13 thoughts on “[Event] Free Costume Voting Event #6 – Result Announcement”

  1. This is good, Please make it a system to let us pick from top 3-4 everytime instead of the #1 always. That way everyone is happy.

    1. may as well make it a system that lets you choose between the top 10 if you want everyone to be happy.

    1. rehartna surely got some votes too in europe server, but they just displayed the top 3 so she isnt appear there..
      the total votes of rehartna is 2378, so i assume that she got 156 votes from europe server

  2. Idk how rehana won 1st place while papakiel has more vote but choose 1/4 is nice, i love it

    1. maybe rehartna got 156 votes in europe server, but they only display top 3 heroes so she wont appear there

  3. YES! Not sure If I’ll be able to decide between Rehartna or Lucikiel…

  4. Its better cause everyone use rehart.. For those who getting angry just for this wow lucikiel fangay d1k hungry