[GM Note] Shepherd of Chaos ‘Isaiah’ Behind the Development

Greetings, Raiders!
This is GM Gremory with some behind-the-scenes info on the upcoming new Hero Isaiah.

Isaiah, one of the ‘Five Primal Demons,’ was revealed as a head start for the final chapter update. Now, she finally makes a full appearance before the raiders.
In this Behind the Development, you will get to learn more about the virtuous-looking saintess with wickedness lurking beneath.

Part 1. Settings
“The Fourth Member of the Five Primal Demons, Isaiah”
We had established Isaiah’s background a long time ago, but as the Five Primal Demons including Isaiah have an immense presence in the world of King’s Raid, we have always been pondering when would be ‘the best moment to make a Primal Demon appear to maximize the character’s appeal.’ Thus, we have been introducing each of them whenever the right moment arose within the story.

Now, the final chapter’s story takes place in Penteonia after the end of the Technomagic Kingdom arc. Then, there’s the Dark Legion that makes their appearance in the story. This presented us with the need and opportunity to introduce a character who could represent the perspective of the Demons and continue to be active in the future. During the meeting, we thought of progressing the story with existing Demons instead of releasing a new character. But then, as the meeting went on, we came to a realization that the previously existing Primal Demons have strong personalities, none of them are loyal to Lea, and because of that, none of them could relay Lea’s intentions. Moreover, since this chapter features not just ordinary Demons, but ‘The Dark Legion’ who follow the will of the goddess, we thought that an ordinary Demon would not be enough to develop an interesting plot. And because of all the reasons stated above, we decided to introduce ‘Isaiah’ who’s loyal to Lea and actively shows the goddess’ intentions.

“The Heretic Saintess, The Faithful Follower of Lea, and Benevolence”
Isaiah was designed with two keywords in mind: ‘Heretical Saintess’ and ‘Shepherd.’ Though a Demon, she mingles with humans and enjoys being surrounded by human children and reading books to them on a warm sunny day. To many others, she comes off as a benevolent and kind individual. However, her book is actually about ‘Lea’s teachings.’ Isaiah employs a method used by certain religions when they wish to spread their creed; that is, pretending to be harmless and winning people over by being friendly to them.
※ Lea’s teachings tell that as the time of creation has ended under the rule of the ‘cycle,’ chaos and destruction will reign. The Goddess of Destruction desires to let the stopped cycle begin again.

With her genuine goodwill, benevolence, and good deeds, Isaiah gifts death to Lua’s creations. To an average human, she would be seen as a twisted figure full of madness. In the Material World where the Church of Lua prevails, her beliefs may be nothing more than those of a cult. Yet as Isaiah is convinced that Lea’s teachings are the only truths in this world and following them is true happiness and blessing, she strives to willingly save even those abandoned by Lua with her captivating words. She does not consider her deeds to be evil at all. Isaiah believes that as a proxy of the goddess who can save humans, it is her duty to spread her goddess’ words and grant the final death to them. Her belief empowers her to carry out her tasks joyfully.

“Corrupted Saintess? / What Is the Central Theme of Each of the Five Primal Demons?”
When Isaiah’s image was first revealed, many raiders showed a great interest in her. Among them, many asked about the lore of our Saintess and the Primal Five Demons, so we will explain them a bit. You can skip this part if you wish… but as it will reveal additional information about Isaiah, we highly encourage you to read it. 🙂

[Each of the Five Primal Demons seems to have a distinct theme. What’s the theme of Isaiah?]
‘Demons’ would be associated with ‘Devils.’ Naturally, if there is a team of Demons, people may relate them to numerical concepts such as ‘The 7 Deadly Sins,’ and that applies to the Five Primal Demons as well. However, their themes are more comprehensive, unlike the ‘The 7 Deadly Sins’ which is relatively clear-cut. At the moment, we cannot tell you in detail about the theme of each Primal Demon as there is the last one remaining who is yet to be revealed.
But since Isaiah is the main character for now… Let’s say she represents ‘benevolence.’ 🙂

[Doesn’t Isaiah’s concept overlap with that of a ‘fallen saintess’ like ‘Frey’ and ‘Maria?’]
This one’s pretty straightforward; Isaiah has definitely not ‘fallen’ and is not involved with ‘corruption’ at all. It is not because she was created as a Demon, but because she has never ‘strayed from the path she once walked’ unlike Frey and Maria. From a narrative perspective, Frey and Maria both suffered and chose to fall from grace to solve their sufferings. By choosing to fall, they displayed their changed faith. Through their corruption, they found new paths.
Unlike them, Isaiah’s faith has not been changed at all, and her alignment itself is closer to good. Her good deeds may look twisted in the eyes of a human, but from the viewpoint of a heretic carrying out Lea’s teachings, she is a saintess who’s walking the righteous path. She is attributed with the keyword ‘Heretical Saintess’ for an easier understanding, but for Isaiah, it is the Church of Lua that is the heretical cult. If Isaiah ever becomes ‘corrupted,’ she will become more attuned to Lua’s beliefs and will try to deny the cycle of the world.

Part 2. Art
“Isaiah’s Design Keywords: Virtuous, Pristine, and Treacherous”
When we first saw the concept plan for Isaiah, we imagined contrasting imageries harmoniously blended for a character who is not what she seems.

To accentuate such a feature, we designed various pieces of concept art based on a uniform with a short skirt, noticeable sharp decorations, and a color scheme of black and white. But since the Demon Saintess is a character with a twisted mindset who considers normal in the world of King’s Raid as abnormal and vice versa, we thought merely having different and contrasting aspects would not be enough to fully display her characteristics.

Thus, we went with a more definite design such as the hairstyle based on the fourth concept art that had a fairly pristine image. Then as we agreed that it would be very important to hide her heretical and demonic aspects by highlighting her saintly image, we chose a design with a long skirt and less revealing outfit after removing sharp decorations and choosing a whitish color scheme.

The current artwork of Isaiah was finalized after going through several modifications. At first, we only saw her as a character who hides her true intention behind the persona. But then, we figured she would be someone who saw the world from Demons’ and Lea’s viewpoint in a completely distorted way. Needless to say, our work became much more complicated.
On the other hand, her weapon was much easier to design. We had a rapier and a swordstick as candidates for her weapon. To wander in the Material World to spread Lea’s teachings and achieve her goddess’ will, Isaiah needed a weapon; but that weapon should not raise suspicions.

Thus, we chose a swordstick, a weapon which fits her dual purpose; while it may aid a traveler’s arduous journey, there lies a hidden sharp blade beneath its exterior. Isaiah may seem benevolent enough to guide people to a path of salvation, but her benevolence actually means death. So, we thought the weapon perfectly matched her character. For the overall color scheme, we gave a pristine image with a white and gold base, while having light purple and deep saturated blue gradients to give a finishing touch of a distinctive atmosphere.

“Isaiah’s Illustration”
We have also spent a good amount of time deciding a concept for her illustration.

We wondered which aspect of her should we focus on more: a devout saintess following her faith or a Demon with a dark atmosphere. Eventually, to show her wickedness beneath her pristine image, of a heretical evil Demon having dark intentions (though for Isaiah, she believes she is walking the right path), we chose religious imagery of her sitting on top of human skulls and praying to Lea. Still, her face looking out to the front seemed to lessen the ominous atmosphere, so we adjusted the angle a bit. Eventually, we came to the current image of a slight side-way glance that appealingly reveals her sneer. We consider it a perfect illustration for Isaiah who’s one of the Primal Five Demons.

As you can see, we spent a long time designing her. The designing process was filled with numerous brainstorming moments and revisions. But despite the many difficulties we had, we think she came out as a character who is worthy of displaying her charms.
Some raiders were wondering why she did not have horns, wings, and a tail like other Demons when her illustration was first revealed. Since she is a character who coaxes others by appearing to be harmless and spreads her belief among humans, we made her demonic features unexposed when we designed her as they would raise alarm. Her demonic appendages are not gone though; she has only hidden them, and if she wishes to, she can freely show them.
We wanted to show Isaiah in her pure Demon form, but it looks like that will be for another day. 🙂

“Isaiah’s 3D Modeling”
Since Isaiah’s overall color scheme and atmosphere worked well in unison, we were able to complete a high-quality character model. Also, to make sure we did not miss out on her key details, we put a lot of time and effort when creating her modeling.

(Full Body Modeling)
The part we put the most detail on her clothing was its fabric: as her apparel in general including the veil had many overlapping parts, we used the smooth silk lyocell texture to avoid making her clothing look either too heavy or too light. Also, we believe that the part of Isaiah’s clothing that stands out is the two ends of the cloth that covers the breast which do not touch the skin, but float just a tiny bit. 🙂

(Face/Hair Modeling)
We figured that her points of attraction would be her slightly drooping look of sadness while gazing down upon all living beings who do not follow Lea, and a faint smile showing that she still believes they can be redeemed. Hence, we strove to convey these two features. Her face could not be too soft or too strange, so we carefully adjusted her eyes and mouth.

The hardest part of the modeling process was her hairstyle. Her hair is tangled, and it looks quite chunky instead of looking like thin, light strands. We did our best to make those parts look natural.
If her hair were too clumped, it might make the movement awkward and heavy, so it was quite challenging to divide big strands appropriately.

“Isaiah’s Skill Motion (Animation) and Effect”
Several developers continually exchanged ideas and held long meetings to create results which are motion and effects for Isaiah’s acquisition/transcendence scene and her skills. First, we worked on Isaiah’s motion clips which are based on her refined movement as a ‘saintess’ and added fitting effects.

(First Skill Motion)
But as she is one of the Primal Five Demons who carries out Lea’s will, we also made her fight by uttering scriptures written with Lea’s teaching and drenching her blade with her own blood through her sacrifice and devotion, temporarily unleashing powers bestowed by Lea to save those unfortunate souls of the Material World.

(Second Skill Motion)
Her third skill shows this concept well. She sacrifices herself to attack enemies, and we discussed in length how we shall display her sacrifice in a more shocking and impactful way. This was the end result.

(Third Skill Motion)
During the planning stage of the motion/effect concepts, we came up with various ideas with a creepy vibe such as the hero using the blade to harm herself or strangle herself with her hands. We also tried to show multiple spikes popping out from her body in a more vivid way, but as people were concerned about the skill looking too provocative and cruel, we decided to tone down the motion and special effects a bit. It could’ve been more flashy, but yeah…

On the contrary, for the acquisition/transcendence scene, we wanted to show who she really is by emphasizing how death is bliss itself and a holy act for Isaiah through the imagery of ‘death.’ The sight of her offering souls to Lea in ecstasy will definitely show that she is one of the Five Primal Demons.

(Acquisition/Transcendence Scene)
Isaiah’s motion and effects appear to be holy in general, but in reality, she uses the power of darkness, which means there had to be both light and darkness themes for her. So it was quite hard to balance the two aspects when making her motions and effects. And as she is not a character with an easily understandable narrative, we spent a great deal wondering how best we could express her abnormal sacrificial behavior towards death in an interesting way. Since we went through many difficulties in making this character, we hope our efforts are reflected well in the game.

Part 3. Planning
“Isaiah’s Combat”
Isaiah is a Magical Priest Hero.
For allies around her, she grants positive effects and heals their HP. For enemies around her, she applies negative effects and inflicts damage. Like ‘Fallen Frey,’ we are planning to make her useful in both Physical/Magical teams.
Also, we are balancing the hero so that she can be used in all content including PVP depending on how you utilize her. But please note that there may be some changes during the development and implementation phase.

Part 4. Conclusion
As we have said earlier, Isaiah is unique among the Five Primal Demons in that she is the only one who is deeply loyal to Lea. She follows the Goddess of Destruction and thanks her for the life and duty that was bestowed to her. She faithfully adheres to Lea’s teachings. Her emotion towards the goddess can be seen as fanaticism, going beyond simple faith.

Isaiah knows better than anyone else about the cycle Lea, her goddess and mother, wishes to invoke. For her, it is the truth and the principle she acts upon.
As such, her story will mostly be about her loyalty to Lea. In the final chapter that will be revealed later, she, as the Saintess of Lea, will face ‘Lucias,’ the Saint of Lua, her polar opposite.
We hope you enjoy and like Isaiah’s story and the final chapter that will be revealed later.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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    The description of Isaiah reminded me of one of the many parts of King’s Raid that I fell in love with from the start. The themes of light and dark and how they need each other are woven deeply into the very core of King’s Raid, and Isaiah is such a fascinating and illuminating representation.

    Interesting that Lucias is Isaiah’s polar opposite. I JUST saw his Awakening scene for the first time the other day and noticed how Lua appeared in it!!! I haven’t seen everything in the game, but I wonder if that’s the only place she appears outside the Summon Item and Victory screens.

    I’m also really curious about this hint we’ve received about Lua ending a cycle of destruction and Lea desiring to re-start it. King’s Raid is so fascinating in drawing upon thoughts and beliefs from so many different spiritual creeds and mystic concepts! I never know what is being played straight or inverted, and it’s a blast trying to follow along and piece together what little I know about Taoism, Hinduism and Buddhism together with Christianity.

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