[GM Note] Chapter X: The Final & Wedding Swimsuit Costumes Sneak Peek

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’re here to share with you the latest information that was revealed through the LIVE stream in Japan on March 22nd.

We will be revealing details of the Chapter X : The Final, New Hero Isaiah, and Wedding Swimsuit Costumes through this GM Note.

※ The screenshots in the GM Note have been taken in a Test Server.

– Please note that the contents you see may differ from what you see in the actual game and the date of the update may be changed.

01) Update Details

■Chapter X : The Final

As for our final chapter, a full-scale war between the Allied Forces and Dark Legion is about to unfold. Allied Forces try to protect the artifact of Penteonia, the Curtain of Light, and the Dark Legion try to break this artifact.

You will be able to see Scarlet, the one who represents the Kingdom of Orvelia, and Artemia, the Queen of Penteonia. You will also see familiar faces such as Selene, Dimael and Kaulah throughout the story.

Also, Rebel Clause, the Hero who has put his hands on Galicta, makes his appearance in the story to save Kasel and Frey. Kasel, the Warrior of the Holy Sword who has turned into the Dark Lord, will appear with Frey, the Hero who has selected corruption in order to protect Kasel. This chapter will mainly focus on these 3 Heroes.

<Story from the Scenario Team>

– As for the story that used to take place in Orvelia, will now take place in the Empire.

– All of the main characters who led the story of the Warrior of the Holy Sword in Season 1 will make an appearance once again with the new characters of the Empire. Along with these new Heroes, the story will unfold with more diverse, in-depth components in the new stage of the Vespia Empire.

– The final chapter will include a key link between season 1 & 2. We have tried our best to include a sneak peek of the prologue for the upcoming season 2 in this last chapter.

– Large-scale, interesting stories have been prepared for the season 2 of KING’s RAID.

Check the link below to see cutscenes from the Chapter X : The Final (completed by 80%) that have been provided by the Scenario Team.


■ New Hero – Isaiah

Isaiah, also known as Lea’s Saintess, will be released as a new playable Hero. This attractive Hero is the 4th Primal Demon besides Shamilla, Lucikiel and Gremory. For more details of this Hero’s design, check out the concept art shown below.

■ Wedding Swimsuit Costumes (1st ~ 2nd)

– Wedding Swimsuit Costumes (1st) will be added on March 23rd (Tue)

Kirze, Lavril, Ezekiel, Lucikiel, Aisha, Hilda, Demia, Artemia







– Wedding Swimsuit Costumes (2nd) will be added on April 27th (Tue)

Cain, Chase, Lilia, Jane, Sonia, Estelle, Talisha, Isolet





02) 3rd ~ 4th Quarter Update Plans

■ The Protagonist of KING’s RAID Season 2 Remastered (Tentative Name) will be revealed

■ New World Boss

■ KING’s RAID Season 2 Remastered (Tentative Name)

That’s everything for today’s GM Note Sneak Peek.

Please note that there may be changes during the development process, so please look out for the Patch Note for more details.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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  1. OH MY GOD I’m actually hype. Thank you so much Vespa! Love the update and looking forward to this with hype like you wouldn’t believe. Definitely going to grab Isayah’s Limited Outfit when it comes out, make it a good one!

  2. The Hype is real.
    This is what’s gonna make my day.
    I cant contain my excitement!
    Also new world boss? Sounds exciting but that means I wont be able to see Xanadus for three weeks instead of two.
    Costumes look great and cant wait for the new main characters name!

  3. GOSHH father and son duo look so NOICE
    but that ratio discrepancy between male and female costumes are kinda ~.~
    aaanyways, is this their final hero theyre gonna released before KR2? hopefully, theyll focus more on heroes balancing after that.

  4. The new character’s costume does not fit the “demonic” personality. If it is a demon, why design it with a suit that does not fit well with the title of demon? They will surely make us spend 45k rubies to buy their true design. I don’t know vespa you should rethink the idea in redesigning the appearance of the new character “Isaiah”

      1. Idk why man its jus feel out of place.. the character design feels out of place recently and doesnt match their classes… or its jus vespa being lazy

        Lucikiel – (ideally shuld b a warrior/mechanic since hes mre of a brawler)- Vespa: hes a magician..me: wutt?

        Shakmeh (ideally shuld b a warrior based on looks)- Vespa he will b a tank. The 2 sword is actually the shield

        Estelle (ideally priest or mage)- Vespa: Tho she doesnt shoot arrows with her windmill but fk yeah we r making her as archer

        Isaiah (primordial demon) – Vespa: errr wutt.. i think lakrak can do a better job

        Cmon, i knw u guys can do better

      2. maybe try to wait to see what her backstory is before saying its just a cashgrab design and nothing more. they can have more than a passable reason for her to look like that and a demon doesn’t necessarily have to have like the stereotypical horns and tail etc. heck viska looks like a normal cutesy girl until she lets out her demonic side so it can very much be a similar case with Isaish

      3. This is speculation but she is titled as Lua’s Saintess. That would imply to me that she is suppose to to holy or give a holy vibe which is why she is holding her hands in a praying manner but she’s sitting on a dark chair of skulls which implied an idea of darkness underneath or inside. So could be like a person who does evil in the guise of good ala. Berserk Priests.

    1. Take a look at the magic the gathering card Elesh Norn and compare it to Sheoldred. They are of the same “tribe” of demons called Phyrexians. Then you’ll have an idea how a demon can be white/costumed differently.

    2. The most dangerous wolf is the one wearing sheep’s clothing. I believe Isaiah is by far the most capable of the primal demons, even if she might not be the strongest in pure combat strength. I think she has been responsible for all of the perceived betrayals that our Heroes have mistakenly attributed to Lua.

  5. New world boss will also favor physical because its now Physical Raid thanks to PD Sean.

    “MaGiC hAs ThE uPpErHaNd”

    The new hero isn’t my type, but I’ll looking forward to meeting the new protagonist, the final primal demon and the other saints other than Lucias, the rest of Stardust (Lonian) and Hexipolia related heroes (Idrian) and the last teased Hounds member (Jacks), also more eastern heroes (Zaunlang and Kibera’s sister)…

    If we ever get there that is… KEK.

    1. Yes! Idrian and Lonian been teased since Ophelia story and nothing has been heard of them since. Also sucks that the only playable Eastern character is Kibera. Guild Raid lady doesn’t count since she isn’t playable yet. I really want to meet Zaunlang, White Night and Kibera’s sister since there’s so little we know about the Eastern continent.

      Also the rest of the Tower of Sage… I hope we meet Yellow, Orange and Indigo soon. I hope at least one or two of them is male since only Evan is male out of the Tower of Sage heroes that we currently know of and it’s painful to see!

      And yeah Kasel and Orvel story was a big snooze fest for me. Vespian Empire way more interesting…

  6. We had a perfect costume ratio some time back. Now we have inequality again?!

    Lucikiel and Ezekiel look dashing but please bring back an EQUAL costume ratio.

    Also why are some heroes getting multiple costumes back to back?

      1. There are also a lot of female players out there unless guys never notice things like that.

        Genshin is already a success giving out hubby banner non stop.
        Fgo also trying to follow that since December giving hubby banner non stop as well til valentine.
        Shouldn’t other games took notice that there are female players out there that play games for hubby and not the waifus content.
        I literally played kings raid just for hubby. i only buy male heroes, build them and collect all their costumes. All rubies is for hubby only.

        If they want more success and more $$ they should expand their customer target towards female players as well.

      2. Unless you work at Vespa you won’t know which costumes nor characters sell most? Lol

        Take Theo for example. This guy is extremely outdated and mediocre af compared to how he is supposed to be in the lore. Yet somehow he reigns in multiple popularity polls (take the LOH poll in 2018, character popularity polls in both 2019/2020 and also the recent anime poll). Proof that male heroes like Theo CAN still reap profits from whales and dolphins across all servers purely just because of his back story along with Jane even if he is in a horrid outdated state.

        Also the Hounds crew such as Crow, Mitra and Kibera is also very popular in servers like Korea from what I know. These three heroes also tend to get costumes multiple times this year so proof they are selling SOMEWHAT.

        Also it’s 2021. Vespa doesn’t need players to tell them that EQUALITY is needed.

        Heck, the previous costume batch players had players on Facebook, Twitter and the official community CELEBRATING how Vespa made their first ever equal costume ratio batch. You can dig out the old posts and see for yourself

        Look now, they converted back to their old ways.

        Compared to most games, Vespa is way to heavily biased towards females. As “.” said, Genshin Impact and FGO at least caters to both types of markets.

        Also I’m a male, so your argument that males inherently prefer female costumes is wrong.
        Btw, I actually play both male and female heroes and you don’t need a magnifying glass to see there’s something not quite right with the way Vespa repeatedly gives females more costumes when some male heroes have not had a costume in years.

      3. Dude, the game relies on PLAYERS to earn profits but if half of your playerbase is alienated and not happy with the way you’re operating because you’re clearly totally biased towards female characters then you’re essentially making a LOT of players unhappy and losing potential spenders/profits.

        There was even a costume batch a few months back where there was ONLY one male hero per 8 batch (I think it was the Xmas one?). Terrible ratio, 2:14 or 1:7. Fair? I think not. Caters to all types of players? I think not.

        Better keep both sides happy by catering to all types of player.

        Nobody complains about females getting less costumes because they get a sh*t ton already (and usually it’s always the same culprits like Kirze/Hilda/Yuria/Cecilia/Talisha/Sonia/Chrisha…). Don’t get me wrong, females can get their costumes but we don’t need the same females getting costumes back to back. Poor Tanya took over a year to get another costume for example.

    1. most players will buy the female costume. that includes both male and female. females will buy the wedding for males… but not a lot of males will buy that. not for male heroes anyway. it just makes sense to have more female variants than male if you know around 80% of the community will buy it as opposed to what? like 30%?

      Let me ask you this, would you like to make 80% of your paycheck, or 30%. I know you’d like to make 100% of your paycheck, but we had to cut costs somewhere and your name came up…

      1. i bet most of them are f2p anyways who dont help the game in anyway, no wonder vespo ignore NA cause all we do is whine about everything,

      2. the thinking that female doesnt play the game or doesnt contribute to the game is why this game is dead.
        This kind of thinking is why the game is just like this and can never be like GI or FGO.
        you have no idea how big female players base out there and you have no idea how much female are willing to pay just for their in game hubby to look dashing and sexy.

        is it so hard to draw an abs rather than a boobs characters? not all female love to see more boobs characters considering we already have our own boobs.
        We all know guys are horny but cant a female have that as well?

        what is it to whale when vespa doesnt even allow you the chance to do it?
        if they suddenly released 10 new skin for kibera and leo and clause i will use everything i have to get it that day cuz then i see that they finally getting the attention they deserved and my money will be worth it.
        They only give out 2 male costume what is my choice to whale?

  7. I really hope before Kings Raid 2 that you: REDO November balance patch and buff heroes that ACTUALLY need buffs (not heroes that are already decent like Selene/Chase).

    In 4 balance patches, only Roi and Scarlet gets touched again. Seriously?

    1. you remember that vespo said that its way more efficient buffing 3 heros at a same time right? or do you prefer to buff 16 heros again and possible mess up more? can u wait?

      also chase was never decent pve wise before, and i dont know what your talking about selene, her buff was long time ago.

      1. Wtf? Chase pre-buffs was miles better than heroes like Yanne, Dimael, Theo, Miri, Tanya, Roi (pre-buff), May, Magic Knights etc…

        Also I think he used the example of Selene as ‘a hero who received buffs built didn’t need buffs when compared to other heroes’

        Basically, the point is: Vespa doesn’t set their priorities straight and instead drifts/keeps pushing back buffs for heroes that ACTUALLY need it.

  8. I bet you this will be a magic hero that CONCIDENTALLY works for both team types again and is universal unlike broken physical tanks/supports which are selfish.

    Because whole of Vespa HQ biased towards physical.

    And lol, adding a new world boss when you still haven’t fix WB3 physical amp which is still titanic for over 1 year+? 😂 well for all we know it’s going to benefit physical teams more anyways!

    Vespa must be desperate to keep the world boss whales $$$.

  9. So glad Kasel story coming to an end. Never liked him since he was way too whiny about his destiny and had nothing remotely interesting about him.

    I’ll admit DLKasel is better than Light Kasel but regardless there are way more interesting characters in King’s Raid.

  10. Honestly, at this point you really should profuse balancing heroes before King’s Raid Remastered arrives. It’s heartbreaking that some heroes are extremely outdated when we at getting new broken heroes every single patch.

    A REAL fix for your November balance as (promised in your development plan) is long due.

    Also please buff YANNE, MAY (NPC) AND DIMAEL.

    Vespa at your current rate, you release new heroes faster than you can balance and the result is a never ending list of heroes to balance.

    1. Isnt it a 3:1 ratio? If they were to be consistent for the next 10months, 30 heroes should be reworked. Supposingly it used to be 5:1.

      Vespa shuld seriously ignore those heroes that got buff alrdy (fking greedy players)

      Its taking too long..i hope they jus move on, theres way too much old heroes left unworked (Miri? Yanne?NPCs?).

      1. They said they will ONLY balance in the 1st and second quarter of 2021. Basically until the end of June.
        So we only have April, May and June left. That’s 3 months and Vespa usually balance 3 heroes per month. Which means ONLY 9 more heroes will be reworked.

        Who knows, it could be Seria tier buff too.

        Also, judging from how Vespa REFUSES to redo their November meme balance patch and prefers to buff heroes who don’t need buffs we can guarantee that some heroes will inevitably remain neglected and forgotten.

  11. Looking at current helpless and imbalance situations with powercreeping some shit plague this dying game, the remastered version should be named PANSI RAID or RETARDED RAID…..

    1. pretty sure a company with a single dying game wouldn’t have the budget to get an entire 24 episode anime, musical collaboration, and a complete remaster of their current game going properly and yet…here we are.

    2. this game was way past pansi raid kid, which date are you living on? tell me a content where shes no.1,

      vespo is just a small company so they can only do updates of increments, and ppl like you who im for sure f2p doesn’t help the game in anyway should just sit back and be patient,

      1. It’s “Physical Raid” now thanks to PD Sean and Vespa HQ bias.

        But Pansi is still the best top tier generalist and wayyy above average in all contents with almost no weaknesses (something that no other hero has topped yet).

  12. Nah not interested in more boring Kasel story.

    More interested in when you will bring PROPER BALANCE in this game for meme November heroes, outdate/dead heroes and balance content like WB3 where it’s stupid physical playground.

  13. I’m so hyped for Isaiah! Priest or mage for her class, and leaning more toward priest since we just got *mage* Lucikiel, lol.

    Since she’s Lua’s Priestess, it would make sense for her to be the one they referenced back in Gremory’s Dev Note/Behind the Scenes that is intensely devoted to Lea of the five primordial demons. Perhaps that’s why her outfit diverges so much from the look of the others we’ve seen thus far? Regardless, very excited and looking forward to her release. 🙂

  14. Lemme guess, either 1) another broken powercreep hero because Shakmeh and Estelle wasnt enough.
    Or 2: a magic support that benefits physical team greatly since Vespa loves to baby physical mains.

    Guaranteed this 2021 hero will render many heroes useless upon release.

    Please Vespa stop releasing heroes faster than you can balance!!!

  15. Isiah is kind of not my type of hero.

    I hope the last remaining primal demon is male since 3 of the four revealed ones are female. I feel bad for Lucikiel if he’s the only male.

    1. Why are feeling bad for a demon who don’t give a ** about anything, he just destroyed a whole country killing all people with no care, when he met his son for the first time he said “so what?”, made fun of him for getting his power in a single hand, then fought him while trying to kill his comrades…


    This is incredible. I can’t wait! I firmly believe that Lua is GOOD, and that King’s Raid has been very clear about that from the beginning. She can’t actually be killed nor harmed, including by Aea or Galicta. Rather, Isaiah has been working behind the scenes twisting everything and giving everyone false beliefs about Lua.

    What a time to be alive and playing King’s Raid! And it’s very fitting that this post is released on Artemia’s birthday 🙂

    1. I agree with you about the Lua’s part, I’ve always thought after watching the chapters that she’s actually good and there’s a reason for her actions, but I don’t think Isaiah would be responsible for what spread about Lua, but well… you never know..
      I can’t wait for the this upcoming updates this year 🙂

    2. How this man has so much time and energy to type up these creepy, white-knight and creepy comments on every single post goes beyond me…
      It’s almost like you are a bot… or just one of those people who absolutely cannot see anything negative or dark or PRETENDS to not see anything, even when it’s clearly RIGHT in front of you. Example? I never see you write anything along the lines of constructive criticism for Vespa, nothing about broken heroes, nothing about meme balance patches or poor game optimisation. It’s always the same old creepy comments about what you think will happen in the story, an over-enthusiastic hype comment (Even when the patch is empty af) or your love for Artemia… Yep. You’re definitely real life male Estelle.

      Btw in the story it was clearly hinted that Lua is not the “kind, light and caring” goddess she was said to be. Maria said this, Frey said this and so on… even Lucias (a Saint) realised this during the Clause event story a few months back.

      So much for your thoughts that “Lua is firmly good”.

      Pls do us a favor and stop your creepy white knight comments too, thank you very much.