9 thoughts on “[Event] Episode: Shakmeh Update Celebration – [Shakmeh] Story Quiz Event”

  1. Dear Vespa,

    I want to talk about Anniv celebration. It is near 3rd Anniversary Celebration. Yet, not a single word from you guys. Usually other game, 1 month before anniv, make their players hype. Tell every player there will be a livestream later (YES Priconne JP did livestream and even do their Princess Connect Online event) with COVID Restriction). Generous gift from the devs. What to expect for next year, etc. I wish for KR do that too.

    It is hard for a game to survive 3rd year. So, they celebrate it so big. I hope you guys understand the important for upcoming anniv.

    Thank you

    1. I agree that a livestream, for any purpose, could be a good idea. It might help players feel heard and be a place for them to vent their frustrations.

  2. Thank you!! I love this story and hope to see better futures for both Shakmeh and Xerah 🙂

  3. I’ve been waiting for news about the anniversary for a while, since it took more than I thought it’d I’ve high expectations (I’m waiting on my toes so I just hope I wont be disappointed, also please give us a summoning event, it has been so long since the last one.

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