“[Event] Free Costume Voting Event #3”에 관한 34개의 댓글

  1. Dear whomever in charge of this idea,
    does it even occur to you that Estelle and Lucikek already got their second costume (that wedding lingerie/swimsuit)?
    And to put Yanne to contend with those two?
    Where is Dakaris?

    as far as profit is concerned, I believe you would make much more profit from releasing Lucikek and Estelle’s limited costume the way you guys released Xerah’s.
    But this time, please don’t link it to any UW/UT thingy.

  2. If Estelle win, I hope she will get a new voice actor too. Her voice gives me a headache and that’s the only reason I don’t use her.

    And why isn’t Ophelia number 7?

    1. This so many times. Requina is best in LoH and I don’t think I want to change away from it ._.

      Requina feels like a lot of missed potential in general with how they keep to certain quirks though.

    1. Rodina/ohpellia y? Have u gotten on taped by these 2 in pvp? They r good in pvp if they r buffed in pve then it is fine but im sure ppl want a pvp buff which is a huge no

  3. Thank you for this free and fun giveaway! Especially when it’s evident how much we Raiders love these adorable Costumes for our Heroes and purchase them so frequently!

    I voted for Estelle. The best to all our Heroes!