[Event] Celebration for reaching 50K YouTube subscribers!

Event 2 Participation Link: [LINK]

“[Event] Celebration for reaching 50K YouTube subscribers!”에 관한 24개의 댓글

  1. Good day,

    Before that i would like to congratulations Kings Raid Admin for reaching 50k subscriber at Youtube.

    I wish that you still keep it up updating and enhancing the game for as long as it takes.

    For me this is one of the best f2p game that i have played.

    Best wishes admin’s and more power to you guys.


  2. Lol the comments are not people whining and complaining and shetting their pants for once. Oh wait… because of the SS ticket. But as soon as that’s over they’ll go back to normal degeneracy.

  3. Congratulations for 50k subscribers. While I won’t say it has been the most steady road I’m still glad the game is going in the right direction. We’ve been through twists and turns these past 4 years but here we are now. Still been playing this game since 2017, it’s been a rocky road with it’s ups and downs but here I am still playing. My main concern as of right now is that new players need to be taught proper team composition.