[Event] New Hero Review Event: Isaiah

Greetings Raiders!

This is GM Gremory.

New Hero Isaiah will be joining KING’s RAID, and we’ll be holding a “Review Event” to celebrate this great moment!

Be sure to check the information below for more details!

[Event Information]

Period: May 25th (Tue) ~ June 7th (Mon) 23:59

▶ How to participate
1) Take a screenshot of your party in a battle with ‘Isaiah’ (Any of the following battles are acceptable: PvP, PvE, Chapter, Raid)
2) Write a short ‘Hero Review’ with [Isaiah Review] and including the screenshot mentioned in [Step 1] on your social media platform (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc.) of choice with the following hashtags
#KINGsRAID #RPGMobile #Update #Isaiah #ReviewEvent
3) Go to the Survey Link below and write your account info, satisfactory rating along with the URL to your review and submit it.

▶ Participation rewards: Stamina Potions x 30
– Reward distribution date: June 11th (Fri)

▶ Participation Survey [Survey Link]

– Only reviews that include [Isaiah Review] in the text will be counted as valid submissions.
– Your submission will be disqualified should we find plagiarism or any other unjust means of participation.
– Please note that we will not be able to provide rewards if the following information is incorrect: Server / Game Nickname / GameUID(#######). Please make sure to provide the right information.

Try raiding with Isaiah and let us know what you think about her!

Your honest review will be a great help to us!

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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  1. Yay look its another jack of all trades magic hero. Phys teams got amazing Shak and Estelle. We (magic users) expected that u will give us a chance to compete against broken phys teams. And..u gave us LOH hero? While phys dominating everything? You are releasing LOH all purpose hero while we need good magic tanks and PURE MAGIC SUPPORTS?! Thx vespa Im fed up with this. I will play the final chapter and leave. F that. Isaiah was the only hope for magic users and u F’ed us AGAIN.
    Remember folks: MaGiC hAs ThE upPrHnD

      1. Wow dude you are probably not even playing pvp. Because pvp is all about RC+DLK now. You are being oneshoted by magic teams? Well you are just platinum. Its so obvious lul. Broken phys teams dominating everything in this game.