[Notice] February 16th, 2021 Known Issues (Updated)

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’re here to inform you about certain Known Issues within the game.

Please check the details below for more information.

[Known Issues as of February 16th, 2021]

▶ An issue in which [Tree of Sin] can’t be attacked when using Roi’s Blade Claw (3rd Skill) in the [Otherworldly Darkness Shakmeh] Dungeon.

▶ An issue in which the number of daily charged Entry Tickets & total number of Entry Tickets of ‘Shakmeh’s Helm Decoration’ are shown incorrectly when touching [Portal > Shakmeh].

▶The issue in which the ‘Leave’ button isn’t working for Raiders with Team Level 200 after obtaining Shakmeh. We’re currently looking into this issue, so please try logging into the game once again as soon as you encounter this issue.

▶ An issue with Xerah has been encountered when playing the motions for [Animation] > [Agonized]. – Updated on February 16th (Tue) 07:40 [PST]

▶ (Android only) An issue in which Hero Kasel’s modeling appears when obtaining the Hero ‘Dark Lord Kasel’ – Updated on February 16th (Tue) 07:40 [PST]

▶ An issue in which Xerah’s Weapon from the ‘World-Devouring Darkness Xerah’ costume appears to be different from the costume illustration. – Updated on February 17th (Wed) 01:56 [PST]

▶ An issue in which the stage is cleared immediately when trying to Transcend Hero Glenwys (occurs even when the battle is not cleared) – Updated on February 17th (Wed) 01:56 [PST]

We are sorry for the inconvenience you experienced while playing the game and will do our best to provide a better gaming experience while playing King’s Raid.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

GM Gremory

16 thoughts on “[Notice] February 16th, 2021 Known Issues (Updated)”

  1. Thanks for the meme buff to Seria barely a thing has changed.
    You really should just flat out say Magic comps are cucked.
    Favoring phy meta too much. Magic comp players keep getting kicked in the balls every update.

  2. Its a total mistranslation sad the community misunderstood that cdr was supposed to be reduced. The wave of anger swept many away.

    However the effect ut1 also caused huge backlash, why would they turn it into increase acc and stacking its useless for pve. And they wanted to turn her s3 into her main damaging skill and ut4 as her main ut. While ut4 does add a lot of inc dmg multipliers and is a welcome buff, making seria’s s3 her main skill is laughable it takes too long to come out and non spammable. 20 secs is still quite long cooldown and you can barely use it for wb3 or trials.

  3. There is an issue with Lucikiel in galg while auto. When he gets sealed while using SW he will try to cast it again after the seal, won’t cast any spell so won’t have charge on the SW and will spend the rest of the battle just auto attacking, this makes luci unusable in galgoria while auto

  4. MaGiC hAs ThE uPpErHaNd btw. Just delete all magic hero save the ones that benefit your Physical teams. says:

    Known Issue #999: Vespa favoring and bias towards Physical Team over Magic.

    • Still WB3 Xanadus physical amp overtuned for 11+ months! Meaning Magic team only dealing 1/4 of top Physical teams score.
    • Physical Team getting best knights (Loman and Shakmeh) meanwhile all Magic knights are irrelevant and aren’t used in scoring content anymore.
    • All top magic supports (Fallen Frey/Oddy/Vero/Lavril) coincidentally also benefit physical teams, but physical supports/tanks ONLY benefit physical.
    • Physical Team getting best buffs this patch compared to Seria.
    • MEME November buffs for Magic heroes like Theo, Viska, Chrisha, Lewi.
    • Almost every physical hero after Pansirone being broken (Dark Lord Kasel, Rebel Clause, Shakmeh)
    • Physical heroes getting buffs when they didn’t need them (Selene, Chase)
    • Physical teams having easier time to auto clear Galgoria Stage 9 than Magic teams.
    • Physical teams doing better in Eclipse than Magic (Selene).
    • Vespa releasing statement saying broken heroes like Pansirone is ‘immune to nerfs’ because they don’t want to dishearten player who abuse her.
    • Vespa releasing Physical heroes who versatile in multiple content (Pansirone, DLK, RC, Shak).
    • ONLY one good Magic scoring male DPS (Esker) for over 1.5+ years.
    • Some physical dealer heroes like Mitra and Cecilia dealing 35T+ in WB1 meanwhile magic heroes like a whaled Theo team only dealing 20T, despite Mountain Fortress suppose to benefit Magic heroes more.
    • Vespa being silent for years and trying to justify their treatment of Magic team by saying “MaGiC hAs ThE uPpErHaNd”.

    Maybe most Magic heroes are just meant for support to Physical team only.
    And the rest of them are meant to be deleted.

  5. Known issue; your development team.

    Instead of buff heroes maybe your developer department needs a buff most.

  6. Magic users malded PepeLaugh

    Thanks vespa! Shakmeh and chase buff was welcome. Now i can auto imet as well thanks to shakmeh and rebel clause <3 Keep up the good work

  7. Hello @vespa. Since you reduced seria’s skill 4 max count shouldnt you rework her skill 4 light perk as well? Now its nerfed by 50% for a hero with low survivability

  8. Is the issue fixed?
    My Roi cannot even win shakmeh level 6 now, cannot hit the tree.

    1. Hello SX, we have announced about this issue on our recent maintenance post. Please check the post for more updates.

  9. Hello, why i can’t get past crow substory stage 3?
    The damage that the boss (type 0) give is too strong
    Is there something wrong with the boss?

  10. Stupid devs keep making broken physical teams and refuse to adjust WB3 physical amp for 11+ months. says:

    Xanadus is dead again! Thanks to your constant physical team bias with OP powercreep physical heroes and WB3 overtuned physical amp for 11+ months.

    Horrifying how all physical support heroes and tanks benefit ONLY physical teams. Meanwhile magic support/tanks benefit both damage types??? Just biased.

    Then also meme buffs for magic heroes (Theo, Viska, Chrisha, Seria etc..). Instead physical heroes who don’t need buffs get buffed (Chase and Selene).

    And broken physical heroes become ‘nerf-immune’ like Pansirone, Dark Lord Kasel etc…

    Absolutely disgusting how you treat magic team user.
    All magic users are dead thanks your bias. Congratulations!
    Also you remain silent and have no words for this biased behaviour. How disgusting.

    Well done for alienate your entire magic team playerbase.
    “MaGiC hAs ThE uPpErHaNd” – PD Sean

  11. Known issue: No REAL QOL features for mobile users.

    No, reducing Shakmeh entries to 60 does not solve the issue. Still have to leave our mobile phone day and night.

    Also cannot dispatch stamina draining events really sucks.

    Again this is a mobile game. Your posts on Facebook also use the hashtag: #mobileGame but ironically this game is not friendly for mobile players.