[GM Note] December’s 1st Update Sneak Peek

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory.

We’d like to share with you the details of December’s 1st update!

Please check below to read more about the details of the main updates.

※ The screenshots in the GM Note have been taken in the Test Server.

– Please note that the contents you see may differ from what you see in the actual game.

01. League of Honor Regular Season 16 Costume

– League of Honor Regular Season 16 Ranking Reward Costume for Kasel will be released.
텍스트이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

02. Event

[December Updates Countdown Login Rewards]

– Please look forward to the new type of Costumes that will be released in KING’s RAID, Super Pass, Gray Costumes, Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Jewel Exchange Post, and more through December’s 2nd update! An event where you will be able to obtain countdown login rewards such as ‘Unique Weapon /Unique Treasure Awakening Stone’, ‘Skip Tickets’, ‘Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Jewels’ will be opened for all Raiders.

– For more details about December’s 2nd update, please check our Developer’s Note in December.

That’s everything for December’s 1st Update Sneak Peek!

Please note that there may be changes during the development process, so please look out for the Patch Note for more details.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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  1. are you kidding me ????

    We went from 3 fucking costumes to 1.

    Can you at least try to pure work in this game after your fucking time shitfenders were just timewaste.

  2. Looks like the PLUG crowd found this too boys… Ah well, I like it. Kasel’s outfit almost looked like a limited. A shame that it looks like the animation colors will remain the same tho…

    Also, looking forward to the exchange post for the clovers, was wondering when we’d use them up

  3. Kasel costume looks like his normal chapter 10 costume with a few minor changes.

    Literally not even League of Honor costume level worthy. Did you put any effort into this costume at all?

    Actually nevermind, did you put any effort into this update at all?

  4. Dude Kasel costume is so lazy. It’s even worse than his normal standard costume.

    Redesign it when?

    Also why did you reduce LOH costumes from 3>2 to now 1? You have 101 heroes in this game.

    It’s going to take 40 years at this rate, to give all heroes a LOH costume. But I’m sure your game isn’t even going to last that long so basically some heroes will never get a LOH costume.


    1. Hey, look using ur eyes not using ur mouth, the design ia not the same at all, ita the colour which make him looks similar to the 5* design, blame the colour not the design 🙂

      1. Oh here they are! The Vespa White Knight!

        Hey, look using your eyes and not using your mouth. You have no brains at all. Also your English, spelling and grammar sucks. Your whole comment is one sentence, do you know what a full stop is?

      2. You know whats worse than poor English (which you sucks too), is fail to write logical argument. Maybe its time for you to get a brain damage assessment.

  5. As a kasel main i’m kinda disappointet with his LOH costume.

    and for the people who is angry because is only one skin just how long have play KR because THEO and LAIAS was a solo skin LOH back in S1 and S2 NOT TWO BUT ONLY ONE COSTUME IN S1 AND S2 SO SHUT UP.

    1. At least Theo, Artemia, Laias, Jane and Scarlet LOH costumes were actually good designs and not lazy.

      Kasel LOH is just a redesign of his normal 5* costume with less plate armor. Incredibly lazy design.

      Compare it to the other LOH costumes we’ve had, Kasel one is by far the worst. The laziness shows

      1. I know kasel costume is bad i mean really bad and boring(well except the sword i guess), the thing that make me irritated is People who think that all LOH season Costume from S1 is 2-3 heroes costume when S1 – S5 only give 1 costume.

      2. The only thing that still give hope is that the skill effect is not boring and generic.

      1. check your eyes lol Kasel have the most laziest LOH costume even his 5☆ costume is better and i never mention kasel buff or any buff in my comment you are the real crybaby for not accepting reality and not be patient lol.

      2. Learn English if you want to argue and learn to spell you dog, from a third world country.

      3. Sure if 5 star costume is better than u could just use the basic costume. But fact is u kasel main are never contented and always cry for more even he is given more than every other heros already

      4. when Kasel got the buff I was also surprised I thought he had an ok kit but boom got a buff right away and when LoH’s skin was informed I was also surprised, not all Kasel players expect him to get attention like this so don’t just accuse us all being the same.

      5. LMAO white knights smh Yes, my English is still bad, I’m also still learning and I didn’t defend Vespa. I just said that characters like Theo, Laias, Jane are the only skin prizes in seasons 1 to 5 to players who say LOH skins come out a little bit more and more, if you also play from season 1 then you would understan if you don’t then stop arguing with me bacause that is not my point in my comment.

      6. Did I say that the costume should be fixed or complain in my comments? I just said that I was disappointed, it didn’t mean I wanted the costume to be repaired or improved and I said to shut up to people who didn’t know that from season 1 to 5 Vespa only gave 1 LOH costumes per season if you know the point I want to convey you will understand if you don’t stop bothering me and say that I only care about kasel and the buff.

    2. WTF dude, its already 2021 almost 2022 its not 2017 anymore, there are lots of hero already and people prefer different heroes so its normal they demand more LOH costume per batch because their favorite hero will get left behind.. also you Kasel mains doesn’t know how to be contented, he is already very cancerous and all but here you were crying.

      1. I know that giving back one costume is a bad idea and I’ve also said that I’m just disappointed, disappointed doesn’t mean I’m crying, only those of you who hate the character to the point of hating the players and attacking them, I say once again not all kasel players expect him to get big attention or want him to be better and if you hate meeting kasel in pvp just use lucikie, lakrak, or requina even scarlet can beat kasel 1 on 1.

      2. You literally say people that complain should shut up while you complain Kasel costume at the same time. And you wonder why you are getting attacked?!

      3. @LONE i didn’t say i hate character, the only thing i hate is the stupid Kasel mains like you who doesn’t know how to be satisfied on what you get, its like you want Kasel to have a giant Golden Statue above Pacific ocean then you were disappointed because that didn’t happen.. learn to be Happy on what you get STUPID!

      4. did I say in my comments ‘please fix it’ or ‘make it better’ like you said? no, I’m just saying that I’m disappointed JUST DISAPPOINTED which means I accept it as it is I have said in my other comments that not all kasel players are the same but you still won’t accept it and think that kasel players are the same, maybe you should find a meaning disappointed meaning.

  6. So VESPA in 2021:

    • Swimsuits Galore for 1 year +
    • Reduction of balance patches held.
    • Questionable Heroes chosen for balance.
    • No hero balances for male heroes for almost 7 months and counting.
    • False promises again and again for PC patch, Kings Raid 2 delayed,
    • Trash “content” updates (does “skip” content even count because to me it should be a feature)
    • Lazy artwork for LOH costumes, reduction of LOH costumes.
    • BP exclusive artifacts and now costumes introduction.
    • Vespa penalising players for their OWN bugs (EU daylight savings)
    • LINE Pets problem persists
    • Soul Gear for Pets.
    • New pet expedition content requiring 1928 clicks/taps for feeding, placing, dispatching etc.
    • Constant Crash and daily “known bugs”. I think bugs are just a feature of the game at this point.
    • TM Gear skills bug that haunted competitive content for months.
    • Heroes still with tons of skill bugs (Esker etc…) that still have not been fix for years.


    1. This is painfully true.
      UI issues, skewed balance still exists.
      And I agree about that pet issue. It’s so time consuming and wasteful. I espeically hate it since I really hate the pets to begin with. I started kr becuase if the heroes. Those little childish pet designs dont appeal to me.

    2. Many players love Swimsuits, if you don’t want it, don’t buy it.
      WTF Dude, male heroes got the most OP buffs ever, WHAT THE HELL are you crying for?
      I think the only thing i agreed in your shit post is the reduction of LOH costumes the rest are pure crap, there are lots of heroes, it should be 4 – 5 LOH per batch now because LOH season ends in months..

  7. That it? No hero balance. Ffs, covid had more buff patches than you did this entire year.

    When will you shitheads buff the assassin class. Just look at top 200 arena, the number of teams using assassins dont even reach 10.

    1. I see a corrupt priest for almost every arena match no variety in hero for lov. From diamond and after that i usually see dlk with rc or scarlet with one shot archer. Yeah pvp very lame (Loh is better you can see more variety of heroes. I can even see mitra there). Its really fortunate for me if i can survive or win the arena after 30 second usually i don’t last even for 10 second

  8. Your update is every 2 weeks, and you give us this crap? Even thats kasel loh costume is not even good. Vespa, are you actually listen what player say. Even though they’re language so harsh, buy there’s a good point to improve your game.

  9. Kasel’s costume is really bad and lazy. Please improve it, he should be epic and cool. This is like his 5* with minor changes. Even a Tales Of protagonist based costume would be far better.
    Please change and improve Kasel’s LOH costume.

  10. Sadly no real hype on this update, I agree with most people, your LOH costumes are getting a bit lazy…

    I really was sad with Shamilla and Xerah LoH designs which were originals I suppose? just terribly not appealing.

    LoH costumes should be representing the hard work of achieving high tier in LoH or at least hard work (for someone who doesn’t focus on pvp its a real pain but i used to try because the costumes looked nice), but they barely have any glow effects and look more like average costumes… it just doesn’t feel premium, it is sad mostly when you know how much you push people to do pvp…

    I personally don’t care about Kasel but I feel for the Kasel mains, this really look like his basic costume, I do hope for them you are going to make good use of these flames visuals to make him stand out more.

    I suppose will have to wait for your christmas updates.

  11. The “improved” pet system you added last update required 6969 clicks to work and it is lacking some indicators such as when the pets are dispatched. Overall the content is lacking in UI and UX improvements. Additionally, older system just need you to feed the pet to get rewards, but now you need to dispatch to get rewards in which you actually need extra steps and time for rewards. Lastly, the “improved” rewards somehow is not better than the old system in my opinion.

  12. I actually came back today thinking I’d see an additional update to the post with everything they forgot post upon the initial release; like Frey LoH and improvement to the pet UI system. Oh well…

    I think going back to one LoH skin per season is a bad move; we’ve got many more heroes in game since the time of one skin per season. Having 2 or 3 skins seems more appropriate for the larger hero pool now. The design of this skin looks very similar to the basic 5* skin. However, I’m not surprised since recently released heroes have been given decent looking skins but gated behind rubies for exclusivity. The reason it doesn’t surprise me is becuase it follows the trend of adding exclusivity to something that isn’t very exclusive. Albeit they are all nice, but all still very basic and 5* tier.

    The pet UI is very disappointing. I’m shocked that Vespa can release this new system claiming it is improved when there are many drawbacks to it:
    1. Getting rewards takes many hours as opposed to previous instant feed.
    2. To feed a pet, you need to go through the process of placing pet. This gets tedious over multiple batches of feeding.
    3. When placing pet, you can only see who is asleep. Time is wasted when accidentally placing a pet who is on expedition or fully fed already. There is no way to tell who is on expedition or fed.
    4. Even after all that inconsistency and inconvenience, the rewards are still RNG.

    I’m quite appalled that vespa can call that improved. It’s not. Its overhauled yes; not improved.
    I’m not in love with pets enough to keep a running spreadsheet record of who is in what state so I still end up wasting time behind them.
    This part may not apply to everyone but it’s my personal take on it now; I played KR becuase I like the heroes. I’m not very much into things that appeal to children so the pet system is just an eye sore to me. To waste time on something that isn’t core to the game is really annoying. But unfortunately these are stat stat sticks. I hope the UI can be fixed.

    There is still so much more that can be addressed and needs to be addressed. Balancing for example, started as an attempt to “balance” less prominent heroes. There has been some good fixes. However there seems to be a pattern of hero choice for balancing which in itself is quite unbalanced.

    Adhering to a no-nerf policy has left arena as a very extreme environment. It seems as though this will continue. I am to assume this is what vespa intended. Selective balancing is still balancing in some form. It isn’t the overall game balance I was hoping for so I’ve retracted from the arena now. It seems I must have misinterpreted what vespa’s venture into balancing actually meant.

    RNG still plagues everything in terms of upgrading and fine tuning stats. There are many ways to improve on that, I won’t even go into it here.

    Those were just a few of the things that could have been addressed in a patch; a December patch no less when people are looking forward to Christmas events and activities. But I’m aware that KR2 is in progress so I’ll just hope that the lack proper attention at the moment will pay off in KR2 efforts.

    Can’t wait for some superior being to come put me in my place, curse at me and then tell me to play another game now. 🤣

  13. Hey Vespa, i want a beautiful Xmas costume for my Erze, doesn’t matter if revealing or not but don’t cover her too much especially on chest area ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  14. Vespa this is making me sick, the infinite crashes in the game have made me lose dozens of pvp fights, I have lowered my rank, I have had to enter the game about 10 times per hour for each pve content

    It is tiresome to see that they always prioritize optimizing the “APK for emulator” over the original APK of playstore, mobile players are constantly punished

    It also tires that they only give buff to a few heroes every 2 months when the entire platform of the 101 heroes is unbalanced (some in more and many others in less)

    If they really meet their “Notes” make them Notice once, optimize for mobiles, buff many heroes at once or nerf if necessary, but balance things out.

  15. Not a fan of the pet system. Way too much redundant button pressing required for feeding and expedition, for what is usually a 2 click process (auto-assign+confirm) on other games.

    And the recent window of (Val release + Dos upgrade) feels like a blatant money grab. Which doesn’t bother me persay except for the fact that it has drastically imbalanced and ruined the pvp experience for majority of players who haven’t thrown hundreds of dollars at those heroes.

  16. You should put an icon on the pets that are on expeditions or can’t be fed anymore to make things clear, you are giving us a fking hard time for some trivial rewards, the content is very annoying as is…

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