[GM Note] February’s 2nd Update Sneak Peek! (UPDATED)

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’re here to share with you the details of February’s 2nd update!

For this GM Note main updates, New Hero Shakmeh will be added, and Devourer / Otherworldy Darkness Shakmeh Dungeons will be improved.

Make sure to check the details below to read more about the next update!

※The screenshots in the GM Note have been taken in a Test Server.

– Please note that the contents you see may differ from what you see in the actual game.

01. February’s New Hero: Shakmeh

– ‘Shakmeh’, known as the biggest threat of the Aegina Desert and the Shadow of the Sun who has come back from death, will be joining KING’s RAID as a playable Hero.

[Hero Illustration Sneak Peek]

Class: Knight

Type : Physical

※ The VOD of the New Hero ‘Shakmeh’ will be revealed on February 16th (Tue).

02. Hero Special Dungeon – Episode: Shakmeh

– Back from the dead, Shakmeh has returned to the Aegina Desert. Please look forward to Shakmeh’s story!

– After clearing the Story Dungeon, you will be able to obtain ‘Shakmeh(5 Star)’ for free.

[Story Cutscenes]

03. Improvements to the Devourer / Otherworldy Darkness Shakmeh Dungeons

– [Devourer Shakmeh], [Otherworldy Darkness Shakmeh] Dungeons will be improved.

[Devourer Shakmeh]

– The number of Entry Tickets that are charged every day and the total number of accumulated Entry Tickets will be reduced. (Amount of rewards will be increased, drop rate will remain the same)

– As the number of Entry Tickets will be decreased, adjustments will be made to ‘Shakmeh’s Wrath’.

※ The number of ‘Shakmeh’s Helm Decoration’ that you own in the [Inventory] >[Consumables] and the number of charged ‘Shakmeh’s Helm Decoration’ will remain the same. – Updated on February 9th (Tue) 18:27 (PST)

[Otherworldy Darkness Shakmeh]

– Balance adjustments will be made for battles.

04. Hero Balance Adjustments

– Balance adjustments will be made to the Heroes below.
 :: Chase / Seria / Roi

05. Improvements to the rewards for the Roll Book of Returning Raiders

– The rewards for the Roll Book of Returning Raiders will be improved.

– The newly improved Roll Book will be available for Raiders who have been using the previous Roll Book or Raiders who have returned after the maintenance on February 16th (Tue).

※ For Raiders who have been using the previous Roll Book, all items that have not been received will be sent to the Mailbox.

06. 2021 Causal Costumes (2nd)

– Fashionable 8 ‘Casual Costumes’ for Heroes will be added.
 :: Nia / Isolet / Pansirone / Yuria / Evan / Kibera / Bernheim / Esker

[Hero Illustration Sneak Peek – Esker]

[Hero Signature Motions Sneak Peek – Pansirone]

That’s everything for February’s 2nd Update Sneak Peek!

Please note that there may be changes during the development process, so please look out for the Patch Note for more details.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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  1. So you’re just going to forget all the rest of the memed November heroes and move on like the November balance patch never happened?

    Seriously REDO your November balance patch before moving onto other heroes. Crow, Theo, Lewisia, Viska… they seriously need a second look at.

    I honestly will lose it if Roi gets memed again.

    Also just delete Yanne from the game if you don’t plan on changing her

      1. Theo is not “stupidly OP” by any means. At best, he is mediocre, so I’m not sure what you mean.

        Entire kit is dispellable, still meme set of Unique Treasures, still garbage outdated T3 perks, still flat ATK buffs, still only 5 seconds on SW amp, still 50% downtime on S2 amp… the list goes on. For a character who supposedly singlehandedly defeated Mountain Fortress and can clash with Lucikiel (hailed as the strongest arch demon) he’s laughable, imo.

        Especially when there’s a carbon copy replica called Kirze who does exactly what he does wholst also dealing 2x his damage. There is no incentive to build him except if you like his design/story.

        So if Theo is “OP” then Pansirone must be beyond OPOPOPOPOPOP, the almighty creator of the universe.

        The only reason you THINK Theo is good is because he’s an extremely popular character for his story (why else you think he always tops polls?) and therefore most ‘good Theos’ you’ve seen are likely extremely whaled ones. with highly whaled supports to achieve such feats. Just give a Pansi/Lorraine/Artemia/Rebel Clause the same level invested supports and Theo won’t even do a small fraction of their damage.

        Clearly you don’t play Theo yourself and only watched videos/saw SS of him which is why you’re misinformed.

      2. *laughs in hearing that “theo is already OP”*
        What a joke… clearly u have play Theo or seen how bad he is 🤣😂

        Pretty sure there’s a reason why everyone hardly recommend him being built unless they like him as a character because miles of better options exist (namely his female counterpart Kirze).

      3. Yeah totally agree, Theo is so OP in Chapter 8 and good in gold tier arena. /sc

        Dude this fucckerr guy must be playing in 2018, LMAO.

        Probably the most dumb but entertaining comment I’ve read all day.

        Imagine even trying to call him “good” when he excels absolutely nowhere.

      4. As someone who’s A220’ed, 15*’ed, soon 25*ing Theo, and farmed 25/95 and 3/15 TM sets for him. Also, invested my team good enough to farm every content except TM above stage 6- I’m telling you. He’s not broken. But he isn’t as bad as others think as well.
        In fact, Theo doesn’t have any “PvE buffs” such as: damage dealt to enemies, non-hero damage, boss damage. (And newly, def ignore, but considering he’s an 2017 hero, that wasn’t a part of many old heroes kit.) That’s one of his biggest cons, but he managed to keep a nice spot despite all the heroes which outclassed him since ever. HOWEVER, that requires high investment into him, and your supports as well.
        Why? His main UTs need high stars, even though they’re both dispelleable and have a sad effect. UW is also high invest and same for his SW.
        In PvP, he’s easily countered if you picked/drafted the right team. There are heroes which melt the frontline, or just simply cuck bruisers. It’s not just that, some prefer to run UT4 over UT1, like I do as well. Some go with instant S2 with ssw, or not. You simply dispell those and he’s pretty much a stick, most of matches end before he event gets his UW effect on. Though the Ascalon warrior set is amazing for each existing warrior, so that is that.
        His uptime is still one of the main factors that affect him greatly. But you simply cannot make S2 and UW 100% uptime. (Well, S2 you can, but I wouldn’t do it, imo.)
        His SW advancement effects are quite nice and I cannot complain about those. UW’s effect is amazingly done. Though flat atk buffs aren’t as good as they were before.
        One of the bad parts is that, if you’re really interested into using Theo in high TM stages, the invest needed for your whole team is super insane. And I don’t like spending any sort of money into any game.

        He’s been performing way better than I ever expected for me to be honest. And my highest invested support is a damn A110 9* Ffrey. So I’m honestly amazed by what surprises he can bring.

        I’m still waiting for at least an UT change. As well as T5D rework. His last buff was a fix to errors which shouldn’t have existed to begin with.
        Thanks. :’)

      5. dont worry. guys, next 2 years Theo get his properly buff, if this game not dead yet, hhahaha

      6. Theo is terrible in PvP wtf. He is worse than Chase and Seria who are both getting buffed. PvP meta is full of dispells, CC and shields. Theo legit just needs one dispell and he’s a goner. You must be playing in Gold tier arena, LOL.

        Second, Theo is extremely bad in PvE. Even with maximum investment and maximised support heroes, he only scores 20T in WB1. Artemia does 50T for comparison sake, and Xerah does 55T+. Even MITRA and CECILIA (physical damage dealers) can score more than him in WB1. Which is hilarious considering WB1 favors magical damage dealers.

        The only reason Theo still has a presence in the game is because of player loyalty. He is popular for one reason only- his backstory/lore along with Jane. Not because he is meta. He is below mediocre for sure.

        I still find it ridiculous that Theo performs worse than AOE heroes in WB1. This is the man who supposedly single handedly stopped Mountain Fortress and can clash with Lucikiel on equal terms.

        It takes so much investment to make him work in newer contents, I think we have reached the limit of how much he can do. So if Vespa continue to ignore him, and only introduces more content without changing Theo, then he will become even more irrelevant and way more outdated than he already is.

        Personally he is bad because he has absolutely no percentage% damage to non-hero enemy layers. Instead he suffers from flat ATK buffs, RNG s4, dispellable S2 and dispellable UTs. Heavy downtimes on SW amp/S2 amp, garbage and meme Unique Treasure set and terribly outdated transcendence 3 and T5D perks.

      7. Those who cry for theo buff is either an idiot or stupid lol.. not broken as pansi but he is good already.. what gears are you crybabies using? T1 gears or techno gears with hp stats and stupid hp options?
        About chase, i disagree on his buff too.. he is also good meanwhile the trash remains trash.. stupid vespa

      8. Nice assumption @fucccker. I’m pretty sure most Theo players know 95/25% and 3%/15 Tm gear options are best for him. So say that again.

        Clearly you got killed by a whaled Theo in arena once and got traumatised.

        He isn’t even remotely good in arena, all you need to do is bring a dispeller against him. I guess you played in Platinum and was a stupid, brainless player who forgot to bring a dispeller.

        Also imagine comparing Theo to Pansirone… what a hilarious joke of the century. Pansirone is like 50x better than Theo is. They are on different levels and Theo is nowhere even close to her.

        What Theo hurt you so bad? LUL. Your comments are so dumb that people already memeing you on Discord. Drop me your IGN and server as well, thanks 😉

      9. “T1 gears or techno gears with hp stats and stupid hp options? “
        Confirmed our fucccker guy got rekt by a Theo in arena because he didn’t bring a dispeller.

        That’s your fault, lol. Theo DMG literally turns into a wet noodle when you use one dispell against him.

        Also for context, most people here aren’t even asking for PvP buffs but PVE buffs. In PVE you never use HP options but use “increased dmg by 25% when above 95% HP” or “increased dmg by 3% every 15 second, stacks up to 12 times”.

        Also you’re inherently wrong in your assumption that we’re using T1 gear because you can’t even get T1 gear anymore LOL.

        You are an absolute clown. Blame yourself for being stupid and not bring a dispeller. Arena meta is dispell, cleanse, CC, shields. Do yourself a favour and learn the meta, because maybe then you’ll realise how Theo is not even meta. He is below mediocre in all content.

      1. Theo sucks and falls off hard in end game content.

        He’s extremely selfish DPS that needs whaled support investment if you want him to perform. But why bother to whale a team so hard just to make him work when you new heroes or newly buffed heroes can do 10x more than he can with equally whaled supports?

        So they should just delete him if they don’t plan on ever buffing him properly. So much for the guy who stopped WB1 and clash with Luckiel/Malduk btw.

        Same thing with Yanne, just delete her lmao.

  2. The gays raid guy comment or/GGWP is a true hero and winner. Recently Vespa has finally realised the significance of implementing more male characters and not just waifus. They’ve released both Lucikiel and Shakmeh who were eyed upon for months to years and very much demanded. Thank you.

    Even if he is bad, I will still build him. Yes yes, more more!!! More husbands!!

    1. Total agree!!!
      We need more husband!!! Siegfried next, then Lonian, Idrian, Jacks and Zaunlang!!!

      I’m happy Vespa finally had an epiphany. They woke up and relaised husbands DO sell well and not everything is about waifus.
      The deep, disproportionate ratio of male to female in this game was sickening and a HUGE turn off for many players in the past. Thank god it’s improving!!!

      Look how everyone is celebrating in the comments and happy with more husbands being released and the equal costume ratio!!!

      Vespa must keep up this trend; yes more husbands and more equality!!! GIVE MORE GAYS AND HUSBANDS!!!

      1. Vespa at it again . It’s silly to have more silly Husband~ Unfair ! ! ! Unfair ! ! ! Where are Waifu ? ? ? Silly broken Lucikiel is male boss, he gets added , now Shakmeh ? ? ?
        We need the REAL boss, Sithrael ! ! ! Have you SEEN Sithrael ? ? ? Why do we get silly ripine and her dog but no Sithrael ? ? ? Look at her , she is so pretty but we get cow poop skinny flat elf instead ! ! ! More boobs, more boobs ! ! ! Only Waifus can save Vespa ! ! !

        #MoreBoobs ! ! ! #MoreBoobs ! ! ! #MoreBoobs ! ! !

      2. @Tama
        Yuck to waifus. No thanks!

        Everyone here and on Facebook is celebrating the gender ratio equality and no more waifu bias from Vespa.

        Let’s not revert Vespa back to their old ways.

      3. Actually , the incoming gender ratio of playable female boss is going to be 2:0 , stop discrimination ! ! !

        That’s right, I wake up every night in a cold sweat because Vespa is WaifuPhobic . Appalling ! ! ! You are only jealous of Waifu because of the app name , King’s Raid ! ! ! This is NOT a Kings’ Raid , deal with it ! ! !

        Silly Rebel Clause outshining Pansirone in World Boss , why do Husband lover ask for more husband ? ? ? Disgusting ! ! !

        Waifus must takeover King’s Raid , for Femdom is the best ! ! !

    2. @Tama
      Stop complaining about not having enough waifus. Like 70% of this game is waifus. Let’s not forget when Vespa also made costume batches 1:7 and 2:6 male/female ratio. That’s what you call ‘inequality’.

      Females always have had the upperhand.

      And stop complain that rebel clause take over in ONE content. Pansirone is like way more versatile and top tier in all content unlike he who is bad in CR solo/Shakmeh. Also let’s not forget Pansirone is brain dead hero that Vespa refuses to nerf. They legit announced she’s immune to nerfs.

      No other hero got better treatment she has.

      Idiots like you complaining about one the best female
      generalists goes beyond me. Stop being ridiculous.

      Waifus have been dominating for years. It’s time things be more fair and balanced out.

      1. Who cares about roi, unless you some dumb newbie. And learnt to read before copy paste all your ro”t” post all over.

      1. Nah..he doesn’t use them..hes jus here to watch vespa get burned. Just like clowns on world chat asking for yanne buff but doesnt even owned a yanne to begin with

      2. @WallxBallsax. uh dood, I’m usin Yanne when I started the game, dragons was still a thing back then. Maybe I’m also included in the clowns you mentioned for saying buff Yanne in world chat 😩

    1. The fuck are you complaining?. Isolet only have christmas costume and 5* costume, while kaulah have lots of costume already.. and Dakaris have 3-5* hero costume plus beachside. Costume Equality my ass.. how stupid lol xD

  3. Honestly, you need to redo November balance patch. Don’t just move onto different heroes like you forgot what a mess it was… this is extremely insulting to players. The general consensus is only Lilia/Hilda got actually decent buffs that patch.

    On the bright side, I’m glad male to female costume ratio disparity is solved. The ratio is so equal and good now. It’s perfect. I hope we don’t revert back to 1:8 or 2:8.


    1. did u even read that roi is in the balance list? hes on november balance patch remember? vespo said themselves that they are better at balancing when its a smaller pool of heros, why force them?

  4. I hope 1) dispatch feature for Devourer Shakmeh lAND 2) event bonuses being applied to dispatch will be implemented in the future so we don’t have to destroy our phones battery just to run this game 24/7.
    • It’s a modern game and should fit modern times.

    I’m also sick of these countless stamina draining events as well. TM raids depleted everyone’s stamina, so I haven’t the clue who at your HQ thought it was a good idea to drop these stamina events when the drought is ongoing.. .

    Also, as others have said. At least give us a WORD or two regarding the heroes you memed in the November meme balance patch. Don’t just move on and not address them.

  5. People who keeps crying about the November balance patch needs to chill out, because it seems that Vespa is better on buffing when its 3 hero at a time, mess or meme or whatever you call it they need to do it in a timely manner smh, they said themselves that they were overwhelmed on the amount before, so why overwhelm them again? people complain about everything, give them time,

    1. The problem is they have only plan to address ONE of them (Roi) and this is out of 3 balance patches. For the last 3 balance patches they totally forgotten the meme November patch since they choose to look at other heroes. Roi is literally the first hero from the November meme patch to be reworked on.

      It’s honestly understandable why many are annoyed since it feels like Vespa prioritise other heroes instead of fixing their mistakes.

      1. like i stated above, give them time to fix the heros, 1 hero from the meme patch and 2 heros that were outdated sounds like a good deal rather than taking another whole year just to fix the meme patch that people cry about,

        or would you rather vespo do a 16 hero balance patch again and possibly mess up more years? cause im pretty sure u know that approach didnt work

        we all get it, they messed up some heros on november patch, but why cry over a spilled milk, the damage has been already done and they are doing their best to fix stuff now, so let me ask u again

        would you rather make them fix all heros on meme nov patch 3 at a time (and ignore outdated heros like seria, chase, etc.) and possibly take 6months to a year?

        of would you rather make it 1 heros from meme patch and 2 outdated heros??

        if u think about it ppl were also crying that hilda was the worst on the buff list, yet shes a beast now. yes thats right some people just prioritize crying right away rather than figuring out how to use the hero.

  6. ✅The good:
    – Shak is playable, fantastic.
    – Good costume ratio.
    – Newbie rewards changed / no comment
    – Hopefully no meme buffs for Roi / unconfirmed.
    – Hopefully a nerf or removal of the stupid tree in OW Shakmeh / unconfirmed (but high chance since Roi being changed means something about the tree will have to change as well)

    ❌The bad:
    – Still no words regarding meme November balance patch for heroes like [Crow, Theo, Viska, Reina, Chrisha, Lewi] etc… instead Devs moved on.
    – Still no words for forgotten heroes (Yanne) or ancient heroes with no buffs for years (Dimael).
    – Still no downtune/revamp of WB3 Physical Amp disparity.
    – Still no dispatch feature for Dev Shak, only ‘reduce tickets’
    – Still can’t apply events with dispatch / RIP Mobile Phones.
    – No solution for stamina drought.
    – No new Estelle mission only newbie benefits.
    – No game optimisation features.
    – No new costume for poor Lakrak and Kaulah.
    – No hairstyles feature update for more than 1 year +
    – Likely more Special Shop stuff than actual game update.
    – Still haven’t fulfil the promised yearly Green Note/Developer Note which was mentioned in December Developer Talk.

    1. I agree with The Bads, except

      Dispatch in Shakmeh is a lazy task. Otherworldy Shakmeh prizes are high so if the devs make it dispatchable, then what’s the use of Tickets? This is actually good, to make Shakmeh battles fair by reducing like in Memory Archives rather than dispatches.

      No more dev talk,,,,, and I think the company heard our voices about the memed buffs last november and the other outdated heroes that needed buffs like Chase (or based on popularity uses).

      1. What do you mean by ‘dispatch is a lazy task’? You can’t control the heroes anyway so why would dispatch be any different. It’s ridiculous for a mobile game to make you leave your phone on for hours to farm something like that.

      2. If they buff just based on popularity they why did Theo or Crow get their terrible meme buffs back in November? They are both popular heroes but look what garbage they received. Second, why did they buff Lorraine back awhile ago when nobody really used her before her buffs?

        I think at this point Vespa is clueless as to how to fix their heroes (Yanne) and also their mistakes.

        My issue is that they shouldn’t have sold the characters as “strong” in the lore in the first place. It’s like false advertising. Ironically Crow is the weakest/most niche of the Hounds group and Theo is nowhere close to equal to Lucikiel and he is terrible beyond against Mountain Fortress.

        Also let’s not forget their November buff was like their first buff in 1-2 years respectively.

        And there still no mention of fixing this meme patch, only for one hero (Roi).

    2. Correction; **Theo is nowhere close to equal to Lucikiel and he is beyond terrible against Mountain Fortress**

      I messed up comment format due to typing on phone KEK (should have put the word ‘beyond’ before terrible)

    3. did you also forget that they also need to make money to keep the game up? if they make everything dispatchable, people will always be out of the game and u know what that means right? less money for vespa.

      honestly i noticed most of the peoples here who complain about the game doesn’t even contribute anything to the company at all

  7. I like Shakmeh being playable, but you need to seriously stop these 45k limited costumes. F2P or small spenders can’t get 45k so quickly. Either reduce cost of these limited costumes or you can stuff it.

    Light costume 45k, limited Shak costume 45k. You think players can cough up 90000 rubies out of nowhere?

    The average player gets like 2000-3000 rubies a week. So be realistic Vespa. Shouldn’t even be more than 25k.

    Also don’t meme Roi this time. And actually go BACK to the November Memed heroes before moving onto new ones, thanks.

    1. Dude, don’t complain over being too broke to buy cosmetics.
      The company still needs to make money, cosmetics that don’t affect balance of the game is like the best way to go around it.
      If everything was available as f2p Game would’ve been bankrupt a while back

      1. Your point would be valid if Vespa didn’t release heroes’ 5* costumes as a ‘limited costume’. But they do, which is unacceptable.

  8. It’s impossible to do daily tasks: game freezes/crashes upon every 3rd loading/scene change. GC is impossible to play, even if you somehow manage to survive a loading. And I use a 3×4.2 core 6 Gb RAM emulator.
    I can’t stand it anymore, the 5-minutes daily check-in turns into a 20-minutes game restarting routine. And for what reason? To collect an adv-2 TM team and still do like 5kkk dmg at Velk because the game lags like hell and I can hardly use 1 of Priscilla’s skills during the damage phases…

  9. This is very good, I am honestly looking forward to this update.
    1) Roi who was in the Nov balance patch is picked up again. Hopefully the buffs will be of similar standard to how the January balance patch was done to improve the heros.

    2) The gender ratio in costumes is amazing this time. I love how it is 1:1. This gives out a very positive reaction as vespa is listening to the feedback many of us have been giving. (Sidenote: omg im so excited for esker and kibera costume. so gooood!!)

    Keep up the good work \(٥⁀▽⁀ )/

    1. Loli dragon girl doesn’t need buffs. Lilia can one shot flow 10 as well as high burst in PvP.

      Also Lilia was one of the two ONLY heroes who got buffed GOOD in November along with Hilda. The rest of the heroes got memed.

      They need to fix the rest of the November patch before even thinking about buffing other heroes.

  10. Chase / Seria / Roi
    I get it that Seria and Roi needed it but chase lol.
    No yanne, no tanya or other old heroes.
    I’m just guessing at this point; the way you rebalance hero depends on how popular they are so you can milk them more. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  11. Chase / Seria / Roi.
    I get Seria and roi but chase lol.
    At this point buffing heroes depends on how popular they are i guess.
    No changes to Yanne or Tanya or other old heroes. New/Popular/”Buffed” heroes keep getting DMG modifier after dmg modifer, increase dmg to monsters/heroes and the rest are just poof.

    No changes to the artifact system still, can’t even grind useless one nor you devs don’t even bother changing those artifacts.

    Accessories are a joke now.

    Artemia was fine before the buff yet got another buff now chase will get the same treatment again. Devs don’t even bother reading anymore its all about milking to survive now.

    Can’t wait for the anniversary but oh boi oh booi previous anniversary want even an anniversary, just log in event kekw what a downhill game. A steep one too.

    Then the ceo even bothered emailing or giving letters in the game saying that he still cares and loves the game but the patches says kek.

    1. One thing that annoys me is that last patch Vespa buffed Artemia who is already in a much better position than majority of the heroes who got memed in the November. She’s now even more ridiculously strong and a wonderful magic generalist. Deals double a whaled Theo’s score in WB1 even though she is mainly AOE btw.

      Good for Artemia mains, but it sucks to main a hero from November balance patch (unless you are Roi main but I’m sure 90% of Roi users transferred him already).

      This also reminds me of Selene who they buffed last year after Eclipse changes. Selene was already a good hero compared to many but they just solidified her instead of buffing heroes that need it more.

      Same thing is happening with Chase here. He’s in a much better position than the likes of Yanne, Tanya, Theo, Viska, Crow… but hey, Vespa doesn’t want to address their mistakes.

      On the other hand I have no comment for recent Shea/Grem buffs because they actually needed them lol.

      If they gave just a sentence on what they plan to do about the meme November patch I would be happy, because it will seem like they are planning to make amends not just moving on like it never happened.

  12. Hello.

    Regarding this statement: “As the number of Entry Tickets will be decreased, adjustments will be made to ‘Shakmeh’s Wrath’.”

    Can you please clarify whether or not we should spend our tickets prior to the patch? What is the ideal number to be at when the changes arrive? I imagine it’s gonna be 0, 20 or 100.

    Thanks for your time.

  13. This looks promising but I really hope we are getting dispatch for shakmeh. I don’t care if we’re getting less entries because even if it goes down to 50, that’s still potentially multiple hours of destroying our phones’ battery. I would really like these ‘sneak peaks’ to give a bit more information so we know what to expect before the day.

  14. This is unfair ! ! ! Esker, Bernheim, Evan, all get a costume last Christmas patch, and now again ? ? ? Favouritism ! ! ! My boy Ezekiel hasn’t gotten a costume since 2019 Christmas, and Dakaris has been in the game for almost 2 years with 1 costume, which he got on release, while certain ones get costumes 24/7 ! ! ! Unfair ! ! !

    #BalancedGameWhen #GiveEzeANewCostume #DakarisDidNothingWrong

    1. Don’t worry friend, I’m sure Ezekiel will get his costume soon. Maybe in a patch with Luckiel/Shakmeh costumes.

      Glad that Vespa is sorting out their previously awful male to female ratio for costumes. More equality is always ago 😉

  15. Finally Shak is a playable hero ! ! ! I’ve been waiting for this since his release so idrc what his type or class is since I’m gonna build him regardless.

    pls give more costumes for Pavel tho he hasn’t had one since the last dessert patch and I want to be able to buy more :c

  16. Wuttt..how come no miri buff again?

    Roi definitely deserves it.. but wth seria and chase, these 2 are still absurdly strong compared to other unloved heroes like miri,epis. (Are you guys blind?) Pls remove chase and seria off the list..


    1. Had to agree.. mirianne as an ranged assasin supposed to have a heavy burst to compensate her being a fragile hero. I mean wth seriously seeing warrior classes like dark lord kasel and rebel clause dealing more damage than an assasin class. (Supposingly shouldnt warrior classes dmg be reduced due to the fact that they r more durable compared to archer/mechanic/assasin/mage class?!?)

      With that in place, i m clearly convinced mirianne is not a pvp hero. Pve wise?! As a single target dealer…she is way below leagues of other magic dealers at wb1 (lets nt talk abt comparing with laudia and kara, shes actually infact worse than theo..) Ppl would say that thrs several video of mirianne 1 shotting TM raid bosses (Well, its manuall).. better stick to grem if you r on a budget, shes hardly even valid to b used on other content.

      So, not pvp, pve..is it time for you guys to re-look at her kit again VESPA?

      WAKE UP PLS!

      Stop buffing heroes that doesn’t need rework like chase.. Honestly..

  17. Make the game more mobile friendly. It will be a huge QOL feature. I can’t be leaving my phone all day 24/7 just for your silly events.

    It’s a huge turn off for mobile players.

    Did you forget this is a MOBILE game?

    1. did you also forget that they also need to make money to keep the game up? if they make everything dispatchable, people will always be out of the game and u know what that means right? less money for vespo.

      1. @kek
        Are the white knight on here known as “James”? Lmao. You sound just like him defending Bespa and spamming the comment section with the same old words.

        Also, it’s pretty clear you don’t play on mobile, else you would understand mobile-only users suffering. I am certain you’re just another emulator user so this doesn’t affect you.

        It’s not nice to leave one’s phone all day just to do 100 runs of Devourer Shakmeh and to run an stupid event dungeon for ether and NPC items.

        Would I rather kill my phone battery for some measly rewards or would I rather skip this stamina-draining event? It’s obvious I would choose the latter.

        Not to mention, most mobile games on the market these days have QOL features. Vespa is seriously years behind in QOL features for a modern game.

  18. I wish Shakmeh was any class but not a knight… it makes no sense he is a knight.

    I will still build him tho.

    Glad males getting more costumes, they deserve it!!
    This is the golden age for equality!

  19. Wow!!! Thank you so much for the Shakmeh changes. Or rather, I should say my poor computer thanks you 🙂 Excited for Hero Shakmeh!!! And my friend who is a Seria player is pleasantly surprised and has their hopes up for what’s to come!!!

    LOVE what you’ev shown us of the casual costumes. It’s great to see Esker hanging out, and man, Pansirone and Kibera is one biker gang that I should never feel safe around!

  20. Hello, @GM Gremory
    If I have before the update 100/100 shakmeh decoration entries would they stay the same or get reduced after the update?
    if for example the new cap is 50, would I have 100/50 until I use them or would my tickets get reduced to 50/50
    Sorry for the trouble but even after the post update it’s still not clear
    Please don’t ignore my question I’ll be checking this post until I get an answer (Sorry for the trouble but it’s very important, I’ll be really grateful for your help)

  21. Buff Theo, crow, dimael, Zafir, Viska, Tanya, Lewi for REAL instead of heroes who don’t need it like Chase…

    Everyone will forgive u for what u did in November if you buff heroes who need it and not heroes who don’t need it.

    I’m so sick of seeing hero who don’t need buff getting buffs… it only make heroes who are already bad even more irrelevant/outdated.

  22. Please review the OP buff you put onto lilia again. lilia kills trial of flow stage 10 within 30sec? wipe otherworldly shakmeh 9 skipping all phase? eliminating tank set in pvp with S2+instant S3? So what are the BUFF you put into other hero? Can they do the same or anything that makes them useful or even close to useable in any content? Just delete those hero you dont intend to buff already and give us the uw ut sw transfer as refund before deletion. The so call balance patch each time only became more unbalance, do you even test the hero before rolling out those patches?