[Event] Play the Guild Raid Content for 12 Days (Updated on April 14th,Wed 01:48 [PDT])

※ We have found an issue in which the survey can’t be submitted when using the [Samsung Internet Browser] app in Galaxy devices. Please use other browsers such as [Chrome] & [Google] when submitting your survey – Updated on April 14th (Wed) 01:48 [PDT]

Participation Survey: https://forms.gle/XuW9MDxFAawh2ka19

※ Only Raiders with accounts in the servers ‘Korea / Asia / America / Europe’ can participate in this event.

8 thoughts on “[Event] Play the Guild Raid Content for 12 Days (Updated on April 14th,Wed 01:48 [PDT])”

  1. Please give us a rubies payback (special summons all-in-one) event in May :3

  2. While the Japan server excluded because greater events and greater rewards are given there, not like this pathetic one.

    Good job vestard, good job……

  3. Actually,Tw server is getting excluded from like half of the events,and we are getting nothing for it,so atleast you get something.

  4. The rewards have similar value, also JP rewards are related to a business deal so please don’t be so harsh on them for it

  5. Japan server has already missed plenty of the rewards from past events.
    For example, Japan server did not have Easter event and players only got stamina potions and NO reforge tickets. While players in other servers got 20 reforge tickets freely and easily.
    And this is not the only time for Japan server missing event rewards.

  6. Thank you!!! I’m glad I made it back in time for this one!