14 thoughts on “[Event] Free Costume Voting Event #8”

  1. Imagine not voting for valance lmao truly shit taste

  2. Sorry guys, but I need an Annette costume and none of the current ones appease me… heres to hoping its not another lingeri… I mean swimsuit

  3. Valance, of course. I won’t lie, though. One of you guys has a point; Annette has some of the absolute WORST costumes in the game. Here’s hoping that they put something together that’s actually creative instead of slapping the same recolored bodystocking on her again.

  4. Finally Luna gets a skin. Too bad its gonna be a shitty as swimsuit as damn always.

  5. The prudes that keep trying to invade everything.

    Vespa, give them more swimsuits and tell them to shut up. Hard choice for me here. Guess I’m spending 6k rubies at the very least. Gimme some Taily.

    1. No one is being prudes. We’re fuckin sick of seeing swimsuits! We’ve had them since fuckin April!

  6. This year was the year of swimsuits, and it seems to me that next year it has to be on a different theme.

    It would be nice if the next costumes are party costumes, to celebrate the new year. For example, the costume that the chibi version of Scarlet wears in “Free Costume Voting Event # 7” is very good and also the one that Chibi Demia wears in “Free Costume Voting Event # 8”.