[Event] Adventures with KING’s RAID Substories! (Updated on May 13th (Thu) 05:15)

※ We have made adjustments to the image as there were misleading information in the event.

※ Please note that the number of Substories you clear will counted for the event (not the number of times you clear Substory dungeons)

※ If you have completed all Substories before this event, you will have to clear the Challenge Stages of the Substories to participate in this event.

– Ex 1: To receive Stage 4 rewards, you will have to clear all 8 Substories (Rephy, Ophelia, Priscilla, Theo, Dimael, Viska, Crow, and Roi) up to the Challenge Stage. Please note that for Roi’s Substory, you will have to clear it up to the final stage of part 1.

– Ex 2: If you clear the Substories of Rephy and Theo up to the Challenge Stage (2 Substories), you will receive Stage 1 rewards.

26 thoughts on “[Event] Adventures with KING’s RAID Substories! (Updated on May 13th (Thu) 05:15)”

  1. @ GM Grem/Daka
    For the “challenge stage” does Hard mode count? Or do we have to do Hell mode?

    1. Hello there! Yes, hard mode Challenge Stage battles are also counted for this event 🙂

  2. Hi GMs

    I’m a bit confused on how the event works. We have to clear the substories till challenge mode so we can only clear if we have the heroes? Or can we still do substories we haven’t done even if we don’t have them? i.e. I haven’t done the viska story but I don’t have viska. Will my progress there count?

    1. You don’t have to own the heroes to do their sub-stories.
      What really isn’t clear is>>
      If you already cleared all sub-stories before and then cleared the new Roi substory would you get the Stage4 Rewards? I hope this can be made clear.

      1. Bruh.. u need to own the heroes @ T5 100 for the challenge stage

    2. A change was made somewhat recently lifting the requirement of owning a Hero for playing their Sub Story 🙂

    3. Hello there, Jett! Please note that we have made adjustments to the image as there were some misleading information of the event. Please check the information we’ve posted above the image and let us know if you have more questions about the event. Thank you!

  3. Does repeating the same substory 8 times work? Since right now Roi substory isn’t complete its impossible to complte 8 substorise

    1. Hi! We have updated the image and the post as there were some misleading information of the event. You will have to clear each Substory (Ex: Rephy, Viska, etc) up to the Challenge Stage to accumulate 1 Substory. Please check the updates we’ve made to the post for more details of the event. Thank you!

  4. I barely joined the game for 1 week but have already completed up to the challenge mode, can you give me all the 7 heroes I am missing?

    1. so basically this event is: if you happen to have these very 7 (i know there’s 8 total but everyone gets roi) specific heroes when there’s 100 in the game, you get great rewards! if you don’t have them, screw off!.


      i’m not a new player at all and I own 73 heroes, but screw me for not specifically having rephy/opi/viska/crow/dim/theo(especially when most of those characters are either underused, underperforming, and/or magic so those who mainly run phys accounts wouldn’t even have incentive to get them anytime soon and MOST of them are 5:3) so i don’t get jack shit other than the stage 1 rewards.

      would it really have killed them to just have the requirement be doing the final main stage of the substory instead of the challenge stage that way everyone can access the rewards?

  5. Harsh… I started playing 1-2 months ago and cleared all possible substory stages (including that virtually impossible Viska one), but I don’t own any of the characters other than Roi, and even if I shelled out all my rubies to buy them I wouldn’t have them decently geared up in time, so there’s no way for me to participate. I guess this is meant to reward veteran players, but missing out on getting a UW and UT selector is brutal considering how much that’d help a new player like me. Really disappointing and frustrating.

  6. With the nerf on substory, Viska’s substory 3 became harder than easy. Before the first wave starts, she already took half of the boss healt just on auto attacks. When second wave start, the boss is nearly dead and when the last wave starts, she jump onto skeletons to her death or to making impossible to reset her s3, causing her death by the remains skeletons.

  7. Those who previously cleared all sub-stories shouldn’t be required to clear them again, its a waste of time and ridicules, we should be required to only clear the new sub story for stage4 rewards
    since I started playing KR this is the worst community event so far.

  8. Nerf Viska substory u f*ers
    WTF is the use of this bs that u r trying to make us do?
    restarted Viska substory3 a hundred times and still couldn’t clear it, and I’m doing it right, I watched clears on youtube for the stage but I still can’t f*ing do it
    Test your own fk before u release it, that garbage behind the idea of this stage I really wanna give u a beating

    1. Yeah. They tried to make it easier, but ended to make impossible to do. hahahha

  9. I’m also stuck in Viska’s Substory 3rd point, I wait until the skeletons is out then I jump behind the boss and let them get a little closer and I press S3 then I press S3 again with every new wave out but the boss dies too soon and she tries to jump to the skeletons, then I keep spamming s3 but always get killed with 3-4 skeletons remaining in the right side after killing all the left side
    you guys made the trials and Otherworldly Shakmeh challenging because the rewards is worth it, but to make a mere substory stage hard to this extend and want us to spend hours trying to beat it is laughable, even tho I spent a lot of my time trying to do this for the sake of the event but I still failed, I have always been stuck in this stage for ages and thought I finally can clear it after you said you made them easier but no it’s just the same, this is the last time ever I try to touch this substory.

    1. I second this, I couldn’t clear Viska substory so I guess stage3 rewards is my limit…

  10. Does skipping work or are we supposed to go through the entire story without skipping?

  11. I finally cleared the notoriously hard visca substory, but I cant access the survey site!?!

  12. So I’m not the only one who have troubles with Viska’s substory
    I also gave up after hours of tries, I wish I didn’t waste my time and gave up earlier…

    1. it’s because the geniuses of Vispa decided to nerf substories a few months back and reduced the HP of the boss in the third point in Viska’s substory which instead of making it easier made it much harder, I hope the idiot who made that decision give the boss back more HP, but it won’t happen since they already know that many players wasn’t able to clear this substory for months and did nothing about it (I’m sure they collect that much info at least and are aware of such statistics), the game is full with very stupid UI decisions as well, like disabling the restart button in sub-stories, you can’t pause, you will have to skip 5 cut scenes every time you restart with one of them being displayed forcefully even after you press skip and you have to wait for 2 loading screens one for Exiting the stage after losing and another one after starting again, overall you’ll waste a huge amount of time in a very annoying repetitive actions and you absolutely wont find it enjoyable at all, What comes to mind first after facing such stupid thing is questioning the IQ of those behind such decisions, to achieve their goal of increasing the amount of time players spend on the game the game developers instead of putting effort in more quality updates and think of how to make the players spend their time in something that they actually enjoy they instead do this underhanded tactics without any respect to our time and without any value for our emotions, it doesn’t matter if we are frustrated or wasting our time as long as it’s not something fatal enough for us to leave the game they won’t care.

  13. Viska stage 3 is unwinnable right now. Fix your game before you make us do your events