[Notice] Information regarding the ‘Hot Deal’ products

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Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’d like to share with you the information regarding our ‘Hot Deal’ products in KING’s RAID.

Please make sure to read the details below for more information.

▌What are Hot Deal products?

– Hot Deal products are products that are sold on an irregular basis.

– Hot Deal products are sold in limited quantities per server, or they’re sold only for a certain period of time.

– You will be able to check more about our Hot deal products through the upper right banner of the main screen.

– We will not be announcing the sale period, or the items sold for Hot Deal products in the future. Please be reminded that Token Items from promotions will not be distributed through Hot Deals.

:: Please note that we will be announcing the sale period for this Hot Deal only. [April 30th (Fri) 00:00 ~ May 2nd (Sun) 23:59 (Local Server Time)]

※ You will be able to check the period and details of the next Hot Deal products through in-game banners.

Hope you have a great time raiding in KING’s RAID.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

16 thoughts on “[Notice] Information regarding the ‘Hot Deal’ products”

    1. I believe it was 2019, or maybe late 2018, they DID try out ads in game. It didn’t go over well. So they were reworked into the daily login ads.

      At least this is just a button in the upper right.

  1. Looks like your getting desperate for money Vespa. I don’t like the direction this is going at all

  2. Will we have an option to turn off the button? The screen is already cluttered with stuff I dont need on it as it is.

  3. You won’t add the Sale period for future Hot Deals? That is literally the stupidest shet I have heard from this game since I first played. Fix your marketing techniques.

  4. 50 dollars for 3 artifacts, or 1 recclaimed TM gear…
    You DO know that same 50 bucks can get 3 or 4 whole games on Steam, right?
    Hot Deal, riiiiite….
    I went for the Step-Up for Shakmeh’s real costume, now you need to try much much harder to pull more money outta me…
    Get me Havelock, Lonian, and bfs for Zafir and Leo, and I might be more talkative…

  5. Ill buying the hot deals if the price is not too high.

    60 reforge ticket for $25??
    Technomagic gear ticket for $50??
    3 artifact ticket for $50??

    The prices are outrageous. Did vespa know most of this game community are from 3rd world country right?

  6. I dont understand why some people are complaining about this. If you don’t want it, then don’t buy it. Easy as that. As for the icon on the menu, its barely noticeable. There are other games who have tons of banners in their menu.

    You people completely forgot that in order to maintain this game, they need revenue. You can’t run a game without profits.



  8. Call it “Hot Deals”, but the “deals” are absolutely awful? Call them “Limited Sales” or something because there is nothing “hot” about these “deals”. Also please give players a way to hide those banners. They are an absolute eyesore.

  9. I just came back to this game a couple weeks ago and have already spent about $200. I won’t spend another dime until this garbage window is at the bare minimum closeable/dismissable. It’s further cluttering up an already cluttered UI.

  10. At the very least, give us the option of hiding the ads. I won’t comment on the quality of the sale, but player choice to reduce clutter on UI is incredibly important so that your base doesn’t feel suffocated by what they would presume to be desperation.