[Event] Vote for your Favorite Orvel Foundation Day Illustration

– On March 27th (Sat), on 20:00 (PDT), we will be revealing the coupon code as we have reached the Step 8.

– Coupon Code Expiration Date : ~ April 4th (Sun) 17:00 (PDT)

Facebook Link: [Link]

Orvel Foundation Illustrations: [Link]

※ Information of how to use the Soul Weapon Transfer Ticket

– You can select a Soul Weapon or a Unique Weapon of all Heroes up to Gremory, including NPC Heroes. Unique Gear to be updated in the future will not be added

– When using a ‘Soul Weapon Transfer Ticket’, the transfer may only be done from a Gear with a higher Advancement Phase to a Gear with a lower phase or it may be done to Unique Weapon that have not been unleashed. (Can’t be done in the opposite way)

– You can exchange Soul Weapon’s Advancement Phase, Ether Enhancement Level, Ether Injection Level (including excess amount), and Stat Rearrangement Percentage.

– The transfer can be done to Normal/NPC Heroes. The Unique Weapon’s Awakening Phase/ Failure Bonus is not transferred.

9 thoughts on “[Event] Vote for your Favorite Orvel Foundation Day Illustration”

  1. why the soul weapon ticket only go up to gremory instead of shakmeh???? ah well, at least the rewards in general are nice

      1. Dont worry, JP got you covered. If not Vespa will simply cheat and add Bots to it. Like always lmao

      2. Japan is excluded from this event as they have their own afaik.

      3. actually what made me worry is the JP community reactions isn’t included in this event, (there has been many cases before when we didn’t make it to the highest rewards), also please refrain from accusations without evidence, this wont only harms the game but also the community,
        Positive criticism is good but always seeing an offensive reactions from the community in the comments here is unpleasant, sometimes seeing ppl expressing their excitement about an upcoming update or event is enough to put us in a good mood, we all have a reason to play this game and that’s why we are here, we all have something we love about it, so let’s not try to harm the game reputation..

  2. I was planning to transfer my Lorrain to Lucikiel but but the sw trans tick is only limited upto gremory.