15 thoughts on “[Event] Free Costume Voting Event #3 – Result Announcement”

  1. haiyaa why whistle girl? trow her out. too adamant all the time, so anal. niece estelle, please stop blowing so hard on your whistle

  2. With this we can conclude yanne is least popular hero.

    *Shakes head to clowns asking for yanne buffs*

  3. Lol, Estelle won by almost double the next guy. Well, Requina lost as expected…. but at least shes double the popularity on Yanne.

    1. I didn’t expect Requina to win, but I’m happy she got so many votes. Her costume is the only one I’m interested in.

  4. Thanks for the event! As someone who voted for Shakmeh, I’m surprised that Lucikiel’s abs didn’t win, haha! Hooray for Estelle! Excited about the upcoming costumes!

    1. Its the reality bro….

      no one actually wants yanne buff. They are jus meme-ing around cuz probably they don’t have any heroes that would get buffed ( referring to all those meta abusers).

      Pretty sure the game has given enough transfer tickets. Heroes like mirianne is utter useless shiet and becomes a collectible in your storeroom. fk dark kasel, kasel, rebel clause, scarlet, shakmeh, evan, isaiah.

  5. Yay! Congrats on the win Estelle. It’ll be the first Costume for her dressing room on my team!