13 thoughts on “[Event] Write a Letter to your Favorite KING’s RAID Hero!”

  1. Please stop this type of selective rewards and reward all participants instead, also typing a litter to a hero in a game? the base players average age is 8 years or something? I know this is a game but most people here are adults and this is embarrassing…

    1. You can also just not join hehe. Theres enough in-game rewards already so stop bitching about it 😛

      1. Yea he should respect the 8 years old dumb kids like you and just stfu about any kind of criticism. Shame on him 😂

    2. Do you really think that a self-respecting adult would play a children’s game? Most people here are entitled 12-year-olds.

  2. If you find it embarrassing then don’t participate. Stop being whiny when the developers are doing such a fine job.

      1. Jeez, the community keeps getting more damn toxic. Holy fuck…

  3. Dear Mirianne,

    I know you are not real but I don’t know why I think of you all the time.
    your face, your breasts, your body, your ass, always make me want to rape you.
    no matter what others say I will always love you.



  4. Dear Selene,
    I’m tired of you always being mean to me whenever you come to the Tower of Challenge. I was taking a pee, not “abandoning my post”. Anyway, I just wanted to ask you…what is that I smell whenever come to the Tower to visit? Are you hiding an entire seafood market in your skirt?