[Event] Soulstone Summon Week Event

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Greetings Raiders!
This is GM Dakaris.

We have decided to hold an event that will help you get more Soulstones in order to celebrate the Soulstone draw rate increase of January 19th (Tue).

Don’t forget to check-in KING’s RAID every day during the event period in order to get the special rewards! Please check the details below.

[Protection of the God King]
– Upon obtaining a Soulstone from Royal Gift or Soul Judgment by Cain at the Temple of the God King while you own this item, you will be given the chance to select and obtain 1 of 3 Soulstones.

[Mystical Soul Fragment]
– Bring to Cain at the Temple of the God King for Soul Judgment. There is a small chance of obtaining a Soulstone.

[Slate of Trial]
– A fragment required to enter the Trial of the God King. Upon use, instantly recharges 1 entry to the Trial of the God King.

– We will not be able to help with expired or deleted rewards.


That was all for this event!
Make sure to login daily during the event to get all the special rewards!

Thank you.
GM Dakaris

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      1. Helo GM Gremory, I have question. The event picture shows slate of trial on 31st. But on the description under it, it says protection of god king on 31st. Which one is right?

  1. Ok I know we are only supposed to log in during the event which technically started today I logged in all 3 accounts and the page doesn’t load completely just halfway and I’m using very new systems with plenty ram and gigs and the like all 3 devices are having the same problem and we I did get it to show it didn’t claim the event day for either account I just want the credit I’m supposed to be getting for the event .




    I do hope this can be resolved .

    Thank you kindly,

  2. I get the event pop up when I log in, but I haven’t been able to claim any of the individual daily rewards – please help me, so I don’t miss out on these items!