[GM Note] Behind the Development of Riheet & Ripine

Greetings Raiders!
This is GM Dakaris with some behind the scenes info on the upcoming new Heroes Riheet & Ripine!

We know that many of you had been wondering about these new Heroes so we have prepared this ‘Behind the Development’ notice to give you an insight on how they came to be! Hope you enjoy!

Part 1. Setting

“The protagonists of [KING’s RAID: Successors of the Will], Riheet & Ripine”

Since October, [KING’s RAID: Successors of the Will], the animation based on King’s Raid is being aired in many countries. Among the anime-only characters we have added in the animation, Riheet & Ripine are the ones that we’re going to talk about today!

The King’s Raid Studio began to plan a collaboration between the game and animation once we have decided to produce the animation of King’s Raid and create anime-only characters as main characters. Out of the many suggestions, we thought adding Riheet & Ripine in the game was the most important. That’s how we started working on transferring the anime-only characters to in-game.

“Bringing the anime-only characters to in-game”

The first step of creating a character is developing its ‘setting.’ The process begins by establishing the basic concept of the character, adding a setting, and composing its background story. However, the Scenario Team had to use a different approach than they did for other characters since Riheet & Ripine already had their settings established from the animation.

First, we established the settings of Riheet & Ripine similar to their settings in the animation so our players would notice that both the game and anime versions of them are identical. To make this happen, it meant we should know about Riheet & Ripine from A to Z. Therefore, we requested the animation production team to share info and discuss with us while we watched every single episode of the animation to fully understand Riheet & Ripine.

There was one problem though. Since the universe of the animation was dramatized based on the universe of the original, it was impossible to change or mix the two separate universes. To prevent the two universes from conflicting with each other, we decided to use this setting: ‘Riheet & Ripine come from the other dimension.’ I think this was a success since we were able to retain the overall animation concept of Riheet & Ripine while adding them in-game without making them feel as if they were out of place.

“Beings that swore vengeance to Orvelia encounters Orvelia of the other dimension”

According to the original universe, King Kyle defeated the Dark Lord Angmund in the Demon War 100 years ago. However, there’s more to it in the universe of the animation – the story about the sin of Dark Elf Illya, who blasphemed the Goddess. Due to Illya’s sin, Dark Elves in Orvelia were oppressed for 100 years and Riheet & Ripine saw their mother being murdered by the Orvelian soldiers when they were young. As they grew up, they plan to usurp Orvelia to revenge and put an end to the vicious cycle of discrimination against Dark Elves.

Surprisingly, things were completely different in the Orvelia of the other dimension. As Riheet & Ripine transports to the other Orvelia, they become confused by seeing how Orvelians of this world aren’t persecuting or discriminating against Dark Elves. They become lost as they don’t understand what just happened.

Please look forward to the update as you can check their further stories at the Hero Special Dungeon!

“The concept of Riheet & Ripine’s Unique Weapons”

Riheet & Ripine didn’t really have special weapons such as Unique Weapons in the animation. However, having them appear in-game meant we had to create powerful Unique Weapons with interesting backgrounds just like what other Heroes wield!

Dark Elves in King’s Raid have a strong connection to the moon. Some of them cast moonlight magic and wield weapons that are in the form of the moon. The perfect examples would be the floating crescent-shaped weapon that El Rosed uses and the crooked blades of Dark Elf Swordsmen.

As you may have expected, we created the Unique Weapons of Riheet & Ripine based on the concept of the moon as well. As for Riheet who holds explosive wrath, we created a sword based on the dark, black moon. On the other hand, we created a sword based on the calm, silver moon for Ripine who’s rather reserved and serene. Since they’re the anime-only characters who’re also appearing in-game, we also needed a justification for having them wield Unique Weapons. You can check the stories regarding their Unique Weapons at the Hero Special Dungeon!

“More info about Riheet & Ripine”

As we brought over Riheet & Ripine to in-game from the animation, we have added some settings that aren’t quite apparent. I would like to talk about some of them 😀

Riheet is quite handy and caring. He has exceptional cooking skills due to taking care of his sister, Ripine when he was little. Even though Ripine’s cooking skills have improved by learning from Riheet, she is nowhere close to Riheet’s level.

Ever since she was little, Ripine liked reading that she might’ve become a scholar or a writer if she didn’t begin to wield a sword. She’s a decent writer who still writes from time to time, writing has become more of a hobby since she’s too busy training her sword skills with Riheet.

If we were to compare who’s stronger, it would be Riheet. However, that is only for the overall power though. In terms of swordsmanship, Ripine is more skilled. Basically, Riheet exceeds in physical abilities while Ripine outpaces Riheet in the delicacy and precision of dealing with swords.

What if Riheet & Ripine grew up in the game version of Orvelia where there was no discrimination against Dark Elves? They probably would’ve become outstanding individuals by utilizing their unique talents. With his exceptional leadership and physical abilities, Riheet probably would’ve become one of the Guardian Knights to protect and help people. As for Ripine, she probably would’ve enriched people’s lives by becoming a famous writer with her excellent writing skills. Who knows? She might’ve written a novel based on Riheet’s saga!

We will continue to cover character settings like these in the game. Make sure you look forward to them!

Part 2. Art

“Illustration of Ripine”

We used the outfits directly from the animation for Riheet & Ripine’s 5 Star Costume. There wasn’t a separate process of creating their illustrations since we could work on creating the modeling based on their visuals from the animation. Therefore, we decided to create their limited Costumes instead.

We worked on creating the illustration of Ripine’s limited Costume first. We were very concerned with how we should reproduce design out of something that’s already completed by someone else. To be frank, the process itself wasn’t difficult, but there was some pressure because I had to make changes to the pre-existing design. I had to do a good job without messing it up. T_T

Rather than changing up the original design, we decided to make an upgrade to the anime-version of Riheet’s outfit for her limited Costume. We retained the forms of her gloves, boots, and skirts, which were the main components of her outfit, and added more details on them to make sure her overall silhouette doesn’t change too much.

And the images above are a few of the draft artworks we created. The one on the very left is the anime-version, and the one on the very right is the one that’s very close to the animation design. As for the third artwork, we changed things up a bit more. Due to the nature of the animation, the characters’ designs are simpler than they are in games. We had to choose between the simple version which was similar to the animation or the modified version that was quite different from the original Ripine. To find the middle ground, we decided to go with the second draft artwork as the final design.

In the meantime, we thought the design only consisted of ‘improved details.’ Therefore, we decided to try changing up the colors to match the atmosphere of the game and her setting that ‘she came to the other Orvel.’

We added various colors on her top and skirt while leaving the overall design as is. Considering Ripine’s skin tone and hair color, we thought blue and purple colors would be ideal for her outfit. Therefore, we changed the prior black color to a color with less chroma, purple – like the one at the very right. We added more details to the colors to make sure the overall color of Riheet doesn’t look too monotonous with only purple and blue colors.

“Illustration of Riheet”

Since we have already set the overall concept of the designs while working on the illustration of Ripine’s limited Costume, it was rather easy to work on Riheet’s illustration 😀 Just like how we did for Ripine, we added some decorations on Riheet’s outfit so we keep his original design from the animation and have him blend well with other characters in King’s Raid. We referred to Ripine’s designs to unify the ornaments such as the moon, shoulder, and belts to make both Costumes look like a set. We were working as if Riheet were the original character of King’s Raid.

As you can see, the key difference between the anime-version and the limited Costume version is his hairstyle. Though we knew long-hair was like his trademark, we also thought short-hair would look just as good. As we expected, we received positive responses from other staffs.

“Illustration of Riheet & Ripine”

Let me talk about the illustration of 5 Star Riheet & Ripine first. Considering the two characters’ relationship, we created a set illustration instead of the separated ones! Without further ado, let me explain the details by looking at the draft artworks.

Due to the nature of the animation, their appearance as 5 Star seems plain compared to many characters who have all kinds of decorations on them. Therefore, we focused on their character portrayals, such as their body, motion, and facial expressions.

There were two versions of the draft artworks. Their concepts were complete opposites – the first one had the static feel to it while the second one had the dynamic vibe. Considering the settings of Riheet & Ripine, we chose the second draft because it looked as if both Riheet & Ripine were fighting together. Another reason would be that the second artwork looks more like an anime 😀

We had a very difficult time creating the illustration because this was our first time working on a set illustration of two characters. This is our very first approach… and we’re so curious about our Raiders’ reactions once the illustration is out!

I know we’ve been talking about the illustration of the limited Costume up to now. I know you all want to see its illustration! Just like their 5 Star illustration, the limited Costume illustration also comes in a set. Well, here it goes!

During the process, our main focus was to make Riheet & Ripine look natural without looking they’re out of place, and allow new Raiders who start playing the game by watching the animation to notice that Riheet & Ripine are blending well in the game.

Compared to the 5 Star illustration that is identical to the designs of the anime-version, the design of the limited Costume is more King’s Raid-like. This applied to their illustration as well. Maybe that’s why the limited Costume illustration feels more familiar than the 5 Star illustration 😊

“3D modeling of Riheet”

We started by working on Riheet’s 3D modeling of his 5 Star design. This was our first time working on modeling with an artwork that wasn’t created by the King’s Raid Art Team. Since the artwork wasn’t created for games, his overall image, looks, and body proportion were all very different from the existing characters in King’s Raid. The point was to adjust his appearance in a way that he doesn’t look too distinct from other characters. We wanted his modeling to match other characters.

We expressed his calm and cold image in his face modeling. On top of that, we tried to express his sensitive personality he has shown in the animation by slightly emphasizing his eyebrows and mouth. One problem we encountered during the process was that his skin tone and hair color were too similar. Therefore, we reduced the chroma from his original skin tone a bit and adjusted its brightness to match his hair color. The key was to differentiate the skin tone and hair color without making his skin look too dark!

As for his 5 Star outfit, we added more details onto the drapery to prevent the outfit from looking way too plain. As you can see from the image above, there are many ornaments on his limited Costume compared to the 5 Star design. To show the differences and give more dimension and depth, we created the small ornaments by hand instead of using the mapping method.

Since Riheet is Ripine’s brother and the colors of their outfits are similar, we continuously compared and adjusted their skin tones, hair colors, and colors of their outfits.

“3D modeling of Ripine”

As for Ripine’s face modeling, we retained her cold image while focusing on expressing her image of a sister who gets along with her brother.

Calm-looking eyes, thin eyebrows, and downturned mouth corners show the emotionless side of Ripine. At the same time, the way her cheeks and the edge of her chin look shows that she has a baby face, which somewhat contradicts her cold image.

As for her body, we didn’t add too many curves so her upper body doesn’t stand out too much. Additionally, we emphasized her calves by adding some muscles to them. We wanted her to look robust even though she’s skinny.

Just like Riheet, Ripine’s 5 Star outfit looks plain because it’s dark without any patterns. Therefore, we focused on the overall outline of the outfit. Especially, as for the silhouette of her skirt, we worked with the Animation (Motion) Team to find the ideal line of her skirt regardless of the intensity of her motions. We tried our best to express the cloth’s wrinkles that fold with her movements.

Lastly, we added various colors onto the black color, so the outfit doesn’t look too plain. You can see that her top and skirt are both black, but their colors are slightly different.

“Animation (motions) of Riheet & Ripine”

Since Riheet & Ripine are the protagonists of the animation, we wanted them to be like Kasel & Frey, who are the main characters of the game. And, as they’re related, we used the concept of ‘duo’ for their motions.

Above all, I think the motion that displays them the best is their coordinated attack motion. I know there were already collaborated scenes such as Sonia and Mirianne, Riheet & Ripine are the first characters to use skills together. Many staffs gathered to discuss how we should execute this ‘new approach.’ Did you know that we even tried to imitate the ‘fusion scene’ of a certain manga during a meeting? 😀

One concern we had while producing the motions was that Riheet & Ripine were the characters that already appeared in the animation. It wasn’t easy to come up with various motions as we did for other characters because we were aware that many of you had already seen Riheet & Ripine’s battle scenes from the animation. We were worried we might screw up by creating the motions that don’t fit the characters. Ever since the animation premiered, we tried our best to create the ‘game-version’ of their motions while referring to the animation. We wanted their motions to look as natural as possible in the game.

“Skill effects of Riheet & Ripine”

In order to show that Riheet & Ripine are related, we used similar sword wave effects on purpose. However, since their battle and attack styles are different from each other, we differentiated them by using distinct colors and components. As for Riheet who’s attack style is geared toward power and speed, the effects seem a bit slower and heavy compared to those of Ripine.

In comparison, the attack effects of Ripine seem rather deft and precise since her attack style is geared toward technique and speed.

As for the 1st Skill, we focused on expressing the tornado to highlight the speed. Similarly, the afterimage effects of the 3rd Skill also emphasize the speed.

Riheet & Ripine can use a Skill that involves a coordinated attack. We created the effects in a way that players can distinguish each character while keeping their harmony. Although different staffs were assigned to create the effects of Riheet & Ripine, I think we had a fun time because we got to discuss more and make suggestions with each other.

Part 3. Planning

“Battle style of Riheet & Ripine”

Riheet is a Warrior with Magic attribute, and Ripine is an Assassin with Magic attribute.

Since Riheet & Ripine are related characters who’re being released together, we wanted them to have synergy when they’re used together. Therefore, we introduced the concept of ‘coordinated attack’ in King’s Raid for the first time. This ‘coordinated attack’ only activates under a certain condition when a player uses Riheet & Ripine together. Aside from that, we’re also planning to add a Skill that involves one character inflicting a mark on a target, which then leads to the other character changing its target to the marked target automatically.

However, we’ll also remember to make them viable as individuals so people don’t view them as ‘not viable if they’re not used as a team.’

Part 4. Conclusion

Ever since King’s Raid started its service, this is the first time that the anime-only characters are being released in the game. I think the overall process was a bit foreign to us since we’re releasing the characters who had their settings and designs already completed. Although it wasn’t challenging since we retained the basic setting of the characters, there was a lot to consider because we had to make these two Dark Elves who came from the parallel world fit into the existing story. As for art, there was some pressure since we had to arrange a design that’s completed by someone else and produce modeling based on the artwork of the animation. Nonetheless, the overall experience of transferring the anime-only characters to in-game was very fresh and entertaining.

Raiders, are you all ready to directly experience Riheet & Ripine who only appeared on TV or monitors? Please check the Hero Special Dungeon to see what they go through in the other Orvelia!

Please look forward to the release of Riheet & Ripine!

Thank you!