[Event] Free Costume Voting Event #7 – Result Announcement

“[Event] Free Costume Voting Event #7 – Result Announcement”에 관한 18개의 댓글

      1. Jus use yr rubies and buy them dude.

        Its free costume anyways

  1. Ugh another free estelle costume i would of prefered someone completely different then just estelle i don’t care if she widely used we need free costume variety. Instead of just Estelle every damn time.

      1. Hmmm is this a coincidence or does this name belongs to someone else?

  2. Wow. One of the most widely used characters across almost all content wins in a popularity vote.

    Who would have guessed.

    Don’t get me wrong – I do like Estelle for her overall character design and usefulness, and free costumes are always welcomed. It’s just that…Can Vespa not pick other heroes instead for these kinds of free costume voting?