[GM Note] July’s 1st Update Sneak Peek!

텍스트, 클립아트이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’re here to share with you the details of July’s 1st update!

For the next updates, hero balance adjustments and Roi’s Substory (Part 2) will be updated to the game.

※ The screenshots in the GM Note have been taken in the Test Server.

– Please note that the contents you see may differ from what you see in the actual game.

01. Hero Balance Adjustments

– We will be adjusting the balance for the following 2 Heroes.

:: Erze / Talisha

※ Please note that the balance adjustments of the Heroes may be changed during the development process. Please check the upcoming Patch Notes for more updates.

02. Substory – Roi (Part 2)

– A former assassin with a hidden past. Swift Assassin, Roi’s Substory (Part 2) will be added.

[Story Cutscenes Sneak Peek]

[Substory Costume Illustration Sneak Peek]

. Enhancement Lab Challenge! Event

– You will be able to participate in this event through [Enhancement Lab Challenge!] located at Central Orvel.

[Event Shop]

– You will be able to purchase ‘Gear that can be enhanced’, ‘Materials for enhancement’ with Rubies and ‘Orvel Castle Gold Box’.

– You will be able to obtain ‘Orvel Castle Gold Box’ through Daily/Weekly Missions.

※ Please note that the names of the items may be shown differently during the actual update.

[Event Enhancement Lab]

– You will be able to enhance the gear and the materials purchased at the Event Shop. Every time you reach a specific enhancement stage, you will be able to receive different kinds of rewards.

04. Others

[Gold Dust/ Gold Bar of Golden Queen]

The items ‘Gold Dust of Golden Queen’, ‘Gold Bar of Golden Queen’ that have not been used in [Ophelia’s Workshop] before the maintenance on July 6th (Tue) can be sold after the maintenance.

※ If you do not wish to sell these items, we recommend you to use them up through [Ophelia’s Workshop] as soon as possible.

[Access will be denied if Root permission is activated on the App Player]

– You will not be able to access the game if [Root permission] is activated on the app player due to the updates of the AppGuard security module during the updates on July 6th (Tue). We recommend you to deactivate this option to play the game on the app player.

*Screenshot of the NoxPlayer settings

※ Please note that the location of the [Root permission] may be shown differently for each app player. (Ex: NoxPlayer: General Settings / LD: Other Settings)

That’s everything for July’s 1st Update Sneak Peek!

Please note that there may be changes during the development process, so please look out for the Patch Note for more details.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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      1. Erze 1shot? you some noob without gear or DLK/RC cancer setup @ lower tier of arena? If so even mirianne can 1shot you in arena

      2. Zafir remains the one and only GC3 DPS that’s unusable, outdated and without buffs.

        Just wow.

        Ducking biased.

        He was never once the top GC3 DPS. He got powered by Erze like one week after his release, then was never even comparable to Cleo/Esker/Hanus/Pansirone teams. Nobody uses him anymore.

        Stop hating on the beautiful sand boi Zafir. Give him buffs too if Erze gets them like 1234 times.

      3. Erze is weak you stupid shit! just one artifact and she is useless in arena.. I’m sure vespa have records of how many players transfer their Erze gears to stupid monsters like RC and Pansirone..

  1. Why buff talisha??.. there are so many other heros that urgently need buffs.. at this point you are only buffing popluar heros to make money off the shop, it isn’t about “balance” anymore…

      1. Ever heard about Nicky?
        weak on release weak after buff and the same after another buff.
        Surely Vespa put effort in the not-so-popular NPC!!!

    1. Theo isnt trash.

      And of course, i score higher than every single mirianne, lucikiel, ezekiel and epis mains in WB1. I get my Big Shakmeh 9 clears every 2 weeks and my weekly earth trial stage 10 done.

      I don’t expect you to understand, it’s really complex.

      my theo, is the best server, you need to study hard to come mouth to mouth with me ^^

      1. As someone who mained theo since launch and still mains him ever since then as I love this, I chuckle when I read this post saying theo is good. If you compare him to every other magic warrior for pve or pvp, he excels in none, let alone comparing him against the physical warrior counterparts. I could write a lot more on flaws of theo and how he is just bad overall. You need to study theo more yourself even if you can can clear those content as powercreep exists and shit against his counterparts. Delusional and oblivious people everywhere thinking hes strong.

      2. @Kazuo

        Aki’s post is actually a meme copypasta from PLUG written by a player called LaminaLaguna. He tried to flex and argue that his Lava gear Lavril was the best out of all servers when it wasn’t. Aki just changed the hero name from Lavril to Theo XD

        He’s not being serious. Everyone knows Theo falls off hard and is very outdated for the current state of the games.

      3. lovely. so much copypasta material, my heart has lighten up
        also, aki, i admit i bursted out laughing until i saw the other comments too. great job my guy

        yeah, buff Theo but first give it to the heroes who need it more desperately than he does.. I understood Erze but Talisha? smh

      4. Bruh, I can also clear Big shakmeh 9, Earth 10 and also the highest stages of every content with Theo.
        After using him as my main for so long, I realized all his flaws like those trash UTs and his removable self-buffs that doesn’t even have a hundred percent uptime. Honestly, He’s not that good compared to other meta heroes. Just accept that his kit is outdated and doesn’t fit the current meta.

      5. @everyone who commented to this guy

        y’all realized he just copypasted a crybaby’s comment on Lavril but edited it to look like it’s for Theo? it’s a troll
        we get it. y’all love Theo as much as I do too, but it’s kinda funny seeing getting triggered over it.. though I agree on the cons he has. they’re kinda dumb and obvs his kit is outdated when he’s a damn 2017 hero in 2021 who hasn’t gotten changes besides a minor word removal on S2/S2D perk in his kit :)))

  2. Talisha buff because??? She doesn’t need it really, she just got overshadowed cause of Estelle which you guys decided to gave overpowering buffs and amp. So many old heroes need buffs than Talisha also with this much of content why just 2, you keep changing the numbers of balance heroes and its irritating honestly. You keep bringing up season 2 but you’re forgetting that if you don’t do a good job on updates before that hype up season there will be no season 2 cause this game might be dead when it comes out

    1. Yeah I agree with this!

      Theo shit for years but advertised as strong in lore. FALSE ADVERTISING.

      Esker killed with Cleo/Hanus buffs. Now he will be dead even more when Erze gets OP buffs. Actually, that brings me to Zafir too. Zafir also needs buffs along with Esker.

      Arch – Died ever since he got nerf to the ground years back. Never recovered since.

      Also DIMAEL WHEN?
      Dimael is the most outdated hero in the history of King’s Raid, for only having received ONE buff in his lifetime. Even Yanne got buffed twice (although she’s in a worser state than him due to her entire kit being Dragons based).

      1. Theo havent awakened his true potential yet, he will be buff for sure during kings raid 2

      2. Funny thing is, Esker deals a quadrillion damage at GC3 same with Zafir, while Erze cant do that.. Esker deals alot more damage than Erze in all contents.

      3. @ the guy above me

        Biggest bullshit comment I’ve heard all day. Zafir is NOWHERE on par with Esker. He doesn’t even come close. Get your facts checked.

        Clearly you’re just a desperate waifu player and biased Erze main who wants their Erze to be the best GC3 DPS whilst Zafir remains in the dumpster. Really obvious you love waifus seeing you want Esker nerf when he’s not even the best GC3 DPS anymore and also making false claims that Zafir is Esker level.

        In King’s Raid history, Erze powercreeped Zafir literally a few weeks after his release. He was never once the best GC3 DPS and was always overshadowed by her.

        Tldr> If Erze gets buffs, Zafir definitely also needs buffs.

      4. ignore the dumbass idiot above this comment.. he’s just so obssessed with abs and dick.. that never see the true world lol

      5. @Fuck You

        Replying to your own comments. Must be a desperate man and socially deprived/loner in RL.

      6. The words that you say proves that you are the real loner here in RL.. replying to my own comment? owh wait youre so lonely that you forgot to see im replying to some stupid idiot here lol

      1. Buff Zafir you racist company.. no love for dark skinned heros, just how many times will ezre get buffed us she yo momma?

      1. Another bull shit comment. Erze got buffed multiple times in the past and was never truly nerfed.

        You’re a racist and sexist clearly, since you said in a different comment you want Esker nerfed and claimed Zafir does the same amount of damage as Esker in GC3 (biggest lie I’ve heard today) so he doesn’t need buffs.

        Stop your racism and sexism. Zafir needs buffs too if Erze gets buffs. Simple.

      2. The truth is, you have the bull shit comment here, its either you are shit Esker player or shit Zafir player. racism? sexism? have you looked at mirror you dumbass? lol

      3. Oh by the way, can you mention the multiple buff of Erze without nerf that you are mentioning here? im 100% sure that is the most stupid lie ever.. Erze got nerfed after her release because lots of idiots like you keeps crying over her.. lol.. the next adjustment is a fix against dispellers but the damage remains the same.. i bet you dont know that because u r focusing too much on abs and dick..

      4. “ the next adjustment is a fix against dispellers but the damage remains the same”

        Unless you have magic powers to see into the future or either you work as Vespa’s underdog, there’s no way you even know what buffs Erze is getting. You’re just a mere petty waifu player trying to justify Erze buffs and her being the next top GC3 DPS,

        Nice assumptions btw.

        If you actually PLAY the game and have seen what buffs they’re been giving DPS heroes for the past half a year (Gremory, Artemia, Hanus, Cleo etc…) then you know that it won’t just be a simple “fix against dispellers but her damage remains the same”.

        Also Esker and Zafir are not on the same level for Velkezar. Period. You can go to KR Encylopedia and you’ll see some people memeing your BS comments 😉

      5. Okay since you cant describe the thing you say about “multiple Erze buffs without nerf” then this proves you are the bullshit here that spreads lies fallacy and stupidy, as for my point, you can search on youtube about Zafir and Esker to see the build they are using and how they reach quadrillion damage (because u suck dick or u just suck).

      6. First off I’m not the guy who wrote the comment above so I don’t need to prove shet about Erze.

        Second, Esker at extreme high investment does 2Q~2.5Q. Zafir can do 1Q but NOT 2Q. So Esker does like double of Zafir damage.

        How are they “equal” and on par again? Please.
        Zafir isn’t even close to Esker level. Also, you’re asking for Esker nerfs but not Hanus and Cleo nerfs when they are doing more than him (?). Proves you are waifu player. Hilarious.
        If Esker gets nerfed, then by your standards Zafir should get nerfed too because according to you he is on the same level as Esker LMAO.

        Also doing 1Q doesn’t even make a point and isn’t even that good for GC3 competitive standards anymore. If you’re in a good, competitive guild then looking for 1.5Q minimum or 2Q+, lmao.

        Someone screenshot your comment in discord and I just laughed and had to type this comment.

      7. The Erze and waifu obsessed guy is a sexist and a racist, that’s why he ask nerf male heroes and say Zafir don’t need buffs. Do not bother argue with a racist and sexist player like him.

      8. @Kal

        Correct me if i am wrong.

        Where did @fuck you said Zafir and Esker needs nerf?
        He is just saying that erze has gotten nerfs with buffs. I don’t see anywhere of him saying Zafir and Esker needs nerf.

        But feel free to correct me if i am wrong about something.

  3. The wording of this sneak peak is absolutely awful, I have no idea what is meant in the Event Shop and Event Enhancement Lab section. When are we going to get proper translations for EN players?

  4. Nice buff priority dickheads. Maybe fix the shit buffed heroes first instead of buffing heroes like Talisha who are still capable of clearing majority of the content well.

  5. Zafir remains the one and only GC3 DPS that’s unusable, outdated and without buffs.

    Just wow.

    F*cking biased.

    He was never once the top GC3 DPS. He got powered by Erze like a few weeks after his release, then was never even comparable to Cleo/Esker/Hanus/Pansirone teams. Nobody uses him anymore.

    Stop hating on the beautiful sand boi Zafir. Give him buffs too if Erze gets them like 1234 times.

  6. This game need more gays,i love Chase and Esker,they are the best homosexuals !!!
    Ugly woman get out!!!Ugly woman get out!!!Ugly woman get out!!!
    More gays!!!More gays!!!More gays!!!
    Only Gays Raid can save vespa!!!


    Yeah just fix 3/15 memed heroes and then leave the remaining 12 meme November heroes to rot in the trashcan.

    Disgusting treatment and more false promises from your company.

    You promised to fix your November mistake but you only redid 3 heroes.

    It’s been like almost 8 months and still no proper rework for November meme heroes. If you want players to QUIT before KR2 hits then you’re heading in the right direction.

  8. Erze continually trampling over Zafir ever since a few weeks after his release and outperforming him for years displays the clear racist and sexist element at Vespa HQ.

    Waifus always be outperforming Husbandos. Just look how Esker got kicked off GC3 by Hanus (deserved since NPC) and Cleo (undeserved since she’s more versatile than Esker). Now both Zafir and Esker will be trampled on by Erze after her buffs for sure.

    If you really hate male heroes that much then just turn this game into Waifus Raid by deleting every single male hero, save the meta ones who you love e.g Kasel, Rebel Clause

    1. Shakmeh, a dark skinned character who got nerfs on day 1 of his release despite their “no nerf policy” is further proof of institutional racism.

      Dimael is also dark skinned and has only ever received one buff in the history of King’s Raid. Still terribly outdated. Meanwhile, his elf rival (Selene) who is light skinned elf has gotten buffs multiple times and solidified her role as TM gear farmer and Eclipse Queen.

      Apparently dark skin and male characters can never take the top spot anywhere. Has to be Waifus.

      1. Pls explain the decision about the buffs on Talisha and Erze cause i dont understand the idea for it especially Talisha. She is a lot newer compare to other heroes that really needs reworks. If Talisha buffs reason is because she’s not performing well in supports then you guys clearly need to rework on your development. Estelle launch really put an end for Talisha, so whats the next step Vespa buff Talisha so she can powercreep Estelle then next month Estelle gets a buffs.. These buffs are just ridiculous, ARE YOU GUYS EVEN PLAYING YOUR OWN GAME??? LISTENING TO PLAYER FEEDBACK.. BS!!


      2. I played mirianne and theo for 2 years. I definitely can see something lackluster in them while the developers dun see it or dun totally nthin abt it…

        I hope vespa would hire me.

    2. Agree with this! Zafir and Dimael deserves buffs but the company is too racist to make them “good”!

      Don’t forget about Nicky who is also dark skin character and she got the meme buffs treatment this year. Meanwhile all light skin character got OP buffs this year (minus the meme November balance patch).

      There really is institutional racism at Vespa HQ!

      1. Oh look another Flynn cult how educated they sound

  9. Sort out the racism, sexism, class inequality in this game. Lol for deleting comments 댓글:

    Lol! The GM deleted my comment for calling out the institutional racism/sexism and class inequality within this game. Looks like indeed Vespa HQ have racist/sexist/class-ist views instilled within them.

    Deleting my comment is proof that you don’t deny these views but also don’t want people to realise this. Too bad more and more Raiders are starting to realise the inequalities now. Everything adds up.

    If you don’t hurry up and sort this problem out, people WILL boycott this game.