[GM Note] January’s 2nd Update Sneak Peek! (Updated)

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory. 

We’re here to share with you the details of January’s 2nd update!

For this GM Note main updates, we will be introducing you the update of the New Hero Lucikiel and the updates for 2021 Casual Costumes (1st).

※The screenshots in the GM Note have been taken in a Test Server.

– Please note that the contents you see may differ from what you see in the actual game.


01. January’s New Hero: Lucikiel

– New Hero Lucikiel will be updated. He’s known as one of the 5 Primal Demons that possesses the mightiest destruction power of all!

– To celebrate Lucikiel’s update, we will be holding a Hero growth event where you will be able to clear missions, accumulate points and receive various rewards.

[Hero Illustration Sneak Peek] 

Class: Wizard

Type: Magic

02. 2021 Casual Costumes (1st) 

– Fashionable 8 ‘Casual Costumes’ for Heroes will be added.
:: Morrah / Shea / Tanya / Erze / Gremory / Mitra / Crow / Lucias

[Hero Illustration Sneak Peek – Gremory]

[Hero Signature Motions Sneak Peek – Crow]

03. Improvements to the World Boss content

– Improvements will be made to the World Boss such as adding changes to the content’s battle mode and adding a Daily Achievement tab.


– World Boss Key will be removed. (You will be able to battle repeatedly without limitations)
:: The max DMG achieved on a single battle per day will be accumulated and applied daily to the World/Server Ranking.
– A Daily Achievement tab will be added. It will be reset daily at 00:00 [Local Server Time].

[New Artifacts]

– 3 World Boss Artifacts will be added.

※ Please note that access will be limited during the period mentioned below to make improvements to the World Boss content.

– Period: January 17th (Sun) 7:00 [PST] until the maintenance on January 19th (Tue) Updated on January 13th (Wed) 12:22

04. The draw rates for Soulstones when attempting Soul Judgment will be increased. 

– When attempting Soul Judgement through [Temple of the God King] > [King’s Sanctum] > [Soul Judgment], the draw rates for Soulstones will be increased slightly. For more details of the draw rates, please check the upcoming Patch Notes.


That’s everything for January’s 2nd Update Sneak Peek!

Please note that there may be changes during the development process, so please look out for the Patch Note for more details.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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  1. Okay let’s start;

    Don’t care for the new hero, LOVE THAT TANYA HAS A NEW COSTUME FINALLY, but why is Shea getting another?! She just got a Christmas one and she gets another? Can you morons focus on Dakaris, Lakrak, Kaulah ans Phillop for fucks sake? Stop giving heroes back to back costumes!

    1. Best girl deserves it <3

      seriously though, the 4 heroes you mentioned are not very popular for aesthetic reasons, so making costumes for them is not very profitable from a business standpoint and makes total sense. I get that it can be unfair for those who like them but they are trying to make money here first.

      1. Answer:
        Vespa can’t buff Crow properly (or rather they refuse to). To remedy the wound they inflicted, they decided to create more Crow costumes so Crow mains can stay silent for awhile as they are too mesmerised by it to mention his “1.8% meme buff”.

        Nice try Vespa.

        Crow main here and I say “REDO NOVEMBER MEME BALANCE PATCH! 1.8% CROW BUFF SO OP BTW!”


        (Yeah I’m still not over that pepega balance patch)

    1. What a banger start to the year

      After 859 days (866 days if you count when itll go live), Tanya finally gets a costume. Salutes to Kau/Phil/Daka, wish them the best of luck for future costumes.

      1. Woops, did not mean to reply to this comment, phone formatting meming me, sorry.

  2. Will there be new Estelle Missions? And a buff to Repository? That definitely needs a change. And will there ever be new special hero stories (like Ophelia, Crow, Pris etc.)? And please make it so every costume gives the same buff, 3% gold. It cannot be that some costumes are giving more to the players than others.

  3. I just want to drop here few things Cleo have/don’t have/needs:

    1. Cleo have average scaling of dmg. ^.^
    2. Cleo don’t have non-hero dmg boost (in which artemia got even more like 120%).
    3. Cleo needs love. :<

    I don't say Cleo needs a "buff". She just needs love. 🙂

      1. Buff Zafir and Erze instead KEK. Cleo is fine.

        Also redo buffs for the memed November heroes when?

    1. Dude he’s not even out yet. Artemia is the best general magic DPS now, and she’s also amazing in scoring content like GC3, WB3, CR solo and even performs decently on WB1. Can nuke in LOH.

      So stop complaining and wanting your waifu Queen Artemia to be the best everywhere. She’s pretty much close enough to magic Pansirone now.

      Since there’s currently only one good magic male DPS (Esker) I hope they don’t make Lucikiel terrible and only PvP. He’s meant to be the strongest demon.

    1. Kirze doesnt need buffs wtf. Biased much?

      Kirze is one of the most decent general magic DPS currently (Artemia is best now though) while many remain to be trash. Kirze is also 3rd best DPS in WB1 after Kara/Laudia.

      Buff Theo instead!

      He got memed in November and still has a reputation for being replaceable by Kirze in everything. Since Kirze does 2x his damage, has better perks than him and equivalent CC as him – legit the carbon copy female version Theo.

      Justice for memed November heroes!

      1. Increased chance of drawing soulstone from Soul Judgement is changing from 15%—>20%.


  4. You changed daddy Lucikiel class… He was meant to be Warrior according to chapter 10 and tower of challenge and that’s what we thought for more than 1 and a half years…

    But anyway I’m glad you finally release him!

    Just please don’t make him strictly PvP focus (so many of your male heroes are PvP…)

    There’s only 1 good male magic PvE DPS which is Esker…

    So I hope Lucikiel increases that number to 2.

  5. For the last time…..

    These World Boss changes aren’t the ones we wanted, nor the ones we are looking for.

    Can you seriously fix WB3 physical amp? You overtuned it and it’s been like this for 10+ months!
    Magic teams to this day still can’t compete and only does 1/4 the damage of Physical teams!

    It SHOULD NOT take 10 months to fix one problem. Consumers would have rotted waiting this long.

    You know it and so we do we.
    It’s the same thing with your November balancing, some heroes waited 2+ years for their “buffs” only to get half-assed ones. STEP UP!

  6. One small thing I noticed but I am glad about… thank you for bringing the female to male costume ratio back to 5:3.

    The last 2 batches was 7:1 ratio (like seriously?) and the previous batch before that was 6:2.

    Glad to see 5:3 is back.

      BUFF THEO!!!

      Has immense popularity across servers (always top 5 in character popularity polls). Meanwhile Vespa for 2+ years refuse to buff him and then November 2020 comes, he get this garbage ?

      Poor Theo, huge victim of meme buff in November along with other heroes Crow, Roi….

      It is 2021 and he is still irrelevant thanks to carbon copy Kirze and also other new broken heroes today !

      Meanwhile Artemia getting buffs every single year…

      1. Claim down bro. No need to call the other dude “son of a b!tch” just because your virtual waifu got insulted.

        It’s just a game.

      2. 1. Watch your language and be civil.
        That screaming in caps is more suited for kindergarten. Also, they did say they’re going to moderate this place more, lol.

        2. Artemia was never ‘directly’ nerfed.
        Vespa just fixed damage transfer, example: Velk caskets, which indirectly affected EVERY GC3 DPS hero. It only appears to affect Artemia most since she benefits a lot from damage transfer as she has a lot of non-hero.

        Btw why you still complaining, at least she’s good now isn’t she?

      3. > Change 12 stack S4 perk into 60% activation change


      4. Really love how you’re still crying and screaming even though she got buffed hugely in the recent patch. How entertaining, you must be one of ‘those’ players who migrated from PLUG.

        It’s pretty obvious you want Artemia to be more broken than Pansirone since you only keep crying and don’t make any mention of her recent buffs.
        Players like you, are the ones who are incredibly selfish and just want their main hero to be the best of the best, whilst the rest are hot garbage.

        Also, did you notice the GMs deleted your previous two comments? If that isn’t enough warning…


  7. Wow!!! The World Boss change is such a great idea! it takes away so much stress of having to decide if we need to start a run over at the end. Awesome!! And having three new World Boss Artifacts is very exciting too 🙂

    And thank you for the increase in Soulstone draw rates, that’s very generous! Looks like I’ll be switching my Shakmeh reward choice over to Soul Fragments soon.