25 thoughts on “[Event] Free Costume Voting Event #5”

  1. Thank you so much, I’ve been waiting for a Daka costume in forver. This made my day

    1. I’m waiting for Kau’s now ;_;

      At least my fellow brother has a 2nd costume <3

  2. Seria, Isolet, and Lucias got new costumes recently. Why are they included again for new costumes???? 101 heroes and you pick those 3 again, who just got their new costumes

    1. I want her to have a new one. Her first one doesn’t even look like a swimsuit

  3. Riheet gets something but not Ripine? WTF?!?!? At least you idiots finally have Dakaris something!

  4. The costumes could be distributed. E.g.:
    January: Frozen costumes
    February: World costumes
    March: Dessert costumes
    April: Wedding costumes
    May: Idol or Career costumes
    June: Corrupted or Sci-fi costumes
    July: Swimsuit costumes
    August: Casual costumes
    September: School costumes
    October: Halloween costumes
    November: Maid costumes
    December: Xmas costumes

  5. already second seria. isolet and sonia second costume for this summer but fucking none for lorain

  6. Worst summer costumes. They never balanced the costumes on all heroes… on the bright side I don’t need to spend rubies or swipe.

    What’s the point of working and designing for the less popular heroes.

    PS. Your Ricardo summer costume sucks! Lol

  7. thank you for the laudia costume <3 i hope the artwork looks great

  8. We could rather get a free costume ticket. It would be better to use it for someone who needs it. I don’t need Seria’s costume. Just like I won’t need Gremory’s costume now.