23 thoughts on “[Event] Free Costume Voting Event #6”

  1. Finally Ripine!! Miri just got a costume wtf!! You guys are fuckin liars, stop giving multiple costumes to the same damn heroes that just got one!!!!

  2. Stop fucking putting pansi in the choices… she already got 2 free costumes so what’s the point in letting her stay as a choice for a third time?

  3. Nicky & Gladi are finally getting a costume together!! Let’s fucking gooooooooooooo

  4. Could have dropped Pansirone or Mirianne and given Riheet a new costume as well. Seeing as how their gimmick is that they’re always together…

    1. Yeah, dumb how they’re gonna get costumes a month apart from each other.

  5. It’s so obvious who will win this poll.

    Is there any need to include Pansirone ffs.

  6. bespa retards again with that shit giving same hero 2 costumes in a row. xerah and pansi also don’t need costumes as one getting from arena and other from voting. luci also got 2 costumes this summer. where the fuck costume for lorain who never get one for year and half

    1. He hasn’t had one in a year and a half, he deserves one. But he already has a Halloween one, so fingers crossed for Christmas

  7. Why are Lucikiel, Mirianne, Xerah and Pansirone on the list??? Lucikiel and Mirianne already have a swimsuit costume, Xerah has a League of Honor (LoH) costume and Pansirone has a limited costume.
    It would be nice if they release new costumes for Scarlet, Selene, Arch, Aselica, Cleo… or any hero who hasn’t received a costume this year.