’ as one of our next balance adjusted Heroes on May 13th (Thu). As for the Heroes ‘May’ & ‘Nicky’, we will continue to check and test these Heroes for our balance adjustments in the future.

02. Improvements to Content & Convenience

– Improvements will be made to the convenience of the game and the level of difficulty of some contents will be lowered.

[Difficulty Level]

Difficulty levels will be adjusted (lowered) to the following contents of the game:

– [Substory] Challenge Stage

– [Chapter 8] ~ [Chapter 10]

[Convenience Improvements]

– [Piece of Memory] Entry Restrictions to Secret Dungeons will be reduced (50 times → 10 times)

※ The rewards you receive for clearing dungeons will be increased by x5. Please note that the total amount of rewards you can obtain will remain the same. (In other words, you will be able to obtain the same amount of rewards with less dungeon clears)

– [Inventory] > [Craft] The limits for crafting Stone of Infinity/ Fragment of Infinity (number of items you can craft) will be removed

– The Awakening Cutscenes for Unique Gear, Artifacts in [Forge] will be simplified (Hammering motions will be shown only once)

03. Client Stabilization

– Through this update, we will be implementing the 3 client stabilization updates we mentioned on our previous Developer’s Note. To read more about the details, please make sure to check the link below.

[Check the Developer’s Note post]

[Client Stabilization Updates]

– Eclipse Optimization

– Gear Preset and Gear Box Optimization

– Cutscenes Optimization

04. Substory – Roi

A former assassin with a hidden past. Swift Assassin, Roi’s Substory (1st part) will be added.

[Story Cutscenes Sneak Peek]

05. League of Honor Regular Season 13 Costumes

– 2 League of Honor Regular Season 13 Ranking Reward Costumes will be released.
:: Kibera / Erze

[Illustration Sneak Peek – Kibera]

06. Price Changes (In-game Currency) to Special Shop Products

– After the updates on May 13th (Thu), you will be able to purchase ‘User Name Change Ticket’, ‘Guild Name Change Ticket’ with Rubies.

That’s everything for May’s 1st Update Sneak Peek!

Please note that there may be changes during the development process, so please look out for the Patch Note for more details.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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      1. Get lost and “piss off” yourself you uneducated, vulgar and disgusting prick.

    1. For PvP lovers, 20 tickets is considered less.. How i wish it was 40.

      ERrrrr.. its nt obligatory for to finish all the 20 tickets sir. For PvE dudes can jus do their 3 ticket per week. >:D

      PrEttY sure tHe ReWarDs are meanT for PvP playerrs, definitely nt for PvE players who dun like to PvP

  1. I am really excited to see this update. Clause is getting a buff.. And i am hoping the upcoming game version can solve all freezing problem and memory leak problem as well. Now i can tell Kings Raid really working hard to solve the problems that they didnt able to do in last 2 yrs.New players are also quiting the game bcz of that,but if it solve in next patch i can see lots of old and newcomers will join.. Keep up the good work.

  2. Reduce LOH tickets from 20 to 10 daily so it’s less tedious. Or please reduce hero selection time.

    It takes 2 hours to burn through 20 tickets and that’s because the waiting, loading and hero selection screen takes too far damn long.

    Also QOL for mobile user when?

      1. You can’t macro on phone, only PC.

        For the last time, this is a MOBILE Game and it’s advertised as one. Fact. So how this game benefits emulator users more is simply ridiculous.

        So you can take your words back and “PISS OFF”.

  3. Kasel getting a buff over other heroes is ridiculous.
    Similar to how you decided to buff Chase when they in way better position than most heroes.

    Yanne, Dimael when? Or are you just moving onto other heroes?

    Did you forget your November meme balance patch mistake?

      1. Lmao, Chase being used in chapter 1-5 only? God what game are you playing. Before his recent buffs he was being used in PvP, trials, OW and Devourer Shak etc. And he was in a much better position than the likes of Yanne, May etc. Fact.

        So yeah totally “are used in chapter 1-5”.

        Judging from your precious comments you’re a physical main and a meta abusing one at that (you mention you use Pansi, Estelle, Chase etc)

        No bloody wonder you’re biased.

        Maybe you should direct your at yourself and “piss off”. You’re an unattractive, uneducated and vulgar human being in real life, who can’t even type a sentence grammatically correct.

      2. Dimael is really far behind now thanks to dlk and rclause.

      3. @EU player

        Well this “piss off” dude is a physical meta-abuser and likes to see his DLKasel, Rebel Clause, Chase, Pansirone, Estelle, Evan dominating everywhere you know. Why else you think he thinks ‘Damial’ *cough* Dimael, doesn’t need a buff? Because he’s a meta-abusing physical main. He likes to have the uPpErHaNd.

        Dimael only got one adjustment in the 4 years history of King’s Raid and that’s it. Anyone who thinks he’s “good” in arena when DLK, Evan, RC, Scarlet and Cain exist must be joking or playing a different game.

    1. I guess Yanne not so.. since they intend to re-work on the merged dragon raids.

      Dimael? Dim mains being pretty much toxic, greedy and asking for more. (hw abt we remove his ignore def mechanic)

      November meme buffs? erm sorry i think those heroes dunnid a buff in the first place. (Don’t expect something good if your hero is not the worst hero on the list).

      Theres alot more worse heroes to fix than that meme buff

    1. Artemis already got buffs recently and she’s in a MUCH better position than many heroes.

      Stop being greedy ffs.

      Arguably, there are many other heroes who needed buffs more than Artemia but Vespa has odd priorities.

      1. That certain someone I was thinking of is actually from NA server but whatever floats your boat.

  4. Kudos to the artist who did the art for Kibera’s LOH costume. I personally preferred the old artist/s when it came to drawing male characters costumes, but I do have to say this one was beyond what I imagined.

    Really fits his background theme considering he is from the Eastern empire.

    Fantastic artwork. Definitely his best costume illustration to date. Well done to the artist.

    I just wish LOH got some quality of life changes (extra ban slot from Masters league onwards, reduced picking times and reduced daily ticket entries).

  5. Hey vespa, can you guys give OP buff to Erze? I love her very much but she doesnt shine anywhere. Make her OP in both single and multiple targets. owh and give her more swimsuit costumes while you’re at it. Other heroes already have 3 swimsuits on their own while Erze only have 1 and that is from years ago..

  6. WOW this is exciting!!! It will be fun to see where the gameplay takes Kasel and Clause alongside the story 🙂

    Awesome that a Sub Story for Roi will be released!!! I remember enjoying the backstory content that was released for us in a Developer’s Note 🙂

  7. So I bought a Guild Name Change ticket on April 26th, a week before this was posted. It’s sitting in my inventory unused so can I get a refund on it since the price of it will change from $17.99 USD to 2,000 Rubies? I know that’s technically the price of 2k rubies in the special shop but you can easily get 2k rubies from PvP or awakening a couple heroes. You can take the name change ticket back since it’s unused and in my inventory still.