[GM Note] March’s 2nd Update Sneak Peek!

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’re here to share with you the details of March’s 2nd update!

Balance Adjustments will be made to 3 Heroes and new Costumes will be added to the game for the next updates.

※The screenshots in the GM Note have been taken in a Test Server.

– Please note that the contents you see may differ from what you see in the actual game.

01. Hero Balance Adjustments

– We will be adjusting the balance for the following 3 Heroes.

※ Please note that the balance adjustments of the Heroes may be changed during the development process.

:: Jane / Scarlet / Yuria


As more Heroes have been released throughout time, our Heroes were able to perform well in different contents of the game and as a result, Jane had less contents in which she could show off her performances. Therefore, we will be strengthening her wide-area debuff effects and we will be improving her so that she can become more specialized in wide-area combats.

– Jane’s ATK/Skill effects will be clearer than before.

– Jane’s illustration will be changed as shown below.


Scarlet, who was released as a PVP-specialized Hero, was not able to perform as she was supposed to as new Heroes were added to the game. We have selected her as she lacked individual characteristics compared to other Warrior Heroes. Therefore, we will be leaving her core skill ‘Justice Served! (2nd Skill)’ unchanged and ‘Halt! (1st Skill’) / ‘Sword of Honor! (3rd Skill)’ will be improved drastically. We will also be improving Scarlet’s Soul Weapon in a way it can show off better the characteristics of the Hero when using the item.

– Scarlet’s motions and skill effects will be changed.


Yuria was a Hero that was actively used in the PVP content, but the conditions to use her were complicated and she was easily defeated by her enemies. Therefore, we will be making improvements to make Yuria more intimidating and we will be easing the conditions to use her. We will also be improving the PVE performances of Yuria as she couldn’t be used widely in some of the contents unlike some of the other Heroes. Through these improvements, we plan to improve Yuria so that she can be used widely in different kinds of contents.

02. Wedding Swimsuit Costumes (1st)

– Lovely 8 ‘Wedding Swimsuit Costumes’ for Heroes will be added.

 :: Ezekiel / Lucikiel / Demia / Lavril / Aisha / Kirze / Hilda / Artemia

[Hero Illustration Sneak Peek – Artemia]

[Hero Signature Motions Sneak Peek – Hilda]

03. Returning Raider Event Roll Book

– An Event Roll Book that will be activated for Returning Raiders will be added.

– The Roll Book will be activated to Returning Raiders who have returned to the game after the maintenance on March 23rd (Tue).

That’s everything for March’s 2nd Update Sneak Peek!

Please note that there may be changes during the development process, so please look out for the Patch Note for more details.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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  1. @GM Gremory, Miri buff when?

    Mirianne, who was released as a PVP-specialized Hero, was not able to perform as she was supposed to as new Heroes were added to the game. We have selected her as she lacked individual characteristics compared to other Assassin Heroes.

    Should honestly be this.. Miri is worst than scarlet, yuria atm

      1. Worse than Scarlet? Can Scarlet reach high waves in Eclipse? Can Scarlet one-hit stage 9 TM raids? Can Scarlet do Big shak 9 (then again, big shak 9 is a joke now, so wouldn’t be surprised if she can)? And she’s still good in PvP.

        And more or less every single dealer needs a2+20 to do end game pvp/pve. Miri is one of the characters that’s actually in a good position atm.

        Yanne? Aside from bruiser pvp, she’d perform badly in the majority of the pve contents (she can still reach 40 in eclipse though, like any other a2+20)

        Requina? Can’t clear her own trial, can’t do high dmg in long-battles, can’t do dmg in short-battles, can’t do AoE, clears the bear minimum in eclipse (40-52), the difference between a0+5 and a2+20 in eclipse was 2 extra waves (from 42 to 44), worst scaling UW in the entire game (60% from 0 to 5*, when other characters get 100% or more), her animations are way too long, so she can’t compete in pvp either, 3 pvp UTs (all bad). Her only use is mana block in shakmeh, and can still easily be substituted by other characters for better performance. Her SW literally does auto-attack dmg. Her passive, which was supposed to be her selling point.. needs 80 stacks to do the same damage as Lorraine’s 5 stacks.

        Rodina? Aside from niche 1 hit for 2 characters (unless they are tanks and/or with spirit ring) in pvp she really has no place. Her single target is still strong, but it’s too limited so it falls off compared to the majority.

        Luna? Her AoE is way too limited and if the target dies before her s2 hits, rip CDR. Her single target also doesn’t compensate for that (she can clear big shak 9.. but more or less every can). Her SW is almost as bad as Requina’s, but at least it gives crit dmg.

        There are far, far worse characters than Mirianne.

      2. Oh wait, forgot that they removed, the 2 targets on Rodina, from her passive… she doesn’t have even that niche anymore.

      3. @^lul You didn’t know Luna can kill Velkazar with decent team?

        Show me when Mirianne can be useful for any GC tho.

        Mirianne kit is so outdated. That’s why she needs buff asap.

      4. for any GC? Miri can one-ticket Tyrfas, yes he’s weak, but you asked “any”. And I bet if ppl tried they can one-ticket Lakriel with Miri as well (pretty sure the majority of the magic dealers can one-ticket him)

        Let’s see, TM, Eclipse, PvP, like more or less any other single target dealer she can clear her trial as well with the help of a half-assed aoe dealer. Big shak, in wb she’s not the best, but she can still get you to top 200 in wb1 and 2000 in wb3 (let’s be honest, the reward difference isn’t that big that you should worry about getting much higher rewards). Higher scores are only for the whales with meta teams and a2s left and right.

        That’s wait… isn’t that all of the current end game contents? Oh my, she’s so useless she can do all the end game contents.. Luna can do what.. 1 GC where more or less every AoE dealer can kill it? And for Luna it’s harder since her s2 can hit the wrong target. It’s stacked (STACKED) oddy, or bust for her, to reduce her cd as much as possible. Other AoE dealers can kill without Oddy as well. Have you seen a Luna do eclipse? She’s struggling with the adds, because if she uses her s2 there she won’t get her cd reduced. Unless she has a very stacked team with FFrey to protect her for the eternity it takes her to kill something there, she’d be lucky to get to 40.

        Meanwhile Mirianne…. I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but her SW is bugged, her A2 effect stacks over and over and over and over again instead of being said 10 sec duration. How about you start asking for a fix instead. I’d say bugs are more important to be fixed than to balance a character.

      5. Then show me a video about Mirianne can do trial of sky 10 (not using her as tank ofc, but as main dealer), 1 ticket GC Tyrfas, and Big shak 9 too. So I can believe you. :3

        Even with her SW bugged, Mirianne still cannot doing better than slene or epis in Eclipse. Just imagine how weak Miri is without the bug in eclipse?

        Ofc, bug must be fixed asap. But how they can fixed her when they dont even bother with her after all? xD

      6. Here’s a 4 months old video before Shakmeh was turned into a complete joke https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acMKCUgXt6E .

        For trial and GC there are no videos as people don’t care about showing it off to everyone, but she can easily clear those. Do you really believe that a character that has the single target dmg to 1 top all stage 9 TM raids can’t clear those outdated contents? For trial of sky almost every single target dealer can obliterate the boss in one phase, just give them a half-assed AoE dealer to kill the first totems (Roi, Tanya, Reina, Epis, Ezekiel, Gladi, Cecilia, Miri, Fluss, Rodina, Kara have all done it… haven’t seen Ripine, but considering how high her def ignore dmg is.. she should easily do it as well and not sure if Laudia or Mitra users have tried it). And for Tyrfas, more or less every def ignoring character can kill it in 3 minutes or less. If yours can’t, the issue is you and not the character.

        And yes, she’s not as strong as Selene and Epis in Eclipse (though Kibera might be trumping them by the looks of it if he can clear 64 with barely any investment on the supports), but she can still clear 70 which is already very good and by far much better than the majority of the dealers.

      7. In that video, she needs A2 Lorraine or 2nd Dps to completely kill Big shak 9. What I want is Miri solo dps and able to kill Big shak 9.

        If you can’t show the video/screenshot, then you can’t say Miri able to kill GC Tyrfas or Sky Trial 10.

      8. She… does? How did you come up to that conclusion? O.o Just because in the video she has one, doesn’t mean it’s needed. 5b dps is all the dealer needs (ranged or melee) to beat big shakmeh, she’s doing 8.5b with a minute and 15 seconds remaining. So no, that lorraine might as well be 0* with no SW, Miri would still clear it and have spare time.

        Shared videos are always with stacked teams, because it’s easier to just do it a few times and record, than keep resetting over and over with bare minimum investment, until you get the run you need. That in no way means, that it can’t be done with lower investment.

      9. Ernst.. you’re like Shal on their latest video, it made me laugh out loud when they said that Selene hasn’t cleared Big shak 9 and only 72 in Eclipse. Just because people would rather not share things, doesn’t mean those things haven’t been done. How about you improve your own characters and do it yourself instead of saying that it’s impossible because YOU can’t do it?

      10. Right now i m using physical team instead. I want to migrate to magic team with miri as solo dps, but as people i know, they said its hard to do even with secondary DPS (I dont want to invest on lorraine or xerah).

        That’s why I need a real proof.

        I also tried to search those in twitter and stalking Miri user in there. But I dont find it. :c

        And yeah, I already know Selene can do Eclipse higher than that from japanese player I followed on twitter tho.

      11. Videos are just that, a run that went well. Just because the video exists, doesn’t make something easier. Until you get proper gear you’d be struggling even with the OP characters for that content.

        I’m running Cecilia in my Shak clears for example, if I survive the first 3 seconds (before atk reduction is applied), it’s always cleared, but I don’t have good gear, so I lose a character in the first 3 seconds and have to reset like 20 times. The fight is still a joke, once you can actually use skills.

        Videos just show that something is doable and then it rest in the players’ hands to do it themselves.

      12. idk what u talking bruh…

        Coming frm my perspective as a a220 miri user who have A2 Vero, A2 Oddy, A2 Ffrey, A2 Pris, A2 Annette, A2 Shea and A2 Lavril…

        I mean its totally “FINE” when a roi/ceci/mitra scores quadruple times my score with the same set-up in WB1. (I m dealing abt 11T with miri btw)

        its totally “FINE” in PvP as well when my miri just 75% of the time got 1 shotted by DLK and RC. Even the shit kibera who is shit nwadays is still better than miri in PvP..

        Eclipse? Trial? TM Raids? > Why would i as a beginner make myself go thru such a trouble of making my life so miserable by picking miri when Luci/Grem/Lorraine can easily outshadow her.

        HONESTLY…. to those who thinks miri is op, try recommending miri to newbies as DPS and see what the veterans players say to you.

      13. you’re … doing … 11t with all those a2s? Hahahahahahahaaha…. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be laughing at players failing miserably, but that score’s lower than my a1 4* Luna. And no, the issue isn’t in Miri as ppl have found ways to score much higher than.. ahaha.. sorry.

        PvP in general is a bad content, but here’s a tiny tip that’s gonna blow your brains out due to how obvious it is…. build a faster DK. And before you go absolutely mad.. I’m not saying to a2+20 that DK, all I’m saying is to make it faster so that he cancels the enemy DK’s skill, which would lead to your Miri destroying everything. WOW, such an amazing trick that nobody knew… Have you by any chance tried this… beginner move?

        And nobody is saying she’s beginner friendly, but she. is. not. bad. No matter how you try to spin it around, she is still one of the better characters once invested properly.

        But while you’re at it, like I told the other guy, how about you ask for that Miri SW fix?

      14. That dot(.) guy, do you have a video of Eze doing sky 10? I find it unbelievable that he could survive in sky 10, being so squishy and suicidal as he is. I know and saw Kibera, Gladi, and Nia doing sky 10. But not Eze.

    1. Some of the non- A220 mirrianne users here may rant shes good at etc with total no idea of what they r talking abt apart from just watchin some rigged videos

      (1 shot ascalon 9? Sure..i can do that too..MANUAL OF COURSE! with 70% lose rate on dispatch mode. newbie and want to copy? Sorry exclusive to whales with A2 Pris and A2 Vero)

      (Mirianne for Trial of Sky 10? Are you serious? Well of course i can do that as well if i bring my A220 pansirone along with pansi running 85% of the show)

      As a A2 mirianne user, i have moved on switched to RC. idk man…she jus sux and underwhelmed by a whole despite she holds the title of a dmg dealer.

      Definitely theres alot more heroes deserves buffing. I feel mirrianne as a hero is 1 of those unjustice heroes that deserves buffing still. (i m still salty about why certain op heroes like chase is buffed still..)

      1. Nobody said that she one-shots Ascalon all the time, there’s no reason for you to say what you said. She is however still able to do it. The majority of the characters can’t even do that much.

        Now regarding trial… ugh, since ugh… when… does trial 10… need a2+20 pansi? I’m using a0 5* uw (yes, I know.. 5* uw in this day and age when we’re swarming with tickets…. is way too high) with 2* ut to kill the first totems, then my single target finishes the other 75% of the boss’ hp. For magic teams it’s similar with Talisha, she can kill the totems with low investment while the other dealer one-hits the boss.

        And nobody says that she can compete with the broken characters, they are broken for a reason. But she is still stronger than more or less 80% of the dealers.

      2. Wutttt? This “.” guy is comparing a talisha to a miri? Do you know what a miri even does? I think a jus lost a bunch of brain cells reading this chat.

      3. To: this “.says” guy

        I look forward to yr own personal video of miri doing trial of sky 10 and WB1

        Please dun disappoint me that u r a keyboard and just all big talks

        Just like the zennosh dude on youtube recommending newcomers to main yanne as dps in 2k21

    2. i’m glad these heroes are getting some attention! especially jane <3

      at you miri-whiners: scarlet and yuria are hardly ever used, so they deserve a decent buff hopefully. i think miri is still great for pvp/pve if you get the right gear (as with any hero). she’s killer in eclipse, tms, and gr with a220. you can’t expect one hero to excel at every content~~

    3. @Mamakiel Ezekiel’s squishy? O.o “Per every stacked ‘Cursed Blood’, takes 12% reduced DMG.” he’s one of the tankier ones. Also you can tank even without damage reduction perks, since melee characters can lifesteal and can get healed, but it’d be too close and not reliable.

      1. And that would mean I have to sacrifice 15tp for more survivability. Besides that perk is useless once Eze goes into fury mode anyways, and that is when he truly became squishy and suicidal. I meant squishy as in during fury mode some % of his hp will be consumed upon skill usage, which makes him dying easier– hence suicidal. The worse thing is he’s in auto mode during fury. Once boss recovered from KD, Eze will still be in his fury mode, and his survival depends purely on luck depending on whatever skill the boss use next. So it doesn’t matter really, if I use s4l or s4d.

        Using him requires great timing, luck and patience which I don’t have. Besides, aoe+single combo works best with range DPS anyways. Eze don’t have wide area attack like Nia nor Kibera. And he definitely can’t solo melee like that Gladi dude that I saw. Eze is a redundant unit that waste a spot in a sky team, since Oddy+Annette/Estelle is pretty much essential to have for the aoe DPS to kill totem efficiently while still maintaining survivability to the team, if we’re using aoe+single combo.

        But if there’s anyone that could do it with Eze, then I want to see the video. I literally gave up on attempting sky using Eze, since Talisha can do the job better.

      1. yeah wait until server closed,
        and i dont need your comment.

  2. What changes can we hope for Guild Conquest ? This content used to be very good, now it’s a mess cause of performances issues / matchmaking issues / outdated rewards
    We should have at least WB system (infinite retries) since the performances issues will not be solved anytime soon.
    Also the GR rework wasn’t very good, bosses are still too easy, and Scarecrow doesn’t make any sense.

  3. Mirianne & Yanne needs buff!!!
    They cannot clear their own trial, overshadowed by many dps, and not even a choice for GC at all, Miri only niche in Eclipse with small number of SW charge(Dont ask Yanne pls), PvP? Just build Rebel or DLK or overbuffed Chase.

  4. So I can Marry Aisha all over again with an added Lavriloli Waifu? I’ll take it… also, can we see some real buffs for Jane and Demia? I would also like to see real buffs for Aisha, not the memes you keep forcing on her.

    1. Cant cuz it looks like they’ve been taking the bait of the western crybully afraid of cartoon panties. Look at Jane new illustration. Small pantsu and booty cheek changed to cant see…

  5. WTF are these costumes? Wedding swimsuits? Have you guys run out of ideas?! You could have done the superstar, maid and butler. There’s other costumes sets that could have been continued but no, you make something this stupid.

    1. It’s an excuse to have more swimsuit costumes. Swimsuit costumes make money, and Ve$pa only cares about money. Balance? Gameplay? Actual good looking costumes? Fixing bugs? All of that can go in the trash as long as Ve$pa makes money.

  6. Ok nice to see one hero from your meme November getting buffed.


    Are you seriously going to move on and just forget what injustice you brought to them?

    Also please fix Yanne already, lol.

  7. Still waiting for a fix to my Crow 1.8% buff.
    Also REAL buffs for Theo and Chrisha when?

    Also I have a feeling vespa going to make Jane get super buffed for PvE just to look like they not biased towards Physical (but we all know you still are anyway)


  8. I don’t think Vespa is taking the damage they did with the November balance patch seriously (enough). In 4 balance patches, only Roi and now Scarlet has been looked at again. Just what and why?

    What are your priorities Vespa? Because they seem to be all over the place. Buffing heroes who don’t need it like Chase and Selene previously was just a ridiculous decision.

    If you decided to buff heroes OUTSIDE of the November meme balance patch then a certain lady called Yanne should have been the #1 on the list.

    You promised in your Dev Talk that you will fix the November balance because you realised you screwed up.

    Nothing to show for it.

  9. “Jane’s ATK/Skill effects will be clearer than before.”

    Pls. They have always been clear because she was one of the oldest heroes. Only recent heroes with long ass paragraphs for skills have unclear skills. (Btw lol, anyone remember Dimael’s. s1 basic of the basic skill description?)

    Tbh Vespa, don’t you DARE think buffing just Jane for PvE will mean players will forget you’re biased towards physical teams.

    2/3 WB favor physical and even in WB1 which meant to favor magic teams, physical damage dealer like Cecilia/Mitra/Roi doing 40T+ meanwhile magic hero like Theo/Epis/Miri have never done above 25T.

    2/3 TM raids also favor physical damage team because physical team have easier time.

    Physical team having 2 best tanks in the game (Shak/Loman).

    Physical heroes getting super buffed or buffs when they never even needed them (Chase/Selene) whilst magic hero get memed on (Seria/Theo/Chrisha/Lewi).

    Etc etc…

    No matter what you do you will always be biased towards physical because PD Sean said it himself “MaGiC hAs ThE uPpErHaNd”.

  10. FIX your magic and physical disparity and stupid bias.

    FIX WB3 physical amp.

    FIX November meme balance before move onto other hero.

    GIVE quality of life features for mobile user such as dispatch/turbo mode Devourer Shakmeh and events being applied to dispatch.

    GIVE better game optimisation.

    STOP killing mobile phones.

    STOP no-life events.

  11. Wow, Wedding Swimsuits does seem like quite a strange and unheard of idea. However, you always have a way of making our beloved Heroes look so good no matter what! The Queen looks absolutely stunning, and Hilda’s animation is so adorable!!!

  12. Theo is the princess and Jane is the Knight. Thanks for stupid meme buff Theo in November! 댓글:

    I’m calling it. Jane will get buffed and become stronger than Theo.
    Theo will become the princess because he is WEAK in the game and only gets mega-meme tier buffs.

    Lore < reality. Role reversal.

  13. Yanne buffs/rework when?

    Also, for an update that’s supposed to be the “big one” of the two in a month, this has the least amount of stuff I’ve seen in awhile even between both. Hopefully some stuff is being withheld to show it off once Patch Notes hit?