“[Event] Guild 7-Day Consecutive Login Event (Complete)”에 관한 12개의 댓글

  1. I play in the “TW, HK, MO” server, and that is not a selectable option for the survey form.
    Does that mean I should choose “Asia” as my server on the form, or is my server the sole server not eligible for this particular event?

    1. Hello there, Q! Thanks for visiting our English community page! We’re holding other events on the TW Official KING’s RAID community page, so please look out for those events 🙂 Please let us know if you have any other questions!

      1. Thank you for your reply. Upon further searches I realise that the TW/HK/MO’s event is not mentioned among this website’s Chinese language announcements, but only on their own Facebook page. Furthermore, it also requires the use of a Facebook account to interact with the said page in addition to filling out its own survey form.

        This is probably outside your responsibility or control, though I wish TW/HK/MO would have handled this event better to unify communications and interactions with other servers.

  2. What if a player changed guilds during this event? Ex. the player already completed the 7 consecutive log in days and already submitted their participation survey, then changed guilds after. Are they still eligible for the rewards?

  3. i hope the devs would be kind and considerate to extend this event till april 23 since its the date they will distribute the rewards. Because some players / newbies / returnees just started out and didnt know this event even existed. I hope small voices get heard now & not like before.