[Event] Free Costume Voting Event #5 – Result Announcement

“[Event] Free Costume Voting Event #5 – Result Announcement”에 관한 12개의 댓글

      1. The idea is quite interesting, 1 month female, 1 month male so both kind of preferences get a chance to receive their favorites

      2. Well cuz his part of the batch. Thats the sole reason.

        Just give it up, lucias is definitely unpopular hero in that batch. Just dun be stingy and use ur rubies if you really want his costume.

    1. I dont know what the problem really, people have the they own fucking choice to vote for what they like, if they like penis then so be it, if they like boobs then so be it. Its like you blaming vespa because you always see female heroes always win. Why they always win?? Ask the fucking voter not vespa, it is done fair and square. You want male heroes to have chances to win? Then have more vote than female heroes.

      1. Its actually not fair when you consider that the main player base for KR is male, making females the higher demand. This then becomes an unfair voting mechanic where male characters will never get free costumes etc. The fact that you responded with such anger tells me you would absolutely lose your mind if they made a change such as males one month, female the next. I dont mind that females get more costumes because i understand. But putting males in a pool of females guarentees that the males will never win.