27 thoughts on “[Event] Free Costume Voting Event #4”

  1. Finally a mirianne costume. Though Vespa would not buff mirianne despite her being a shiet hero compared to others. I m happy that she gets a costume

  2. How about give miri a buff instead of new costume

      1. Who cares about costume when she cant be used anywhere.. I would be better off playing fashion game in this case

    1. You can use miri anywhere though? OK sure she’s not mega broken anywhere but she’s not completely shit is she? Look at Arch for example, or did you forget that he existed?

      What do you even want on Miri, the same Non-Hero and Boss Damage they’ve been doing for the past few patches? Completely foolish

      1. Where in my post say Arch doesnt need buff?? How do you even come up with this conclusoon?! LoL!!

  3. BUFF LILIA THANKS. BUFF ALL SUPER BAD UNITS… Crow, Lilia, Miri Ophelia and so on.. Lilia was only good in PvP and u absolutely destroyed her there by releasing DLK, RC same for Ophelia so.. Crow is just a joke. Balance heroes please instead of giving 100000 swim costumes, nobody cares. Make heroes viable – PLEASE.

    1. Crow and ophe both are still good but need to play manual.. I just want vespa to make their full kit auto friendly. Lilia is still scary in pvp..she need some pve buff. Miri is very avg. She cant even do her trial. Miri definitely needs buff and make her balance in both pvp and pve.

    2. wattttt lilia can only bested in pvp??? I use her in galgoria, Ascalon, trial, eclipse and every cr….idk what u mean by ‘Lilia was only good in PvP’

  4. From 2 male/6 female we are down to 1 male/7 female. I’m clearly playing this game wrong…

      1. Oh why thank you. Silly me, now I get it. 🤣🤣🤣🤣