[Event] Special Event – Enhancement Lab Challenge!

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Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

Lakrak has developed a powerful weapon and he needs your help to strengthen it!

For more information about the event, please check the details below.

▌[Enhancement Lab Challenge!] Event

▶ Event Details

– Event Period: After maintenance on July 6th (Tue) ~ Before maintenance on August 3rd (Tue)

– Details: Go find Lakrak at Central Orvel and enhance Lakrak’s weapon. At each Enhancement Level, you can randomly exchange with one of the special rewards prepared by Lakrak!

Event Shop

– In the [Event Shop], you will be able to purchase ‘Lakrak MK-2’, which is used as an enhancement target item, and ‘Lakrak’s Secret Enhancement Ore’, which is used as an enhancement material, by consuming ‘Orvel Castle Gold Coins’ and ‘Rubies’. (Purchase limits are reset every day at 00:00)

– You can obtain 200 ‘Orvel Castle Gold Coins’ every day through ‘Daily Mission’.

Event Enhancement Lab

– Through the [Event Enhancement Lab], you will be able to increase the Enhancement Level of the ‘Lakrak MK-2’ you have purchased. There is a total of 16 Enhancement Levels.

– The item does not break when you fail enhancing the item during the Enhancement Levels +1~ +9, and you can try enhancing the item once again.

– The item will break when you fail enhancing the item during the Enhancement Levels +10 ~ +15. When the item breaks, you will obtain the amount of [Lakrak’s Tearful Remnants] depending on the Enhancement Level.

– The item [Lakrak’s Tearful Remnants] is consumed when you proceed a [Guaranteed Enhancement]. When proceeding a [Guaranteed Enhancement], enhancement is succeeded by 100% chance without failing/destroying the item.

※ Please note that the items [Lakrak MK-2 / Lakrak’s Secret Enhancement Ore / Lakrak’s Tearful Remnants] will be deleted at the end of the event period.

▶ Reward Exchanges per Enhancement Level
– You will be able to exchange your rewards by pressing the [Exchange] button.

※ Unique Gear Ticket: Upon use, you can select and obtain 1 Unique Weapon or Unique Treasure. (NPC Hero Unique Weapons are excluded)

※ Event Artifact Piece: You will be able to craft ‘Event Artifact Ticket’ through [Inventory > Craft > Others].

※ Event Artifact Ticket: Upon use, you can select and obtain 1 Event Artifact.

※ Soul Weapon Advancement Ticket (Phase 2): You will be able to use it on Unique Weapons with the following states of Soul Weapons: Not unleashed/Unleashed/Phase 1. Upon use, the Soul Weapon will move on to Phase 2 (irrelevant to the Ether Enhancement) (Up to Isaiah / Cannot be accumulated)

– If you use it on the Gear that is already advanced, you can obtain rewards based on the Advancement Phase.

That was everything for our ‘Enhancement Lab Challenge!’ event!

We hope you have a great time raiding in KING’s RAID!

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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  1. This event isn’t so much of a Ruby drain as a gold drain. We spend 100k per enhance attempt, and have up to 200 attempts per day. That’s 20 million gold per day. Since this is a month long event, we can spend up to 600 million gold this event. Why did you make such a big gold sink for this event, Vespa? I can handle this hit due to being a veteran player, but new players will definitely struggle with this.

    Who thought this event was a good idea?

    Previous events gave us guaranteed rewards as long as we login and play. This even gives us RNG rewards while also being a gold sink. I will not be spending another dollar on this game as long as Vespa keeps this BS up.

  2. Everything about this event is awful.
    • Ruby Sink
    • Gold Sink
    • No Guaranteed Rewards at the end
    • Brainless button spam; no strategy or team synergy required.

    • NO BATTLES. Seriously takes the most boring part of team building (the RNG gear building) and makes it the central (read ONLY) aspect of the event.

    • Poorly designed interface.
    In an event where you spam enhance 200 times a day which diabolical evil mastermind thought to put the Guaranteed Enhancement button that uses the hard to obtain event dust mats directly adjacent to the left?

    F that guy.