[GM Note] Behind the Development of Indolent Disaster ‘Gremory’ – Revised

Greetings Raiders!
This is GM Dakaris with some behind the scenes info on the upcoming new Hero Gremory!

We know that many of you had been wondering about Gremory so we have prepared this ‘Behind the Development’ notice to give you an insight on how she came to be! Hope you enjoy!

Part 1. Setting

“One of the 5 Primal Demons”

If you’ve played through the Story Mode of King’s Raid, I’m sure you’ve heard of ‘5 Primal Demons’ several times. To progress the Theo episode of Chapter 10, we needed to introduce a new member of the 5 Primal Demons besides Shamilla and Lucikiel. This is how we decided to create Gremory.

Before we get to Gremory, I would like to talk briefly about the 5 Primal Demons.

Among Demons, the Primal Demons are the closest to Lea. They can directly communicate with the Goddess, though it’s only a one-way communication in which they receive the Goddess’ revelation. However, the fact that they have a communication channel with the Goddess implies that they’re different from the ordinary creatures that appear in King’s Raid.

Each member of the 5 Primal Demons has different goals. The purpose of their activities varies, as some just act on impulse while some strive to fulfill an ideal plan. They’re not involved and interested in each other’s lives. Among the 5 Primal Demons, Gremory is the oldest sibling. We’re just calling them ‘siblings’ for the sake of convenience. They barely consider each other as siblings. Gremory, though, has more connections with Lea since she’s the oldest. That doesn’t mean they get along well though 😀

Several Demons have already appeared in the universe of King’s Raid, but details about what they really are haven’t been revealed yet. To give a hint of what kind of race the Demons actually are, we’re planning on dropping some information about them in the Index of Gremory.

“Draft concept: laziness, laziness, LAZINESS”

As you may have already seen Gremory in Chapter 10, the main concept of her is ‘laziness,’ which you can tell from her looks. She’s a sluggish person who loves spending her time snuggling down in a soft, warm blanket and doing nothing. Unlike other characters, it was easy for us to develop the setting of Gremory because her concept was so clear. All we did was to state ‘laziness’ as the keyword of the draft concept.

If she was living in this era, she would probably watch YouTube all night and wake up way past noon. She probably would’ve been the laziest person to the point where she would shout “Luc!!!” to ask Lucikiel to turn the lights off for her, or like the oldest sister who bosses around the youngest of the family to do things for her. We wanted to create a character who has different sides that can’t be judged by her appearance. For example, you wouldn’t think a drowsy, cute looking girl would have a personality that resembles a fed-up office worker, and that she’s actually the eldest sibling.

However, her real image as the 5 Primal Demons is very different from her current looks. Her real self is in the form of a scary-looking giant beast that is regarded as a ‘disaster’ to the weak. She’s powerful enough to the point where ‘Lucikiel probably would’ve enjoyed fighting against Gremory in her actual form.’ While we were designing Gremory’s real form, we thought of the South Korean urban legend of ‘Jangsan Tiger,’ a hairy creature with sharp teeth. Aren’t you all excited about how she looks? You can check it out from the future updates!

Please look forward to how Gremory, lazybones with two co-existing forms as a little girl and giant beast, will appear and act in the upcoming stories.

Part 2. Art

“Design keyword of Gremory: simple yet complex or complex yet simple. The double-sided inconsistency”

The concept of Gremory was crystal clear – sloth, laziness, and sluggish (yeah, they all mean the same thing). She was a character with a simple concept on the surface, but the two-sides of simple yet complex or complex yet simple existed deep inside. I think she’s a character with multiple sides – cute, sensuous, lazy, nimble, soft, and fierce.

The first image that came to our minds when we read Gremory’s concept was this: ‘a cute girl who’s lolling around and picking her nose without caring what others think.’ And the below is the rough sketch we developed upon the first impression.

Based on this image, we began working on Gremory’s artwork by considering how we could naturally express her stories and background onto the artwork.

First of all, we thought about how Gremory, a lazy character who shows no interest in things she doesn’t care about would behave. Let me share you with some of the ideas I jotted down in my notes.

– True to her desires without caring what others think
– Slim due to being lazy to eat
– Too lazy to open her eyes properly
– Rolled hairstyle due to her habit of twirling her hair with her fingers while having a blank look

We set the design concept of Gremory by refining every little detail like this. And another important aspect we considered was that we wanted to naturally express the character’s personality on her clothes.

– An outfit that can transform into a sleeping bag so Gremory can sleep whenever and wherever she wants
– Using the repetitive pattern for her clothes to display her unique vibe
– Expressing the character’s identity of simple yet complex and complex yet simple by utilizing the design

We developed the concept of Gremory’s artwork by considering all the ideas above, and we applied them to the design to produce the artwork.

The one with the hooded artwork a.k.a. ‘Snoring Mode’ was some sort of a joke at first. However, some of the staff that saw this suggested we should apply the hooded version to the main setting of Gremory. Therefore, we applied it in the game after tweaking the appearance a bit to have her face exposed slightly.

It is very rare to choose the first version of the artwork as the final. I think the final design was decided rather quickly because the Scenario Team had set a clear concept from the beginning, and we had gone through many discussions during the process.

Aside from Gremory, we also needed the designs of the demonic beasts that Gremory summons. We tried to express the grotesqueness that contradicts the cuteness of Gremory onto these demonic beasts while trying to include the ‘Gremory-vibe’ as well. Let’s have a sneak peek of the designs of Gremory’s demonic beasts!

“Illustration of Gremory”

We have already decided on Gremory’s pose before we started working on her illustration. We were going to use her final pose from her acquisition scene. Therefore, we focused on arranging the three components (character, weapon, and creatures) onto the draft.

First, we wanted to emphasize Gremory’s apathetic personality with her daring pose even though she’s wearing a skirt. Then, we focused on expressing her facial expression that looks as if she’s looking down on others. However, the problem was with the demonic beasts that Gremory summons. These demonic beasts that appear in the game were much bigger than I thought. Looking at how big Puchi (the demonic creature with the big mouth) was compared to Gremory, we weren’t sure how we should represent this in the illustration. We knew it didn’t make sense to have the demonic beasts appear bigger than the character since it was an illustration dedicated to Gremory after all. Ultimately, we decided to express the demonic beasts smaller than they really are by applying the rules of perspective, so they look as if they were part of the background. [Revised as of November 18th, 02:05 (PST)]

Out of the three drafts, we chose the second version because it included the creatures that were expressed in the appropriate size, and the luminous cube that added dynamics to the illustration. Check below for the final version of the illustration!

Although we’re a bit dissatisfied with how the demonic beasts were minimized as if they were part of the background, I think their unique visuals already draw enough attention. And, I like that Gremory is the one standing out as the main 😀

“3D modeling of Gremory”

Gremory is a cool, lazy Demon. She’s also a young-looking Demon. When we first looked at the artwork, her half-closed eyes that symbolize her laziness and her closed mouth stood out to us. If she wasn’t wearing a skirt, I’m sure some could confuse her for a boy.

To match this concept, we tried to express the lazy expression onto her young and cute face. We also tried to display the ‘androgynous’ charm so people can’t tell if she is a boy or a girl. On a side note, I thought it might have been fun if Gremory was wearing shorts because if that was the case, people would’ve had to guess her gender.

Gremory’s outfit is quite unique. It’s a typical zip-up hoodie, but it exposes the inner part of the clothing by having the outer layer reversed while unzipped. Moreover, it’s an oversized zip-up hoodie compared to Gremory’s slim and small body.

I’m telling you, she’s wearing a zip-up hoodie! That means, she should be able to zip it up into a hoodie. Although we could’ve expressed the hooded version with animations, we decided to create separate modeling so it would look more natural.

And.. there is the hooded version! Since it’s Gremory that drew the face on the fully-zipped hoodie according to her setting, we were requested to draw it as sloppy as possible. I know this sounds ironic, but I tried my best to make it look ugly 😀 Above all, I think Gremory’s unique character shines the most when she has the hoodies on.

Compared to other characters in King’s Raid, Gremory was extraordinary. There was a lot of work to do for designing her modeling because we needed to create two versions by using both sides of her outfit. Nonetheless, it was very fun working on it since the design and modeling of Gremory was very charming and unique.

“Animation (motion) of Gremory”

When I first received Gremory’s artwork, I absolutely fell in love with her that I asked if I could take charge of creating her animations. And.. I got the job! To match Gremory’s concept of laziness, I tried to express the ‘ultimate lazybones’ vibe into every motion as much as possible. When you think of a lazy person, an inactive person usually comes to mind. However, I knew expressing her motions this way wouldn’t be entertaining to watch. Therefore, I expressed the overall movement with plenty of dynamics, while making her pose display the ‘sloth’ impression. For all other non-battle motions, I tried to clearly express her personality.

One setback I faced while working on her battle motion was that she uses a cube that summons 3 types of demonic beasts as a weapon. It was challenging to think of the standardized motion of how the cube should move because it was different from other traditional weapons such as swords, spears, and guns. I had to go through the pain of creation to figure out how I should create a battle motion involving a cube.

It was a lot of work too since I had to make sure the motions of each skill or demonic beasts didn’t overlap, and above all, I had to create the motions of the 3 demonic beasts. When I finished working on the motions, the effects were applied to produce the final version. The result was so satisfying! I was very happy and proud that my hard work had paid off. (So touched…. T_T)

As for her defeat motion, she enters the dimension gate to ‘escape from the scene’ rather than passing out like other Heroes do, because that wouldn’t match her status as one of the 5 Primal Demons that destroyed the world.

It wasn’t possible to express the ‘zipping-up motion’ since there were two separate modeling designs of Gremory: the regular version and the hooded version. It was a bummer that we couldn’t naturally express her personality displayed in the concept artwork. Fortunately, other departments suggested that it would be cute if Gremory slightly sticks out her face during the hooded version. Therefore, we decided to apply that concept to her modeling!

I think this pretty much sums up Gremory’s personality. Isn’t it so cute?

Lastly, as for her acquisition scene, it was crucial to naturally express the relationship between Gremory and her demonic beasts, as the scene involves a significant moment of Gremory communicating with her demonic beasts. In addition, we emphasized Gremory’s personality during her Transcendence scene. Here, you can check what happens when you bother Gremory while she’s sleeping 😛

“Effects of Gremory”

There is always pressure when we plan out the direction, concept, color, and feature of the new character. Especially, the pressure was high for Gremory because she was totally different from other characters. It took us some time to set the direction of how we should express her unique personality of laziness, the distinctive weapon, and the battle style that involves ‘summoning.’

Moreover, there was a lot to consider such as the movement of the cube and how the creature appears and disappears. Since we knew that our Raiders would love Gremory, we had to make sure we meet our Raiders’ expectations.

We tried to use the colors from Gremory’s outfit, hair, and eyes to set the base color of the effects. As for the concept, we could’ve expressed it with scary and grotesque effects that match the Demons, but we used saturated colors you could see from neon signs instead to match Gremory’s extraordinary personality and cute face. Rather than simply displaying the eerie and terror vibe, we wanted to emphasize her character.

Since the inside of the cube is a different space from the outer world, we used blue and blueish green colors as effects for a clear distinction. By doing this, we wanted to express that the inner part of the cube is like an empty, otherworldly space that serves as a passage that the summoned demon beasts pass through.

As for the summoned demonic beasts, we tried to emphasize that they’re separate skills by differentiating them with effects that match their appearances, features, and attack types. Of course, we used similar colors as Gremory so people could tell those demonic creatures were summoned by her.

“Gremory’s Unique Weapon: Gateway to Purgatory, Pigritia”

Once the Demons come over to the Material World from Pandemonium, they transform into a new form that matches the power and nature of the Material World. No matter how much Gremory tried to reduce her size, the real form of Gremory was too gigantic in Pandemonium that its size would far surpass the size of a mountain in the Material World. Leaving behind the enormous, inactive real self that requires a massive strength, effort, and determination to move in Pandemonium, Gremory only sent a small fragment of herself to the Material World. In order to do this, she needed a passageway that could connect Pandemonium and the Material World – the cube called Pigritia. This cube is an entry to the stomach of her real self in Pandemonium.

We tried to reflect the weapon’s background onto the design by implying that this cube serves as a passageway that connects two different spaces. You can see that as the cube opens, it exposes the inner space of the cube – the demiplane.

We added the ‘X’ shaped belt in the center of the main cube, so it resembles a door. We thought it would look cool if the cubes surrounding the belt act as devices that unlock the door. To express the disorderly atmosphere of the demiplane, we designed the interior part of the cube with symmetric designs by having the faces connected with each other.

Part 3. Planning

“Gremory’s battle style”

Gremory is an Assassin with magic attribute. Did you know that she’s also a ‘ranged’ assassin?
In battles, she uses the cube to summon various demonic beasts. These demonic beasts have a variety of effects, such as dealing a massive damage, disrupting the enemy’s formation, and inflicting debuffs. [Updated as of November 17th 01:00 (PST)]

Part 4. Conclusion

Overall, working on Gremory wasn’t that challenging because her concept was already so crystal clear – all we had to was just work around it. This was a big help for us in producing various visuals such as her artwork and modeling. Although creating her motions was a bit difficult since there were two versions of her modeling and various demonic beasts she summons, we were very satisfied with the result.

It was very fun working on the production of Gremory, and she’s probably one of our favorite characters. We hope our Raiders have a good time playing Gremory as well!

Thank you!