[KING’s RAID VOD] Intellect of Technomagic ‘Valance’

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“Again? The Chief Research Director is off on a dispatch? And this time she’s leaving for a long time?”
The researcher asked again with a quite surprised expression. However, there were no signs of concern or anxiety on the face. Indeed, this Chief Research Director of Magos Le’flamme was a remarkable person.
Even if the Emperor’s relatives stormed in with a pack of soldiers… Even when the Vice-Captain of the Capital Guard Knights appeared without notice or when the Inquisitor working under the Emperor came before her… There she stood without batting an eyelid. She was the person who wasn’t afraid at all to speak out.
Her name is Valance de Charlie.
“That’s what I heard. The reason for her dispatch… I heard her role was to protect those idiots.”
“I guess she really cares about them. Usually, she doesn’t call anyone like that.”
“She wouldn’t leave on a long dispatch for people she doesn’t care for.”
“She’s got some guts. That guy called Reinhart… Didn’t you tell me he escaped prison? It seemed like he wanted to revenge on the Chief Research Director. She must have nine lives or something.”
“Maybe.. She might have invented a guarding machine that can block all possible dangers.”
The two researchers were enjoying a relaxing teatime, sharing silly jokes with each other. Little did they know that the ‘idiots’ Valance decided to follow and protect, were the monstrous Hound Unit from the Empire. Moreover, she didn’t decide to follow them to clean up their mess either.
These researchers are not aware that they will be shocked once Valance returns from her dispatch with a tremendous achievement, the ‘excavation of the artifact and the data of the Technomagic Kingdom’.

“We will grasp the power needed for our future with our own two hands.”

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▌Hero: Valance
▌Class: Mechanic
▌Attack Type: Physical

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