“[TEASER] “THEY ARE COMING” #01”에 관한 18개의 댓글

      1. Yes, I believe this issue has not been fixed since a month ago. Give us our May kinship items please.

        #StopAsianHate #PDEdgeOut

      2. I play on the US server and haven’t seen anything either. I figured it’s because I already have May.

      3. @KH

        Its nt like we r fking dumb.. we hav our T5 Lv100 May like ages ago alrdy

      4. @ Wake up yr f.idea

        I was referring to why I thought -I- didn’t receive anything, and not anyone else. I certainly didn’t mean to insinuate anything. My apologies for miscommunicating.

    1. Not really. Jacks is also another Hound unit that has still not been released. He was mentioned in Crow’s substory, one event and also the behind the scene Development for the Hounds crew.