“[Event] Free Costume Voting Event #5”에 관한 25개의 댓글

  1. Seria, Isolet, and Lucias got new costumes recently. Why are they included again for new costumes???? 101 heroes and you pick those 3 again, who just got their new costumes

  2. The costumes could be distributed. E.g.:
    January: Frozen costumes
    February: World costumes
    March: Dessert costumes
    April: Wedding costumes
    May: Idol or Career costumes
    June: Corrupted or Sci-fi costumes
    July: Swimsuit costumes
    August: Casual costumes
    September: School costumes
    October: Halloween costumes
    November: Maid costumes
    December: Xmas costumes

  3. Worst summer costumes. They never balanced the costumes on all heroes… on the bright side I don’t need to spend rubies or swipe.

    What’s the point of working and designing for the less popular heroes.

    PS. Your Ricardo summer costume sucks! Lol

  4. We could rather get a free costume ticket. It would be better to use it for someone who needs it. I don’t need Seria’s costume. Just like I won’t need Gremory’s costume now.