[GM Note] February’s 1st Update Sneak Peek!

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’re here to share with you the details of February’s 1st update!

For this GM Note main updates, we will be introducing you the changes that will be made to the rewards of the 28-Day Attendance board and the addition of Stages to the Technomagic Kingdom Raids.

Make sure to check the details below to read more about the next update!

※The screenshots in the GM Note have been taken in a Test Server.

– Please note that the contents you see may differ from what you see in the actual game.

01. Rewards of the 28-Day Attendance board will be changed

– Changes will be made to the [28-Day Attendance] board with improved rewards.

– The [28-Day Attendance] board will be reset back to [Day 1].

※ Even if you have received your rewards from the previous [Attendance] board before the maintenance, you will be able to receive the rewards of [Day 1] from the new [Attendance] board after the maintenance. (This does not apply to Raiders who have their New Raider/Returning Raider [Attendance] board activated)

※ Based on the last [28-Day Attendance] board you have completed, rewards from +7 days will be sent to your Mailbox after the maintenance.

Ex) If you have received your rewards from [Day 1] from the [28-Day Attendance] board, rewards from +7 days, in other words [Day 2~8] Rewards, will be sent to your Mailbox.

02. Stages will be added to the Technomagic Kingdom Raids

– The overall level of difficulty will be decreased, and stages will be added up to [Stage 9]. Starting from [Stage 7], you will be able to obtain ‘Technomagic Gear Upgrade Stone’ after the update.

03. Special Dungeon – Spring Festival Dungeon

– Annette and Requina have prepared a special event for Orvel’s Spring Festival! Don’t miss out this special opportunity!

– As you participate in the event, you will be able to obtain items in which you can exchange them with ‘Soulstone Fragment Ticket’, ‘Unique Weapon/Unique Treasure Ticket’, ‘Brilliant Ether’ from the Spring Festival Shop. You will also be able to obtain ‘Spring Chocolate’, an item you can use to raise the Kinship of NPC Heroes.

[Story Cutscenes]

04. Roll the Dice! Even or Odd Mini Game! Event

– Guess the result of the dice (Even/Odd) and receive your (right/wrong) rewards. With the points you have accumulated, you will be able to obtain ‘Transcendence Attribute Point (5TP)’, ‘Unique Treasure Ticket’ and ‘Unique Gear Ticket’ as rewards.

05. Episodes will be added to Piece of Memory

– Hero Special Dungeon [Episode – Hilda], [Episode – Riheet & Ripine] will be added to [Memory Archives] > [Piece of Memory]. Go check out their stories and receive you rewards!

That’s everything for February’s First Update Sneak Peek!

Please note that there may be changes during the development process, so please look out for the Patch Note for more details.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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  1. how about the time of incubation of pet?

    i know not of all have this kind of problem. The time for hatch is 24hrs. What if i hatch the egg at 2:00am and in the next day i hatch the at 8:00am. I already wasted 6hrs of hatching egg. Can you guys do the hatching within 24hrs or when game day is reset.

    1. Lol although Hilda buff in November was small, it affected her majorly in PvP. She’s now an absolute monster in PvP.

      Other than that, Lilia was the other hero who got decent buffs in November. The rest got memed such as Crow, Roi, Theo, Tanya, Viska.

      Don’t know why people keeps wanting Hilda to become her Pansirone no.2 but doubt it will ever happen considering she is top-tier LOH hero.

      1. Viska has certainly made herself endhgame for me. I don’t need Pansirone. I read, adapt and play the game. I certainly never relied on the kids and nubs that plague the game and ruin each other’s parties with bad info. It’s still funny to see kids troll each other

  2. Hello, I am newbie, I just create my account today so pls gib me Estelle mission extension, it so not fair for newbie like me to miss out on these item!!!

    Love u so much Bespa, stay safe

  3. Please increase the number of Treats we get in the Lil’ Raider House. We can get a lot of pets but so few Treats. Increase to 5 Treats per charge instead of 1 or lower timer to get 1 Treat every 1 hour would be nice.