[GM Note] Behind the Development of Shieldless Knight ‘Rebel Clause’

Greetings Raiders!
This is GM Dakaris with some behind the scenes info on the upcoming new Hero Rebel Clause!

We know that many of you had been wondering about Rebel Clause so we have prepared this ‘Behind the Development’ notice to give you an insight on how Rebel Clause came to be! Hope you enjoy!

Part 1. Setting

“Clause’s new look as the rebel of the Goddess”

“Yes. Clause… you are the new… rebel of the Goddess.”
This is what Hilda told Clause when he acquired the new power in Chapter 10. Clause is a character that goes through a major change in Chapter 10 Rebellion. It is safe to say that producing the story of Chapter 10 was all part of the plan for Clause’s big transformation.

“Draft concept: reproach, futile, cynical, and the sole purpose”

Changing Clause’s physical appearance into a serious, dark, and rough look that reflects the indomitable will that he’s ready to risk his life for his belief was the key for setting the overall tone of Rebel Clause. At the same time, we wanted to keep some of his original image. I know it sounds ironic, but it was as if we wanted a hot iced Americano 😛 Thanks to our Art Department, they were able to express the concept we requested – Rebel Clause with a mix of handsome and tough look.

When Clause first appeared in Chapter 10, his body and mind were already devastated because of Dark Lord Kasel and Fallen Frey. Additionally, Clause was very disappointed in the people he trusted in after seeing how they reacted to Kasel and Frey. His significant change of the heart came from feeling remorse for failing to protect them.

In the early part of Chapter 10, Clause enters the Ancient Technomagic Kingdom with a resolution that he will not hesitate to point his sword toward the Goddess. If he could bring Kasel and Frey back, risking his life no longer mattered to him. He completely transformed into a skeptical, cold-hearted, and decisive person from the cavalierly and optimistic person he once was. He even swung his sword at Crow when he encountered the Hound Unit. Then, Clause goes through an internal growth after interacting with numerous people at the Technomagic Kingdom. Clause finally realizes his belief and acquires the power of Galicta at the risk of his life, which then he becomes the new rebel of the Goddess.

“The upcoming story of Clause, Kasel, and Frey: for the sake of others”

In the Developer Interview video, we announced that there is another theme behind the transformation of Kasel, Frey, and Clause. The theme is ‘for the sake of others.’ Kasel transforms for the sake of everyone, Frey changes for Kasel, and lastly, Clause changes for Kasel and Frey at the risk of his life and beliefs at the end of Chapter 10. Please keep your eye on Clause as his story will continue in the Rebel Clause Hero Dungeon!

Part 2. Art

“Rebel Clause’s design keywords: dark and cold-heartedness”

We began to work on the draft artwork with the keywords of dark and cold-heartedness after we received info about the concept and overall storyline of Rebel Clause. We also added some sort of mechanical parts to him to match the atmosphere of the Technomagic Kingdom.

Even from the first draft, we set the tone of his armor as dark as possible. Here, we can see there wasn’t a significant change in his hairstyle except for the fact that it’s a bit untidy compared to his original hairstyle.

This is the second draft artwork. Do you notice how his hair color turned black? We changed his hair color because we wanted to express his drastic transformation after he acquired the power of Galicta. The Scenario Team also liked this change because they thought the visuals clearly differentiated the original and transformed Clause.

You can also see that his armor looks a bit different from the first draft. To match his cold image, we colored his armor with dark and bluish colors. We removed some of the mechanical parts from his armor and tried to express the sharp, evil, and power of darkness tone onto the armor.

Based on the second draft, we started working on the final version of the artwork. We made him look a bit slimmer and sharper than the first draft, so he looks more like a Warrior Class Hero. After we delicately refined the armor’s texture and ornaments, we completed the artwork of Rebel Clause. Check below for results!

“Illustration of Rebel Clause”

We wanted the overall tone of Rebel Clause’s illustration to be calm based on the darkness vibe. At the same time, we wanted Rebel Clause to look overwhelming in the illustration.

We created 4 draft artworks and shared them internally to decide which one we should choose. The third and fourth drafts fit the dark and calm concept, but they didn’t look overwhelming enough. Therefore, we had to pick one between the first and second drafts. Since some suggested that Rebel Clause in the second draft still resembled the original Clause and the Scenario Team wished to clearly differentiate Rebel Clause from the original, we decided to go with the first draft. Someone even said the first draft gives off the massive intimidating vibe!

This is the final version of Rebel Clause that we settled upon!

“3D modeling of Rebel Clause”

I’m telling this since this is the Behind the Development post, but the initial name of Rebel Clause was ‘Heartless’ Clause. We worked hard to express the heartless image which was the total opposite of the original Clause. The main difference between Rebel Clause and the original Clause is probably the face.

The face shape is pretty much the same as the original Clause. There are parts where we differentiated the most to express the total opposite image. We changed his tanned and bright skin that expressed his youth and lively image that resembled a dog into a pale skin tone with cold-colored eyes, compressed lips, and fierce eyebrows to express the cold-heartedness image. Overall, we tried to make him look sharp by bringing down the corners of his mouth and narrowing the distance between his eyes and eyebrows.

There are also notable differences in his facial expression.

The original Clause had bright eyes, but the default shape of Rebel Clause’s eyes is Sanpaku (aka three whites), which expresses the cold image of Rebel Clause. While the Clause we know is an expressive character with a variety of facial expressions, Rebel Clause is less expressive with little facial expression. Even for his smiles, we designed them in a way to give off the wry and cynical feel.

Clause was released in the early days King’s Raid. The modeling of characters’ arms was long compared to now. That applied to Clause as well. Since the overall body shape of Rebel Clause was the same as the modeling of the original Clause, we focused on adjusting the overall silhouette to make up for his long arms. As for his hairstyle, Rebel Clause has curly hair unlike other characters. We tried to express the curls as much as possible within the limited number of sides available.

“Clause’s animation (motion)”

The overall image of Rebel Clause is very different from the original Clause as he no longer uses a shield. In terms of animation, having no shield was a big difference that we worked as if we were working on a new character. One unexpected problem we encountered during the process of creating the animation of Rebel Clause was that the concept overlapped with Dark Lord Kasel. Appearances such as the dark vibe, giant sword, and capes were similar to the concept of Dark Lord Kasel. So, we had to think of ways to differentiate the concept of the two characters.

We designed the attack motions of Rebel Clause in a way that he violently sweeps his sword, while Dark Lord Kasel’s motions involve concise and devastating movements. Compared to the attack motions of Dark Lord Kasel, those of Rebel Clause mainly involve rotation with large and dynamic movements.

The source of power that Rebel Clause uses is his weapon called Galicta. The key feature of Galicta is that it uses the power of gravity. However, it was very difficult to express it. Because guess what? Gravity isn’t visible! To find a way, both the Planning and Effect teams had a discussion. As a result, we decided to design the jump motion that seems to ignore the law of physics for his 1st Skill, what happens around Clause when he charges energy for his 2nd Skill, and the way he stomps enemies with the power of gravity for his 3rd Skill to express the attack motions.

Additionally, I would like to talk in detail about the acquisition scene of Rebel Clause.
As for his acquisition scene, we wanted to emphasize the emotional aspect just like how we did for Dark Lord Kasel and Fallen Frey. At first, we thought about creating the scene of Clause holding his sword to express the action aspect as we did for other Heroes. However, we knew that concept was too repetitive, and it was already well produced in the pre-released PV clip that we decided to focus on the character’s emotional aspect instead.

We wanted to express his trauma of not being able to save Kasel and Frey, his regrets for drifting away from them, the anger for being helpless when they transformed before him, his belief and will of protecting them at the risk of his life, and all the pain and loneliness he felt in the scene. It wasn’t an easy task to display various emotions all at once but hearing positive reactions from our peers was a great encouragement for us.

“Effects of Rebel Clause: gravity”

Since Rebel Clause wields a sword that contains the power of gravity, we had to use a different approach in designing the skill effects of the sword. Our main target was the 3rd Skill because it clearly shows the concept of gravity. As we mentioned above, the key was how we could express the effect of something invisible – the gravity. We thought if the effects are mild, people wouldn’t notice it. If the effects are too strong, gravity may look too flashy. None of them weren’t our intentions. Only few ideas and concepts came up to our minds when we thought of gravity. Nonetheless, we were able to create one after going through many discussions with others.

The overall vibe of the awakened Clause is dark, but we tried not to use the color black as much as possible because it wasn’t that he was corrupted. The blue and purple colors of his armor and weapon along with his cold image were all applied in the effects as well. In addition, we designed the wind and floating rocks with light-colored effects to express the concept of a character that utilizes gravity. By doing this, we wanted to differentiate Rebel Clause from other characters that also use swords.

“The weapon of Rebel Clause: Adversary of the Goddess, Galicta”

The weapon of Rebel Clause is called ‘Adversary of the Goddess, Galicta.’ Siegfried once wielded this sword, and it holds the power even the Goddess was afraid of. One key feature of this weapon is that it changes its appearance according to the owner. That is why there is a difference in Galicta’s appearances when it was used by Siegfried and Clause.

We designed Galicta with the concept of cold darkness that matches the image of Rebel Clause. We completed its design by adding the purple color as the signature color as we did for Rebel Clause.
On a side note, the design of Galicta that 5 Star Rebel Clause has looks different from Galicta as a Unique Weapon. They’re still the same Galicta though. It’s just that the Unique Weapon version of Galicta is the upgraded version!

Part 3. Planning

“Battle style of Rebel Clause”

Rebel Clause is a Warrior Hero with physical attribute.
It wasn’t the battle style or balance that we changed Rebel Clause into Warrior from Knight Class. It was more of the character’s concept instead. While Clause in the past was a very Knight-like person due to his strong will of protecting others, Rebel Clause is no longer a Knight since he abandoned his shield to use Galicta that drains life force. He’s now reborn as a tough Warrior that advances to fulfill his will and goal.

To match that concept, the skills of Rebel Clause are all geared toward offense as he deals massive damage at the cost of giving up his defensive utilities. The effects of Rebel Clause’s Unique Weapon, Galicta, also consume his health points. However, we’re designing the skill in a way that allows Rebel Clause to continuously become stronger and deal increased damage to enemies for having limited access to defense-related effects.

Part 4. Conclusion

Rebel Clause was our hidden card as we prepared the story of Chapter 10 and Rebellion update. However, we were somewhat concerned because we thought Raiders may not recognize him due to his completely changed look and his transition into Warrior from Knight Class. Thankfully, after the update, Raiders showed interest in Rebel Clause that they were looking forward to the Hero version of Rebel Clause. We’re glad that we’re are finally introducing him as the new Hero!

Lastly, the Hero Dungeon of Rebel Clause will be updated as well because there are remaining stories of Rebel Clause that weren’t covered in Chapter 10. Please look forward to Rebel Clause and make sure you check how his story unfolds in the Hero Dungeon!

Thank you!