8 thoughts on “[Event] What’s that Costume Theme? (COMPLETE)”

  1. The only thing I see in each picture is a outdated and memed hero.

    Dessert: Theo / strong in story but terrible in reality – meme November buffs which only removed issues that shouldn’t have existed to begin with. Still garbage KEK

    School: Yanne / sad no buffs dragon girl, ignored since forever

    Casual: Crow / apparently strongest Hound Unit guy but actually the weakest – never forget 1.8% November buff so much OP

    Answers are also in this post.

    1. Du redest so viel Blödsinn crow ist stark genug er hat seine nische und theo auch nur yanne hat noch kein balance buff patch gehabt der wird aber noch kommen bei 90 heros kommt halt dein “Liebling” nicht sofort dran das ist halt so wtf willst du das jeder hero alles perfekt kann wo ist das dann noch balance sry aber wenn du keine ahnung als casual gamer hast dann lass es und schreib kein Blödsinn.

      1. Thanks. Wasn’t sure about the dessert costume.

  2. I love King’s Raid so much. This is really cute! Yuria must be having fun putting these magazines together! Hope she finds some inspiration for her next piece 🙂

  3. Too easy~! I love all the costumes. Speaking of, are we getting World costumes again? Cause I really would love to see a Pakistani kameez shalwar and an Irish stepdance outfit

  4. What happens if you have 3 accounts but they all are registered under the same google account because google won’t let you create 3 separate accounts.
    I answered the questions correctly that I am sure of being an Avid player through
    But I also have
    And last
    Hopefully I get credit for them all

    1. Unfortunately, we only recognize 1 submission per account.
      Should you wish to participate with multiple accounts, you will have to make multiple submissions.
      The submissions do not necessarily have to be made with the account linked to the KING’s RAID account though.