17 thoughts on “[Event] Free Costume Voting Event”

    1. Hi Meh! New Costumes will be released in May, and we will be rewarding the Costume with the most votes. Please note that the images above are just existing Costumes from the game 🙂

  1. In case anyone is curious, here are the bonuses for the costumes listed:

    1. Lakrak: +3% EXP Boost
    2. Seria: +2% EXP Boost / +1% Gold Boost
    3. Erze: +2% Gold Boost / +1% EXP Boost
    4. Crow: +2% EXP Boost / +1% Gold Boost
    5. Kara: +3% EXP Boost
    6. Theo: +3% Gold Boost

    Obviously, most will vote for the costume they don’t already own. I myself am stuck between Erze and Theo, since they have higher gold boosts.

      1. So the voting is actually for which characters (of the listed) we want to get a new costume. Too bad Dakaris isn’t listed; he desperately needs to be remembered.

      2. No it’s not a vote for a new costume, it’s a vote for which costume will be sent to all players for free

  2. I missed the vote! Looking forward to seeing who wins 🙂 thank you for your generosity!