[Event] Write a Letter to your Favorite KING’s RAID Hero! – Result Announcement

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory.

We’d like to thank all Raiders who have participated in the event.

We were very touched by the letters, and we really had a hard time choosing the best ones.

Please check below to see the Raiders who have been selected as the winners of this event!

[Event] Write a Letter to your Favorite KING’s RAID Hero! [LINK]

<TOP 1> (Rewards: Rubies x 3,000 & Unique Gear Ticket x 1)

Pu****Titan (America Server)

Mr***w (America Server)

Ka****bas (Asia Server)

Wi****bs (Europe Server)

<TOP 2> (Rewards: Rubies x 2,500 & Unique Gear Ticket x 1)

Tu****anh93 (Asia Server)

Bu****Glass (Asia Server)

Ri***ha (Asia Server)

KT***hi (Europe Server)

<TOP 3> (Rewards: Rubies x 2,000 & Unique Gear Ticket x 1)

Ba****iraffe (America Server)

Xy***n (America Server)

21****aixXD (Europe Server)

Yu***e (Asia Server)

<TOP 4> (Rewards: Rubies x 1,500 & Unique Gear Ticket x 1)

Me****zy (America Server)

Ka***na (Europe Server)

Ste***574 (Asia Server)

Lo****Zero (Asia Server)

<TOP 5> (Rewards: Rubies x 1,000 & Unique Gear Ticket x 1)

Э* (Europe Server)

Ao****mi (Europe Server)

Za****nair (America Server)

Co****ly (America Server)

We hope you have a great time raiding in KING’s RAID!

Happy New Year!

GM Gremory

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  1. Instead of wasting the time of your employees making them read some childish litters you should make better use of their time to make more meaningful progress…

  2. Hey! I made top 3! I enjoyed writing and looking back on my past in KR, and I hope that you enjoyed reading my letter. Will the letters be posted for people to read? I want to see what the others wrote!

  3. Hey Community, hey Vespa ^^ I wish everyone of you a happy, healthy, lucky and successful year.
    And btw, I’m sure, even if the most comments are salty, hard and unfortunately the truth, the most of the community is a big and silent fanbase (like me). Vespa has done a great job with King’s Raid. And yeah, not every part of it is perfect. Many parts still needs progress. But I’m sure, the biggest part of all gamers in here loving that fantastic game. And I’m looking forward to the future of it. Thank you Vespa.

  4. I made top 5? I didn’t expect to even win a place tbh. …well I’m glad i was able to write my heart out. it felt right and good.
    dlk and ff or kesal and Frey have honestly made an impact on me. and I can’t express that good enough.