“[Event] Enhancement Lab Challenge On-Time Event! II”에 관한 16개의 댓글

  1. Ahh this fucking event… you need 73k to lvl up from 14-15 using the guaranteed enhancement. Why bother having such a feature when the means to get them resources ain’t optimal. The dust we get form weapon break is too less. Even your apology dust doesn’t help.
    Worst event!

  2. No need to apologize! This event has been incredibly generous, giving us over 7 Unique Treasure Tickets completely free over the course of a month and the option to effectively pay 1,200 Rubies for each additional Unique Treasure Ticket. A HUGE steal compared to the Special Shop as well as buying Shakmeh Helmets!

    I wish I’d figured out sooner how to maximize the event. These freebies sent out are more than I know what to do with!

  3. Ughhhhhhhh so lame, Lakrak is the worst, his inventions suck!!!! How in the hell can he charge me soooooo much and give me nothing on return… Piles of gold for a handful of dust?? WTF!! oooooh but Lakrak said if I give him a mountain of dust and more gold he promises me something good…. Oh yeah cause that makes sense… I WILL BE WAITING IN THE ALLEY OUTBACK SO WHEN THAT LIL ALBINO SWINDLER COMES OUT IM LIGHTING HIM UP!!!

  4. By far the worst event you’ve ever concocted. Who came up with this? Some unpaid intern that can’t properly program anything? There is next to a 0% chance to obtain anything beyond a +11. I saved for the last two weeks every single weapon and did them all at once. From +9 to +10 I found the odds to be just under 23%. Okay fair enough there. From +10 to +11 was less than 8% then. Um, what? How does that math add up? Not to mention the waste of so little resources made this a joke. Do better you morons.