[Event] Hero Special Dungeon – Episode: Riheet & Ripine (Part 1)

Greetings Raiders! 

This is GM Gremory 

As you may have read from our latest GM note, the siblings ‘Riheet and Ripine’ will be joining King’s Raid soon!  

To get started, let’s take a look at this short introduction of ‘Riheet & Ripine’! 

「The Dark Elf siblings ‘Riheet and Ripine’ head towards Orvel to accomplish their mission. As these two reach the place, they realize Orvel isn’t a place they have known before…」 

For more information about the event, please check the details below. 


■ [Hero Special Dungeon – Episode: Riheet & Ripine] (Part 1)  

[Event Details] 
– Period: After maintenance on December 21st (Mon) 2020 ~ Before maintenance on January 5th (Tue) 2021 
– Details: Meet the two protagonists of the TV animation [KING’s RAID : Successors of the Will]! Have fun watching Riheet and Ripine venture through a different world of Orvel, clear dungeons and obtain various rewards as well. 

[How to participate] 

01. [Hero Special Dungeon – Episode: Riheet & Ripine] (Part 1) Dungeon Entry

– You will be able to access the [Hero Special Dungeon] >[Episode: Riheet & Ripine] by talking to ‘NPC Riheet’ who will be located at Central Orvel. 
– After you proceed with the prologue at the beginning of the [Episode: Riheet & Ripine] Dungeon, you will be able to obtain the Heroes Riheet & Ripine (T5 5 Star, Level 50). [Revised as of December 21st 04:35 (PST)]

– The [Episode: Riheet & Ripine (Part 1)] Dungeon consists of 7 stages of [Story Dungeons].

02. [Story Dungeon] Details

– You will be able to enter the [Story Dungeons] with ‘Event Tickets’. 

– You will receive 5 initial ‘Event Tickets’ as you enter the [Story Dungeon] for the first time and 5 ‘Event Tickets’ will be given every day at 00:00. 

※ You will be able to have a maximum of 5 ‘Event Tickets’. 

– You will only be able to move on to the next stage after clearing the previous stage.

– The [Story Dungeons] will begin on [Story Mode] when entered for the first time. 

:: After clearing [Story Mode], [Easy Mode] will be unlocked. In [Easy Mode], you will be able to play without having to watch the story again. 

:: Select the [Story Mode] difficulty to watch the story again without having to use [Event Tickets].  (Repeat Rewards can’t be obtained here) 

– You will be able to enter the [Story Dungeons (Part 1)] with your own Heroes. 

– You will be able to receive the following rewards for clearing the [Story Dungeons]. 

[Story Dungeon Clear Rewards]

03. [Send Gift] Details

– Obtain ‘Rift Debris’ by clearing dungeons and give them to ‘Riheet’ as a present to receive various rewards.

[Send Gift Rewards]


– 1st/2nd level rewards: You can select and obtain 1 Unique Weapon or Unique Treasure of Riheet & Ripine. 

– 4th~6th level rewards: You can select and obtain 1 Unique Weapon or Unique Treasure of any Hero. (Excluding Unique Weapon for NPC Heroes, including new Heroes) 

– 7th level rewards: You can obtain the rewards from this level repeatedly. 


That was everything for the ‘Hero Special Dungeon – Episode: Riheet & Ripine Part 1’ event! 

Hope you enjoy King’s Raid with our new Heroes Riheet & Ripine! 
Thank you! 

GM Gremory 

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