[GM Note] February’s 1st Update Sneak Peek

텍스트이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory.

We’d like to share with you the details of February’s 1st update!

Guild War Rewards & Game Improvements will be updated through next week’s maintenance.

For more information about the main updates, please read the details below.

※ The screenshots in the GM Note have been taken in the Test Server.

– Please note that the contents you see may differ from what you see in the actual game.

01. Guild War Reward Improvements

– In order to increase the participation in Guild Wars, the overall rewards of the content will be improved.

[Round Rewards]

– When succeeding an attack, additional ‘Reforge Tickets’ will be obtained (by 50% chance)

[Season Rewards]

– Addition of Champion ~ Royal Master Tier Rewards

– Amount of ‘Guild War Medals’ for all Tiers will be increased by x 2

– Addition of Guild Server Buff from Guild Ranks 1st ~ 3rd (Increases the chances to obtain Reforge Tickets)

※ When similar server Guilds are placed within the Ranks 1st ~ 3rd, the buffs from highest rank will be applied first, and the buffs from the lower ranks will be applied with other buffs.

– 2nd: Increase in Gold/EXP Gain by 3%

– 3rd: Increase in Gold/EXP Gain by 2%

[Guild War Shop]

02. Improvements to User Convenience

– User convenience improvements will be made within the game based on the feedback & suggestions sent by our Raiders.


– Expansion of the Transcendence Perk Pages (Up to max 6 pages)

– Team Level EXP will be obtainable through Dispatch Battles


– Features to shorten the amount of DMG/Recovery (On/Off)

03. Addition of New Legendary Runes

– The ‘Mysterious Rune: Legendary’ item, with 4 new Legendary Runes added, will be available through the list of Shop items [Challenge Raid] > [Exchange Points].

※ Please note that for the items ‘Mysterious Rune: Legendary’ & ‘Legendary Rune Ticket’ which are owned/sold currently, new Rune items won’t be added.

04. Kasel of Honor

– We’re almost near the end of the League of Honor season! We will be revealing the details of Kasel and his season 16 Costume!

[Motions – Wait]

[Motions – Win]

[Normal Attack Motions]

[Motions – Skill 1]

[Motions – Skill 2]

[Motions – Skill 3]

That’s everything for February’s 1st Update Sneak Peek!

Please note that there may be changes during the development process, so please look out for the Patch Note for more details.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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      1. Ah yes, it is the infamous white knight, my Nyugen dude!

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      3. You can see people with good manner and they usually suggest or give their opinion about the updated, but people with no manner only mocking the game even they cannot leave and still playing this game (they look like tsundere tbh lol)

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      5. 1 : You’re vulgar. You need to insult?
        2 : That’s since eon Vespa show these named sneaj peek, but the patch note still the same than sneak peek
        3 : There are many months Vespa still present patches with nothing but overpriced skins or functions that nobody care (6 trans perk pages …)
        4 : Mobile phone game needs more important patches to stay attractive. If you’re satisfied who only that good for you. But you’re a single drop in the mass of angered player. For exemple the number guild in EU Eternal saw many of his member leave the game.
        5 : This answer is for you and all other kinds of immature white knight who still doesn’t understand Vespa take a very bad direction. And I don’t care if they prepare Kr2, they can add more content to kill time if they want or made balanced instead of their cowardly position of “we won’t balance anymore”
        6 : Before anyone ask don’t worry I already left the game. But that was hearthbroking . . . What a waste seriously . . . Really an huge waste and I feared about Kr 2

      1. Sasuke you suck, you got nerfed.
        But did your nerf make you turn to ass-lick Vespa too? What a shame !

    1. To you, No name random guy

      5: You are well aware that Vespa is working on KR2. They are working so that they can release KR2 in time during mid 2022. They have already delayed once and they don’t want to delayed it again. Why do you expect them to add more content to kill time for your sorry ass?
      And balancing of heroes? We all know what happens when Vespa starts balancing old heroes. You won’t be happy either ways because you will continuously whine like you just did. Balance the wrong heroes, you’re not happy. Unfair balance, you’re not happy. This is why Vespa decided to stop balancing heroes. Don’t you have a brain in there? Use it instead of blabbering senseless complains.
      6: Thank you so much for leaving the game. But since you left, why are you still on the blog page trying to prove your opinion? It’s not needed because you’re no longer a player. Please excuse yourself from this community, you’re not needed.

      1. Says the guy from a third world country
        Says the guy with no GF, no partner.
        Says the guy who spends his day typing white knight comments on every post and licking V€$PA ass.

  1. It’s unbelievable how bad the patches in the last few months have been. It’s either costumes (which are purely cosmetic) or basically deleting/minor reworks to content that nobody even cares about.

    How do you even think you will sustain your game like this?

    And no, don’t use the “we’re focusing our resources on KR2” as an excuse. That’s a long exhausted “excuse” and there’s been nothing to show for KR2.
    We know absolutely nothing about KR2 apart from some models – we don’t even know anything about the new main characters let alone their names!

    So clearly it’s an in internal problem- your developers left because they got their wages cut or they got fired. That’s why your patches are garbage. Simple.

      1. Look at the older sneak peeks and the older patch notes and you’ll see that its practically the same.

  2. Nobody likes Kasel apart from that one dude in NA. First LOH season that so many players are skipping it’s funny.

    Should have kept the 2 costumes per season but what can we expect when your art team got cut.

    Also GW is like the most irrelevant content. Like max 5-10 guilds across all servers actually care about it.

      1. Dude, you’re calling people dumb but you can’t even READ. The OP said “nobody likes Kasel”. They didn’t say that people don’t use/play Kasel.

        You can use a character but not necessarily like them.
        For example, I don’t like Gremory but hey she’s broken so I use her.

        Same thing applies with real life. You can dislike the color red and yet still own a red car. Logic.

        It’s amazing how people cannot read and ironically call others dumb 😂

      2. It’s RNG mate. You can hit 5 times and get nothing.

        If 2x refugees were guaranteed for doing all hits then maybe people would care.
        So I don’t agree that “now everyone will care about GW”

        This RNG rework won’t do sh!t.

        It’s amazing how bad their patches have been in the last few months. It’s either costumes, deleting/minor rework content or nothing.

      1. Flynn quit though until further notice. So I thought he would be referring to someone else, although it would be pretty cheek in tongue at this moment. But there are a few other users I do know that like using him.

      2. Tongue in cheek I mean. You can figure out why I say that.

  3. Stocks dropping to below 3000 soon.

    Trash, lazy and empty update as usual.

    Why white knights even bother defending this game when it’s clearly a sinking ship goes beyond me. It’s not like you’re getting paid- oh wait, maybe they are?

  4. At this point, I think a long post addressing your internal issues is long overdue. It’s the least you can do for loyal players who still stick with this game when the game has been dry and stale for more than half a year. We need to know what is going on and why your patches are like this.

    Clearly you’re having issues with staffing. Your development team is non-existent, your translation team got cut, your artists either quit or took cuts in their salary (hence the reduced amount of normal and LOH costumes) and your communication is staggeringly bad.

    It’s awful how you’re treating the few very loyal players you have left like this.

    It’s alarm bells when your game has seen no major improvements in a long time and instead remains in this state where it’s eroding or withering over time. Your stocks are plummeting due to mistakes after mistakes and disappointment of players.

    1. They don’t care. The CEO and cie, will just take the money, and when the game will touch the botom of see they will leave and made an other investissement in an other sank game. That’s commun to made money with no long term decisions. They proove it when they let unpunished the cheaters for buggé abusing.

      Wait for Kr2? Sure I will came if Kr2 is great (and I hope that). But for now I’m feared Kr2 will be a huge desappointement

      1. If he’s the guy who kept spamming “Miri for all content” in the server then yeah, you’ve got your guy

      2. It never affected neither of us, if the game is easy to abuse why not do it, after all, just look at what it gives us, and dw I’m fucking you all in pvp, me and the boys have enough spare accounts that roam unbanned,we piss on you, you stupid mongrel

  5. Remember when some of us delusional people thought this site wouldn’t become plug 2.0 for constant toxicity? Those were funny times.

    Seriously though it’s hilarious how much people can mindlessly spew hatred on a weekly/bi- weekly basis when they can just just hide behind screens. Nothing is good enough for yall

  6. LMAO you delete my comment about GC rework.

    All I said was: explain why Guild Conquest rework has been cancelled?

    You initially said GC will run for 6 weeks and then be reworked in April. Now you reverted it back to the regular 12 week schedule without notification.

    Unprofessional behaviour. Guild conquest is one of the remaining content people actually care about. I guess your developers really all must have been fired or quit. Or you’re just being lazy and incompetent as usual.

    1. The last one remain is costumes development team and just only a few of them. So no need to surprise because from now on and henceforth, they can updates nothing but costumes, and …….. only a few of them (1 costume each month).

    2. They deleted it because they want to pretend it never happened and they don’t want to be called out for giving out false information.

      Too bad! We have screenshots in DISCORD of them writing that GC was indeed due for a rework and would only last 6 weeks. Liars.

  7. The updates in the last few months is really miserable no matter how i look at it. How this game is gonna survive with just freaking costumes??? What happen to balancing and optimizing??? I still remember that you promised it, also i still remember that you are a LIAR so it’s not surprising.

    It’s pretty obvious to me that you VESPA are in a dire situation. I don’t know what kind of internal issues that happening in your company but i do know that you are so desperate. You do everything you can, using all sorts of ways to milk your very last player base before closing down the server forever or creating another new whatsoever. And the progress of KR2 is so unclear. There is no further information, no teaser, nothing at all. You even promised that there will be Fluss storyline to make up for KR2 but WHERE?? WHERE IS IT???

    I know that is how this kind of business works, NEXON do that, and now VESPA do the same, just abandoning their player base like that so i’m quite familiar with this game’s situation now.



  8. 1. Zero normal, interesting patches and events.
    2. Zero variety and balance. Game is now just a sandbox for Kasel, Grem, RC and Erze. Invest in one of these heroes and a small boilerplate set of supports, almost the same for every content, and you’ll be through the whole game on auto. Zero strategy, zero mental effort, zero fun. Any new content? Abusers of these heroes will instantly close it to the upper stages, with max penalties and in auto-mode.
    3. Crazy rampage of cancer and powercreep everywhere, cuz devs have abandoned balance and think their balance is perfect. All old content and all old heroes became irrelevant and in need of rework due to TM gear and new super-overpowered heroes, game became completely outdated literally instantly.
    4. Zero optimization, this mobile game is unplayable on mobile phones.
    5. Tons of small bugs in content and skills of heroes, which are not fixed for years, and are hushed up until the community raises a scandal and publicizes another bug.
    Eventually: what was once one of the most complex and interesting games has become stupid, outdated, and completely brainless, and devs have missed every opportunity they had to fix it. As a dedicated old gamer, it makes me very sad to see what my favorite game has become, and i think it’s impossible to fix it, and that we will never see KR2. (sorry for my google translate english)

  9. we angry and we complain for you vespa but you only read and never care about us.

    you only put your ego first and just want money, money and money.

    you force us to keep paying but all we get is disappointment in every update.

  10. Why bother to waste your effort and time to write this your so called “Sneak Peek”?? Just simply post a blank note because there is no difference.

    And if you want to bragging about promises that were never kept (as you usually do), just simply post a blank note because there is no difference as well.

  11. To all WHITEKNIGHT RETARDS, you better to improve your vocabulary beside just copy-paste “You can leave this game if you don’t like it bla bla bla” some shit.

    And please don’t write your words of wisdom in vietnam or indon because not everyone can understand ANIMAL LANGUAGE.

    That is it. I hope you WHITEKNIGHT RETARDS can understand human language as well as your usual animal’s.

    1. You think in this world the only language is English? It’s up to them if they want to use their own language for comments, and calling another language the language of animals is very disrespectful and humane.

    2. You think in this world the only language is English? It’s up to them if they want to use their own language for comments, and calling another language the language of animals is very disrespectful and humane.

  12. Why are yall so fucking retarded? Please use what’s left in your little brain lmfao?????
    You’re angry coz Vespa isn’t balancing. But you WERE angry because Vespa WAS balancing LMFAO?
    Angry coz Vespa balanced old heroes, angry coz Vespa didn’t balance your favorite heroes, angry coz unfair balance. Once Vespa stops balancing, you’re angry as well LMFAO
    When will you stop being angry, from what I’ve seen so far, I don’t think it’s anytime soon?

    Costume wise, let them be? It’s most likely a smaller department. The rest are most probably working on KR2.
    And honestly, since you’re so disappointed in the game, why continue staying just to get angrier? Just leave and come back when KR2 is released and then see for yourself if KR2 is a disappointment to you or not? Wouldn’t that be better than to just complain so much? There are other games out there, KR isn’t the only mobile game lol?