[Event] Enhancement Lab Challenge On-Time Event!

※ Please note that the event will be opened from July 10th (Sat) ~ July 16th (Fri) for 7 days. Login to the game (00:00~11:59 & 12:00~23:59 [Local Server Time]) every day during the event period and receive Lakrak’s Secret Enhancement Ore & Lakrak’s Tearful Remnants!

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      1. You need to send an email to vespa, they will check and resend rewards to you.

      2. I’m still waiting as well. I even emailed them with my account info and all i got back was they are aware of the issue and currently working on it (to my surprise they actually responded within five min of sending the email).

      3. No, it was an event automatically given to everyone who had a T5 lvl 100 Hanus, May, and Nicky. For each T5 100 they had, they got that respective NPCS friendship points (50,000 of them). You had to have them at T5 lv 100 by the end of the event period to receive rewards. However, Asia server did not get May’s friendship points

  1. Just remove this event, No one likes it!
    Waste of time, almost a month for this awful rng event. Shows that your running out of ideas on what to throw as an event. Clearly you should notice that having kr2 as a plan will not maintain the player base of the game. Keep this up and this game will die for sure.. Great job PD Edge!

  2. This event is the total opposite of everything that people have been asking for. To make this announcement as if it’s some great gift is by far the most shameless thing to follow up with. This doesn’t fix anything or help anything; the terrible excuse of an event still exists.

    It is laughable now; I don’t think you all at vespa are really serious about rewarding players with a fun experience anymore.

  3. i dont understand your thought process on this event and id really love an answer from one of your devs, cause honestly the chances are so awful that even if you would let us farm unlimited chances are basically non existing to get to +15 or +14 even +11/+12 seems to be a myth so why would u limit an event with those terrible odds already. especially since most people are out of stamina already anyways thanks to ophelia event so.. and pls just stop to drop these terrible awful events – where even whales say its not worth it, this event would have been an amazing april fools joke.

  4. And by the way, Vespa, don’t do something stupid like plan Maintenance so it cuts off the last few hours this “Enhancement” and deprives your NA players of the final batch of tears. You cut us off on the Ophe Event and we’re still annoyed.

    1. Free stuff or free shit? I feel like they giving a shit so we are just throwing it back to Vespa.

      PDEDGE change Vespa from guarantee reward becoming shit RNG events which isn’t happened in old Vespa’s traditional.

      So we are complain to make game better, not crying as your retarded human just want find a peace and not dare to speak up just STFU

  5. I don’t know why ppl don’t like this event so much. Free 3-4 UT w/o rubbies before, and even more now. Or 2-3 Cain condoms free. For only 100+ clicks each day.
    I don’t understand rewards for high stage of events too, coz 2 unique equipment tickets cost less than 3 condoms imo. Price of event arti ticket is very high too.
    But free stuff, it’s free stuff.

    1. It’s worse than old Vespa event rewards. For example all dungeon events give you guaranteed rewards from shop, but these ones are just RNG events.

      They have a track record this year of RNG-based events.
      Like the Ophelia event RNG. League of Fortune RNG teams and macro/bot abuse.

      1. Dont forget the rng of getting a decent repo reward plus the already rng of upgrading uws and uts and ethers.

        Feels like playing epic seven all over again.

  6. That’s cute. So we’re going to pretend that this isn’t making the gold sink worse? We’re going to sink an extra 10m gold per day into this event right? At least lower the gold costs for this event smh

    1. Are you always this sycophantic? I know you’re trying to be positive and all, but come on here. This “giveaway” merely funnels you more into this RNG event, which will suck even more gold out of players. When you said, “It’s a HUGE boost in improving my chances in the Event!” , it made me wonder if this is what we’re going to have to get used to for the future of KR. Being happy that an RNG event that the community overwhelmingly dislikes is being made marginally better, instead of scrapping this mess and going back to what players had always appreciated: Events with guaranteed rewards as long as you log in and play.

      Being positive here actually hurts the community. It’s encouraging players to be grateful for something that they shouldn’t even tolerate