[GM Note] December’s 2nd Update Sneak Peek! (Updated)

Greetings Raiders,
This is GM Dakaris with the latest news for December’s 1st update!

Let’s take a look at what will be added during next week’s update including the new Heroes Riheet and Ripine along with the new Christmas Costumes!

※ Please note that the content and screenshots in the GM Note have been taken in a testing environment and may differ from what you see in the game when it hits the live servers.

01. December’s New Heroes: Riheet & Ripine

– A collaboration with the TV animation [KING’s RAID : Successors of the Will]! The siblings that swore revenge on Orvel, Lightning Flash of the Dark Moon ‘Riheet’, Swordsman of the Silver Moon ‘Ripine’ have arrived. [Revised as of December 15th 18:20 (PST)]

[Riheet] – [Image Updated as of December 15th 01:15 (PST)]

▪ Class Type: Warrior
▪ Attack Type: Magic


▪ Class Type: Assassin
▪ Attack Type: Magic

[Official PV Video] – [Added on December 15th 05:00 (PST)]
– Watch on the Official YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/zT-8yHwF0FI

02. Hero Special Dungeon – Episode: Riheet & Ripine

– An Orvel without persecution and prejudice against Dark Elves. Riheet and Ripine have arrived in this dream-like city by happenstance and find a new purpose ….
– You will be able to obtain Riheet (5 Star) and Ripine (5 Star) after clearing the Story Dungeon Prologue.

[Story Cutscenes]

03. New Features Added to Technomagic Crafting

– You will now be able to select the [Additional Skill] when crafting Technomagic Gear via [Valance’s Workshop] > [Technomagic Crafting].
– You will consume an additional amount of ‘Boss Crystals’ and ‘Technomagic Experiment Reports’ in order to craft gear while selecting an [Additional Skill].

04. League of Honor Regular Season 11 Costumes

– 2 Ranking Reward Costumes have been added for League of Honor Regular Season 11.
 :: Annette / Lucias

05. 2020 Christmas Costumes (2nd Batch)

– An early Merry Christmas~! The 2nd Batch of Christmas Costumes have arrived.
 :: Kirze / Hanus / Isolet / Evan / May / Nicky / Dosarta / Xerah

[Christmas Costume – Kirze]

[Signature Motion – Hanus]

06. Returning Raider Jumping Order Event

– [Returning Raider Jumping Order] will start allowing returning Raiders to obtain various rewards by completing the missions. (Will be able to participate 1 time per returning account)
– We are also preparing many more events to celebrate the Year-End & New Year and will bring more news soon!

That was all for this week’s sneak peek!

Please note that changes may be made during the development and preparation process. We’ll be looking forwards to bringing you more details in the Patch Notes!

Thank you.
GM Dakaris