[Notice] Issue regarding abnormal participation in World Boss Raids

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Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory.

We’d like to inform you that we have encountered an issue in which DMG was recorded incorrectly in certain situations during World Boss Raids. Please read the details of this post as we will be explaining you how we will be fixing this issue.

As you may all know, World Boss Raids could be accessed with entry tickets. After the updates on January 19th 2021, we have made adjustments, so that Raiders could participate repeatedly in World Boss Raids without entry restrictions. Also, we have added Immortality effects on World Bosses on April 6th 2021, and additional improvements were made later on.

As for the current World Boss Raid, Raiders can participate in World Boss Raids every week from Monday to Saturday without any restrictions. Raiders are able to participate repeatedly in World Boss Raids during the season to achieve higher DMG. Even if the daily DMG score is updated continuously, the daily DMG of the corresponding day of the week is applied on the next day, and the content is not accessible when the season ends on Sunday at 00:00.

We have designed the content, so that the daily max DMG of 6 days were added and implemented on the Server/World Ranking system. As there were Raiders who were participating in World Boss Raids slightly before the end of the season on Saturday, we have implemented a system that could register battles that ended on ‘Sunday’ to be registered as battle records for ‘Saturday’.

However, this system has caused an overall issue to the World Boss Raid system. For Raiders who have participated slightly before the end of the season on Saturday and battles were concluded at a certain time on Sunday, the DMG score of the battles ended on Sunday were recorded on the total accumulated points.

Below are the system implementations that were applied when battles were started on Saturday > ended on Sunday:

[1.] When there were no participation records at all on Saturday

=> Daily DMG points were applied when battles were concluded on Sunday, Crystallized Power were obtained depending on the achieved DMG, Daily Achievement cleared

[2.] When there were participation records on Saturday

=> If DMG records concluded on Sunday were higher than the ones on Saturday, only additional amount of DMG were added to the total DMG, Rewards were obtained depending on the highest DMG (rewards were not sent if all rewards were obtained), Daily Achievement cleared

[2-1.] When there were participation records on Saturday

=> If DMG records concluded on Sunday were below the DMG recorded on Saturday, DMG points were not added, Rewards were not obtained due to lower DMG, Daily Achievement cleared

No matter what the DMG records were for the battles concluded on Sunday, daily DMG points were not supposed to be recorded as Sunday’s points. As the calculations for the dev/test servers and live servers were different from each other, we were not able to identify the issues in advance before the updates.

We are truly sorry for not being able to check this during the development process and after the updates.

Due to the inconvenience this may have caused, we will be taking the following actions:

▶ Fixes and Rewards

On May 4th (Tue) 01:00 [PDT], a data patch was implemented to fix this issue. We have made changes, so that the DMG records of battles ended on Sunday are not added to the total accumulated points from now on.

In addition, we have extracted the data of Raiders starting from the date on January 19th, the date when we started making improvements to the World Boss Raid system, until recent dates in order to find Raiders who have been abusing the abnormal accumulation of points. As a result, we have found 2 accounts that were abusing this issue, and we have given them permanent access restrictions.

Also, we’d like to send all Raiders the rewards below for the trouble this may have caused.

– Rewards to all Raiders: 3,000 Rubies + Crystallized Power 18,200 + Unique Weapon Fragment 100

– The rewards above will be sent during the maintenance on May 13th, 2021. You will be able to receive the rewards until the maintenance on May 25th.

– Rewards will not be sent to Raiders who have abused this issue.

In order to provide a stable game environment to all Raiders, we will make sure to check if there are any issues that we have left out, and we’ll also make sure to fix all current issues of the game.

Once again, we’d like to apologize to Raiders who have enjoyed playing the World Boss Contents.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

5 thoughts on “[Notice] Issue regarding abnormal participation in World Boss Raids”

  1. Ban the whales as well pls. I know many Asia whales abused this bug but none of them are listed.

  2. 1st, why censored the fkin culprit vespa?

    2nd, i dont believe there’s only 2 abusers