[Notice] Additional announcements regarding the issue with the Additional Skill from Technomagic Gears

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Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’d like to inform you that we have been checking all of your valuable suggestions and feedback from the announcements we have made regarding the issue with the Additional Skill ‘Level of [All Skills] +5’.

We are aware that the announcements regarding the issue we have posted earlier were not clear enough. Our Raiders have shared us the feedback that if these issues remain unfixed, they will continue to affect each of the contents that require competition between the players.

Many Raiders have reported us to ban accounts that have been using Gears with Additional Skill ‘Level of [All Skills] +5’ within the competition contents. We have actually considered about taking these measures to those who have abused this bug in the game, however, this decision wasn’t easy at all.

Due to the lack of information and explanation in our previous posts, these have created misunderstanding and complaints between our Raiders. Through this announcement, we will make sure to provide clear explanations of why we have decided to take this action.

Some Raiders have reported us that several Heroes were experiencing the same issue as Isaiah. After some investigations, we have found that this issue has been affecting around 25 Heroes, causing great changes not only to skills, but also Unique Weapons, Unique Treasures, Transcendence Attributes, etc.

We believe that there may be Raiders who have obtained and used the Technomagic Gear by coincidence or there also may be Raiders who have used this Gear as they have recognized more value in the effects of the ‘Level of [All Skills] +5’ than the increase in DMG/ATK.

As you may be aware, there are Heroes that increase the DMG of ally Heroes like Isaiah. Thus, options such as Unique Weapons, Unique Treasures, Transcendence Attributes owned by Heroes, or options that are not shown within the game might have affected the competition contents without realizing.

Like mentioned above, we were not able to distinguish the players who have intentionally abused the bug and those who have used the Gear without knowing about it. As we were not able to distinguish the bug abusers from the players who have played the game fairly, we have decided not to ban bug abusing accounts for this time. We kindly ask for your understanding regarding this matter.

We have also decided to fix this issue as soon as possible as this issue could affect other contents continuously. Instead of fixing the issue in August, we’re aiming to fix this issue through the updates on July 20th.

We will make sure to take the necessary measures in order to prevent unfairness within competition contents. We will also continue to focus on fixing this issue, so that it can be fixed by the time we have promised.

We sincerely apologize for the trouble this may have caused, and we’d also like to apologize for not being able to provide sufficient information in advance.

We will make the announcements regarding this issue as soon as it’s fixed through the Patch Note. We will do our best to provide a stable gaming environment for all Raiders.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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  1. I mean it makes sense not banning players, its almost impossible to know who abused it or not considering a lot of ch1 pepegas has been using since TM release and unironically think all skills +5 tm is good.

      1. Dude do you know that channel 1 players exist?. A ton of them use those pieces thinking it’s good. They often have rainbow gear and reclaim 5* a swell

      1. You get 20 reports a week. Thats 10 from weekly and up to 10 from guild. Thats 2 weeks of gameplay…. whats so hard about that?

      2. Dont speak like a loser, you can get those every week, dont expect u can just get everything on the spot without some patience, relax…

  2. Well this witch hunt started because a certain salty losing guild and a Karen CR Raider used Isaiah’s bug as a means to heavily direct attacks at #1 GC guild for cheating. Without. Evidence. Without. Proof.

    If anyone was spreading misinformation and spilling accusations it was them.

    This is what gave birth to huge misunderstandings

    1. it’s honestly pathetic how you keep repeating the same things over and over for days with so many different usernames. exact same words, same CR Raider misspelling, same framing and insults towards one person. get a fucking life you sad obsessed clown

      1. Bruh you aren’t making yourself look any better by insulting him though are you 😂

        Just drop it, stop creating more toxicity and let the incident pass, move on both of ya

    2. Congratulations.

      You have proven to be the biggest “sore” clown of this whole drama.

      Award winning performance.

      Maybe you should start your own Circus, rather than wasting your time online.

  3. > As we were not able to distinguish the bug abusers from the players who have played the game fairly, we have decided not to ban bug abusing accounts for this time. We kindly ask for your understanding regarding this matter.

    At the very least, the devs should be able to identify which accounts are using it consistently in the specific, prestigious competitive contents such as Guild Conquests and World Bosses.

    Or they could not?

    If the latter, that would be concerning lol.

    While indeed some players ask you to be ruthless and ban the abusers, I believe that at the very least you could publish your findings regarding who those [All Skills +5] users are.

    1. @Gremory,

      I think the least you could do is to forfeit the soul weapon transfer ticket from those who yet continued to abuse the bug after your official announcements on 13/7. These abusers are beyond saving, if you think they dun deserve a ban, i dun think they deserve any compensation.

  4. Pls tell ur cr raiders Shalice to be more careful next time,
    . she start huge controversy across social media and it caused many korean and japan player to be mentally hurt in the process due to her word attacks on Hall of Fame (in particular) and Axia7.

    it is very sad to see many players become victim to bullying due to the misinformation she shared on public platform.

    as public figure, people need take more care as many ppl will take her words as literal and fact.

    1. Stfu and prove your innocence, post a non edited video of your highest score going from gear into battle and let’s see if you are truly innocent, otherwise guilty until proven innocent.
      If you are truly innocent all it takes is to click record to show your innocence, that’s not hard especially since you had all these energy to talk shit.

      1. dude I’m not from hof, if you can’t tell by my name i am European …… maybe u are just blind shal fan lol.

        also im not even support either shal or hall of fame, I’m just say that it’s wrong to accuse anyone without real evidence. that is neutral POV if u ask me.

        if ur friend accused u of robbing a bank or stealing vital documents without evidence, u thinking the police will just beliv them?

      2. “prove your innocence, guilty until proven innocent” that’s not how things work in first world countries

      3. to be honest.. i just want hof to show evidence. And khaos to apologise if they weren’t.

        dam marc u look like a hof onlyfans bootlicker. u shuldnt be siding neither of the parties.

      4. too many Shalice onlyfans bootlickers on here man *smh… desperate men…

      5. “Guilty until proven innocent” is probably one of the most stupidest and dumbest things I’ve heard today 🤣🤣🤣

        Well this drama at least give good entertainment for the sidelines ngl

      6. So basicly youre a fucking pedophile and rapist until you prove me wrong

  5. If only first post focused on fix this big bug ASAP and the curse of action to take and why….
    Aaanyways big F for this wb season and previous ones.
    Hopefully next week will have a more fair experience again

  6. “Defamation (also known as calumny, vilification, libel, slander or traducement) is the oral or written communication of a false statement about another that unjustly harms their reputation and usually constitutes a tort or crime”

    Under common law, to constitute defamation, a claim must generally be false and must have been made to someone other than the person defamed. Some common law jurisdictions also distinguish between spoken defamation, called slander, and defamation in other media such as printed words or images, called libel. In the United States, false light laws protect against statements which are not technically false but are misleading.

    Remember, this is only a game. A phone game no less. Stop spreading hate or you will only receive hatred in return.

  7. Pretty meh response from your Development Team regarding this whole issue.

    This whole fiasco could have been avoided if you fixed it when the bug was first discovered (back when TM gears were released and people realised it worked with Veronica etc)

    Instead you left that bug rampant for over a year and now the result is that it affected Isaiah.

    All because of this issue and your incompetency, big guilds and CR raided Shal jumped on the opportunity to accuse #1 guild and also blamed their own guild rank drop on #1 abusing this bug.

  8. Solution to wb cheating scandal
    – everyone received rank 1 rewards where no abusers can benefit from

    Solution to not knowing who abused gear in competitive competition
    – if you equipped it for the battle it was intentional plain simple

  9. Well Shal took on a “Guilty before proven innocent” statement and accused Hall of Fame for dishonesty in Guild Conquest. Instead of “innocent before proven guilty” stance.

    In her own words: “We dropped to 2nd place as a consequence” and “makes me wonder what purpose there is sharing videos…. If that’s the kind of players we are competing against”.

    The irony is that Shal said she “didn’t publicly target anyone” but dropping to rank 2 implies rank 1 abused this bug. Additionally, she DID mentioned names like Axia7 and Hall of Fame in her comments section, lol. I was also one of those who thought #1 did bug abuse until I saw the comments.

    If you spread accusations on a public platform and use your influence to spread this like wildfire, it’s no wonder that many affected players have been getting attacks on Twitter, Discord and Naver. It’s disgusting how some of the things said are “f***ing abusers”, “f***ing a***holes”, “die cheaters can’t win without bug”, “hope you get banned cheaters” and “massive ego name have to exploit bug… to be number 1”.

    I’m not surprised many Raiders are disgusted about this and I’m also not surprised how Shal’s fans reacted to Shal’s post, because it’s Shal afterall. She creates guides. What she says, people are inclined to blindly believe.

    Just don’t think what you say or do won’t reflect back onto you. There is karma for every action.

    1. >I was also one of those who thought #1 did bug abuse until I saw the comments

      Do you even realise what you are writing dude?

      You say dont belive everything an influencer says, but just because some other comment in the commentsection says “we are innocent” you instantly jump on the boat to trust them?

      If you are missing the details about the problem dont jump on conclusions.

      FYI: the reason some guilds got accused of bug abusing is because their increase in dmg from one week to another was identical to the dmg increase you get from the +5 levels bug.

      1. what? It doesn’t mean it’s right or correct for Shal and Khaos to go start doxxing an entire guild just because of their own speculations and suspicions, though does it?

        Guess you don’t mind being labelled a serial cheater in real life just because of someone’s suspicions even when they have no evidence then. :KEKPepega:

        Smh these crazy fans…

      2. The increase in dmg from Isaiah bug is “identical”? Idk what you mean here, because abuse or Isaiah bug would result in more than just 400T difference lol.

        If you count in LINE Pets which Khaos do not have, their highest score on video was 3.4Q. HoF highest score is 3.8Q and they only ever achieved this once (all other runs below this number).
        If you ask me, 3.4Q and 3.8Q is not big difference. Having maxxed out LINE Pets can make up the difference. LINE pets themselves are a different layer, and are applied before perks etc (something that many players mistakenly believe to be simple flat buffs when they are not).

        Increased damage to non-hero enemies DMG is a huge multiplier and will give you more than just 400T lol. Ask any math guy and they will agree.

        With Isaiah bug abuse maxxed out teams would be doing 5Q+, not just 3.8Q.
        Regardless, nobody should be attacking others regarding this matter. It’s being blown out of proportion thanks to pathetic fans who believed Shal’s words without considering both sides.

    2. There is no proof that top guilds abused the bug,
      but there is also no proof that they didn’t abuse the bug.

      There is just the information that their dmg numbers suddenly increased by the same amount the bug increases your dmg.

      There is no information that indicates different.

      If someone gets murdered around your area, and you happened to have blood on your hands without a proof of why you have blood on your hands your obviously going to get accused of murder. That’s how real-life works.

      1. Wdym “their dmg numbers suddenly increased by the same amount the bug increases your dmg.”

        First off, there is no “same” or set number on how much the Isaiah bug will increase your dmg. However it’s pretty obvious the bug abuse will be make their score more than 3.8Q (HoF’s highest score per run to date).

        Non-hero enemies damage is a HUGE multiplier. With Isaiah bug abuse, you will be doing more than 5Q+. Not just a simple 3.8Q. I’m sure any math guy will agree on this.
        Shal herself posted a video dealing around 3.4Q. So 3.8Q is not a stretch at all and is quite reasonable if you ask me, provided you have maxxed out LINE pets.

        The problem is that Khaos did blame LINE Pets difference initially but then they decided to go on and blame HoF for cheating using Isaiah. I’m pretty sure nobody will take any accusation lightly.

      2. @just my two cents:
        your two cents mean dogshit cuz apparently you are too retarded to understand the situation.

        We are not talking about the DMG difference between Khaos and HoF on the last week, we are talking about the DMG *JUMP* from HoF, in which they went from ~3Q to 3.8Q in a WEEK!

        They even commented on that matter, so I don’t understand why you dipshit guys have to call everyone who is against HoF a “Khaos” fanboy.

        You can read it up on the drama YouTube post (if HoF hasn’t deleted it yet).

        Their argument was “we swapped groups”.
        If you want to believe that shitass weak argument, that swapping groups made them do 1Q more dmg with every group, then yeah go ahead, but I ain’t believing that shit.

        They could have said something like “its the LINE pets”, but nah they shot themselves in the knee with that argument.

      3. You can believe what you want. Next season will be the true answer to this whole drama. We will see then if HoF really did bug abuse. But as for now, I choose to believe facts rather than believe people’s own suspicions to be the truth. Without confirmation or concrete evidence, I and others are not obliged to agree with Shal’s suspicions.

        Also it’s not every group that jumped from 3Q to 3.8Q. It was only that *one* team that did that much damage (and it was only one run that did 3.8Q lol). Every other team was around 3.3-3.4Q on average, some even below that. Shal already shown you can achieve these latter scores without abuse. Also as I mentioned, Isaiah bug abuse would lead to 5Q+ scores per run, not just a couple trillion per team.

        No need to be rude about it, jesus. I’m just saying it’s not a huge stretch they didn’t cheat by any means but here you are attacking me about it and calling me “retarded” and “dogshit”. I hope you aren’t one of those who are attacking individuals and guilds directly, as many people have been doing because it sure seems like you are that kind.

        Well I cba arguing with you further. Next season will answer everyone questions. Simple.
        Also, I am not the original poster who you first replied to, I just tunes in to give my 2 cents as you said, but then you just decide attack me, lol.

    3. Bruh, people who abused the bug on a phone game certainly shouldn’t give a shit about being called “f***ing abusers”, “f***ing a***holes”, “die cheaters can’t win without bug”, “hope you get banned cheaters” and “massive ego name have to exploit bug… to be number 1”

      1. Looks like you’re one of those people going into JP discords, KR Naver and Twitter attacking individuals and certain guilds then. Very lowly if you ask me.

        I think people need to chill and get something into their head: >Nothing has been confirmedSuspicions are suspicions.<
        Wait until next season and then attack these guilds and players instead of starting up drama now and blowing things out of proportion when nothing has been verified.

        Accusing people of a crime, then proceed to attack and treat them as if they’re the criminal from the start ? Not pretty. No wonder this drama have been going on for days since the accusations are still being thrown around like it’s validated.

      2. You think death threats and racist remarks are cool and deserved? Nice bro 😎

  10. Well yea, as expected. Some ppl have a hard time with TM raid rng not giving them anything worth using so they’ll throw on whatever. Just use it yourself until the problem is fixed. Just like Bear Grylls used to say. Adapt, Improvise, Overcome.

  11. You know, I know people, myself included, that didn’t abuse the bug despite the possibility of having higher scores (likely upwards of 30% from testing in other content by some folks in unrecorded scores). But I guess Vespa doesn’t ban so the message is to use the bugs with wild abandon! It’s generally known from launch that +5 or 7 to skills is a shit TM skill. So the only reason you’d use it is because of the bug.

    Once the bug is fixed, I guess we’ll see who actually abused it since I’m sure the rankings will change drastically. All these WB folks that no one has ever heard of will likely disappear and GC will settle this debate of whether HoF actually did abuse the bug.

    Speaking of which, I’m glad that you train your CS staff so well Vespa. They’re continually useless and ignore feedback about bugs that occur. The scripted response that it must be a client end problem and to reinstall the game is getting old. I wouldn’t be surprised that part of your ineptitude to address this issue was due to how you’ve trained your CS staff to “filter” comments provided. All you’ve done is frustrate your player base on the front end as well as now on the back end.

  12. and this is why yall sook ve$pa lets be honest your protecting your whels “COUGH HOF AND SHAL”. It’s easy to distinguish no one in the right mind uses the +5 skill cuz it sook nut saks.

  13. So you don’t keep logs as u always do whenever bugs happens and you find accounts that abuse “x” bug, and then you use the ban hammer(even in some post you publish names with some ***).
    You’re ignoring this bug and want it to pass like nothing happened, seems like your ToS doesn’t mean anything to you and players can do whatever it wants.
    I don’t care if someone answer this, I’m not reading it. Have a nice day 😊

  14. Im sorry but this post isn’t enough to clarify and solve what has been done to the community. Clearly your avoiding the topic on what has happened inside the community and just trying to escape by explaining what you’re going to do about the bug. Also this Craider thing has to stop, I honestly think they are not good for community and the game itself. You are partially responsible on what is going on between players and guild cause you didn’t clarify the extent of what a Craiders can do and can’t do.

    @GM Gremory, if you’re seeing this comment pls think of a way to finally put an end with this commotion. It’s not pretty and will certainly affect the game in the long run

      1. your kidding right its clear that they aren’t held to the same standard as everyone. WAIT A MINUTE 1 + 7 = 20 is that you shal? XD

      2. well it’s not what you think, CRaider do get money from their videos and sponsors. They also get in-game gifts from Vespa (SW, UW/UT tickets) and real life merchandise.

  15. You don’t want to ban, fine. But everyone who isn’t using the bug still got screwed in GC and WB. So why not just do an emergency maint and just remove that stupid +5 level piece all together??? Replace it with a TM gear selector if you have to. But do SOMETHING already. Sheesh.

  16. just remove the whole CRaiders thing already.

    We have one who cries for Aisha buff daily, a troubled past on plugcafe and now she spill lies about guilds as if it’s fact across social media.

    Then we have another one who cries for Kasel and pretends he got meh buffs.

  17. I believe everyone is getting mad at the wrong thing here. The rea thing you should all be mad at… is Vespa for not actually testing things like they say they do. How many bugs have been attributed to Isaiah alone since her release? Like 6?

    1. +5 Skill

    2. LoH where she woyld lock herself out of using any skils.

    3. Flow whre she would turn Fat Boy around.

    4. Possibility of her not using her S3 while in eclipse even with 4 (or 3 with perk) Sin Stacks.

    I’m sure i’m forgetting a couple. At this point, Vespa’s Test Server may as well me the most up to date recording device they have on hand because their screenshots and videos sure in hell work.

      1. Bruh, these were all mentioned by vespa in the last few months. Regardless of your attempt to try to sound funny, vespa still has no actual test server and you’ll wind up right back in this forum bitching about a few bugs.

  18. real disappoint with the way u handling this, could easily be solve if u delete +5 skills option off the game.

    additionally, u make no mention of the community drama that spawned due to ur toxic karen Craider Shal.

    even if one have suspicions, u should keep that between ur own guild community, u do not share it across social media like it’s been confirmed and is 100% truth

    idk why most of ur Craiders have issues. tweh (old craider) fap on stream, flynn who alway moan about Kasel not good enough when there are worser heroes like yanne… now Shal causing drama all the time, even doxxing on plug days when she lost Galg guide… now accusing top guilds with no evidence? ? ?

    What next? well at least owlnight and vallella don’t seem to have a too troubled past or personality but u never know what gunna happen

    1. To be honest apart from Shal who do make some quality guide in her channel, the reason why ppl have issue with Craiders is they sometimes promotes personal benefit which hurt the community interest. They may feel wronged for getting attacked, but they need to understand it’s normal when u hurt others’ interest.

  19. I’m not surprised Shal is getting the stick here, afterall it was her post that triggered her followers to believe and attack and send harassment/racist remarks towards HoF and axia.

    In her words: “I’m certain of it. We were securely in 1st place and out of nowhere a massive score gap appeared in the last 3 weeks”

    One single post just caused so much damage.

    Hope she learns for the future.

  20. Wow, it baffles me how a single person or perhaps a group makes so much comment in this section. This, everyone, an example of a total loser who just couldn’t do anything else than to hide behind his internet anonymity and post hateful comments while playing as victim that never existed.

    You really need to fix this comment section in your community post, Vespa. The guy is so bitter he is crying because no one will take down his favorite CRaider, Shal Karen for him. Gotta be a pure genuine love he got there. He really can’t exist without her.

    1. not sure if it’s one guy tho, seems like multiple ppl else they rly do have too much time (also hof English is poor). myb gm Grem can verify that tho i guess

      actually did gm Daka quit? Haven’t seem him post 4 awhile now

  21. Can they just temporarily close the comment section, people are needlessly continuing this community drama and it’s silly now, since it’s been happening for days.

    Vespa already said they won’t be banning anyone since they can’t tell apart abusers and non abusers, so just wait until next season GC rather than continuing drama. Suspicions can remain suspicions until then, no need to force your view onto others and create more toxicity .

    Nobody cares about GC drama episode 1, ep 2, ep 3. Move on and chill out.

    1. I agree with what you said except closing the comment section. Toxic people are human, and humans behave out of emotion. I would rather they express their feelings here than elsewhere.

      The more unheard a person feels, the louder and more persistently they will shout.

      I’d love if King’s Raid produced livestreams with live chat for the community! I think it would be a great outlet for a lot of feelings.

  22. Thank you Vespa for clarifying and revising the timeline for the bug fix. If all goes well, the next GC season should be free of the Isa bug since it opens after 20 Jul. Really hoping that will be the case.

    Thank you for your hard work!

  23. I can’t believe how much drama is created from this, honestly it’s hard to ban people like they said because they can’t tell apart who used the bug willingly and even willingly it’s hard to know if the person just did test and it happened to make wonder for them because they were using a hero that was benefitting from the bug.

    For all we know some of Shal guild member abused the bug without “knowing” about it as well. It’s a mess to sort.

    All they can do is only to fix the bug or delete the skill directly there is enough RNG for the tm skills… but there is just too many unbalanced thing in the game already that you can’t expect them to ban everything and everyone…

    I am not trying to defend Vespa for their mess but the funny thing is that most of the people complaining are probably not at a level they even get affected by such a bug, let’s face it not everyone can reach the 3Q GC score without the bug to begin with so the people who are the most affected are the top whale guilds…

    I personally don’t care and enjoy the free goodies, thank you Vespa!

  24. I can give advice on how to find violators – it’s very difficult!
    – We take the top 500 of the world on WB1-2-3 until July 10 and check who used +5 to all skills on Veronika, Isaiah and other supports. Ban for a month im WB.
    – We take the TOP 50 guilds for the last season GC, the last 5 visits, check the stuff on Veronica, Isaiah, and so on. We ban them for a month on the GC. Don’t thank me.