[Notice] Announcement regarding the Guild Conquest Issue (Updated on April 14th (Wed) 09:00 [PDT])

※ Additional issues with the Guild War, League of Honor and World Boss contents have been added to the post.

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We have encountered an issue in which Guild Conquest cannot be accessed. We’re currently investigating the cause of the issue.

+ Additional issues have been encountered in which an error connection occurs when accessing Guild War, League of Honor and World Boss contents. Also, an issue in which infinite lags are occurring when accessing the portal has been found along with the issues mentioned above.

We promise we will be making an announcement regarding this issue as soon as we’re done fixing it.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

GM Gremory

19 thoughts on “[Notice] Announcement regarding the Guild Conquest Issue (Updated on April 14th (Wed) 09:00 [PDT])”

    1. Pretty sure nt just conquest here… There were 4 other things that was down…

      1) Guild Conquest
      2) Guild Wars
      3) League of Honor
      4) World Boss

      Ok.. jus keep taking contents from us and we have nothing else left. I don’t think a simple apology could make up for this. Would be good if you guys could explain more in detail.

  1. I think It’s time for you guys to have a look at who codes your game Vespa. Stuff like this + other bugs happen way too frequently. There aren’t issues like this in other mobile games so I think you should look into having better quality control.

    1. I apologize to all of you if I hurt your feelings.
      It would be better for you to learn how to read. and also https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/essential-british-english/focus-on-someone-something maybe it helps you anime kids. I shouldn’t have asked for help it’s my fault. These emojis :DD You pitiful beings. You are no different from ant colony. You are heading there where the community is. You can’t even think for yourself.And this example: D Even a 2 year old child would give a more logical example than this.There’s no point in talking anymore since there’s no sane person. Sorry for all of you hope you have a good day

  2. vespa.. I hope you understand every hour this goes unfixed is an hour velkazar poses a threat to our homeland orvel!

    please vepsa, you must act fast or our beautiful kingdom will be destroyed!

  3. Compensation? Tons of players were excited to play this after the recent changes…

    1. you still can play it after the maintenance till monday iirc so why the hurry give vespa time and not just bitch around

  4. Did this issue also affect League of Honor? I can’t get inside LOH. LOV is fine though

  5. Take all the time you need to fix this issue, we can wait as long as there’s a nice compensation for all this like the previous one! Ahem, you know, the SW transfer ticket and 100 reforges! All hail vespa and PD Edge!!!!

  6. Come on vespa, this is actually ridiculous. That GC was closed for so long and you spent time fixing it is totally fine, but this bug actually broke my game. I can’t run TM raids anymore because kasel is running the Boston marathon!

  7. FFS I going to lose my 1021 day login streak now because maintenance HAS to end at EU server reset….

    This is so damn annoying.
    Your team is so incompetent. Never runs tests for bugs beforehand.