[Event] April’s Events (Part 1)

텍스트이(가) 표시된 사진 자동 생성된 설명

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’d like to introduce you the events we have prepared for this month of April (Part 1)

To read more about this month’s events, please check the details below.

▌Server Guild Unity Event!

Set number of [Server Guild Raid Participation] for the Europe/America Server
Set number of [Server Guild Raid Participation] for the Asia Server

▶ Event Details

– Event Period: After maintenance on April 6th (Tue) ~ Before maintenance on April 27th (Tue)

– Details: Clear Guild Raid with Guild members for our server and obtain rewards!

▶ How to participate

– After joining a Guild, play Guild Raid once to increase [Server Guild Raid Participation] by 1. (once per account)

– After participating in the Guild Raid, you will be able to obtain ‘Individual Rewards’.

– Upon reaching the set number of [Server Guild Raid Participation], all players of the server can claim the [Server Reward].

※ Please note that the set number of [Server Guild Raid Participation] differs for each server.

– 3,000 times: Europe/America Server

– 6,000 times: Asia Server

▶  Reward Details

– Individual Reward: Velkazar Rune Ticket x 3

– Server Reward: Velkazar Artifact Ticket x 1

– Play Guild Raid once when the event begins to obtain the [Individual Rewards]. (You must be a Guild member to play Guild Raid.)
– Only the play records after the event begins count.
– Please note that the [Server Guild Raid Participation] points differ for each server.

– Unclaimed rewards during the event period or discarded rewards due to expired mail (7 days) cannot be distributed or retrieved.

▌Hero Awakening / Transcendence Discount

▶ Event Details

– Event Period: After maintenance on April 6th (Tue) ~ April 19th (Mon) 23:59 [Local Server Time]
– Details: 50% off all Gold consumed in the Room of Purification!

▌Hero’s Inn Double Kinship Rate! 

▶ Event Details

– Event Period: April 7th (Wed) 00:00 ~ April 19th (Mon) 23:59 [Local Server Time]

– Details: Send twice the love to the Heroes at Hero’s Inn!
※ The event effects will not be applied to the Kinship Rate of Heroes you already own

▌Central Neighborhood Burning Time

▶ Event Details
– Event Period:
April 20th (Tue) 00:00 ~ April 26th (Mon) 23:59 [Local Server Time]
– Details: Central Neighborhood Dungeons will consume 50% less Stamina during the event period!

Hope you enjoy the events we have prepared for you!

Happy raiding!

Thank you.

GM Gremory

6 thoughts on “[Event] April’s Events (Part 1)”

  1. Those different number make me imply vespa realize demographic of each server, i hope they understand and make global competitive less stressful

  2. I know it’s been said plenty of times already but please please please can you add more QOL features for mobile users Vespa?

    Most of your players aren’t emulator users; they’re MOBILE users.

    Please don’t forget your origins! The game is marketed as a mobile game but it’s more friendly for emulator users than actual mobile users.

    > What we need: <
    We desperately need dispatch feature to work with events (bonus boss Crystal, stamina reduction, special event dungeons) and fast/turbo mode Shakmeh.

    This is a modern game, but it’s QOL for mobile user is severely lacking. Nobody wants to kill their mobile battery by running it 24/7.


  3. Please give us a Summoning event [Rubies payback event]
    you gave us a spending event then you put important event artifacts in the shop after then again in this update you are putting 3 event artifact tickets which is impossible for F2P to get
    we already spent every thing we have… also we have been saving all-in-one summon tickets for months and we are still waiting :c

  4. ▌Central Neighborhood Burning Time

    ▶ Event Details
    – Event Period: April 20th (Tue) 00:00 ~ April 26th (Mon) 23:59 [Local Server Time]

    I was waiting for this event but… still 2 more weeks of waiting :O
    this is the April’s events “Part1”, are you sure this date is accurate…